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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Spinach Thalipeeth | Spinach Savory Pancake (Step by Step Pics)

'Thalipeeth' is a popular Maharashtrian dish, its a breakfast recipe. There are different variations of this thalipeeth. Thalippeeth is usually served with thick curd or thick butter. We can call a thalipeeth a kind of savory multi grain pancake. If you are tired of making the old fashioned pancakes, then defintely give this Indian version a try. I made a spinach thalipeeth so that I could sneak in some greens. During fast,Maharashtrians add sabudana flour also to make thalipeeth. Few spices are added to make it more flavorful. This can be served as a breakfast or as a healthy snack too. If you add a dash of turmeric owder, it gives a nice color to the thalipeeth. Thalipeeth are very delicious when served with hot butter. I have adapted this recipe from you tube and from here .Though I started clicking pics soon after making and so the butter started to melt. Do give this a try and enjoy !!

Preparation time~ 20 minutes
Cooking time ~25 minutes
wheat flour 1/2 cup
rice flour 1/4 cup
besan 1/4 cup
ragi flour 1/4 cup
urad dal flour 1/4 cup

spinach chopped 1 cup
onion 1/2 of 1 finely chopped
garlic paste 1/2 tsp
green chilli 2-3 finely chopped
coriander leaves 1/4 cup
sesame seeds 2 tsp
coriander crushed /powder 1tsp
cumin powder 1/2 tsp
chilli  powder 3/4 tsp
salt to taste
oil 2tbsp


  • Wash and add the spinach leaves in boiling water and remove from water immediately. Chop the wilted leaves fine. Add in the onion chopped,garlic paste, green chillies chopped.
  • Add the flours in a bowl, add in the spices, salt and chopped coriander leaves. Mix it well.

  • Add little water to make it a dough as the wilted leaves gives out water. Make a smooth dough. Let it rest for 5-10 minutes.
  • Divide the dough in 6 equal portions.Take a plastic sheet or aluminium foil,apply a little oil(I used ziploc bag). Place a ball in the center and using wet hands spread the ball evenly with hands like we roll chapathis.With your fingers, make a hole in the center of the thalipeeth.
  • Now, heat a non stick pan. Add few drops of oil and when it is hot, transfer the prepared thalipeeth. Cook covered on slow flame for 2- 3 minutes.
  • Flip the other side and cook  for a minute. Similarly repeat and make the other balls, cook like the above steps.Serve on a plate hot with butter or thick yogurt or some pickle.

* You can use jowar flour, bajra flour  to make thalipeeth.
* You can even use cabbage, methi leaves or other veggies to make thalipeeth instead of spinach.
* You can use cumin seeds instead of cumin powder.
* Because of the use of ragi flour , the thalipeeth is of dark color.


Motions and Emotions said... Best Blogger Tips

healthy and nutritious meal

Anupa Joseph (Palaharam) said... Best Blogger Tips

That looks absolutely delicious and what a wonderful way to make kids eat by sneaking in veggies... I shall try it for my lil one

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complete healthy combo