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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Homemade Green Grape Wine (without yeast)

Another wine recipe to prepare for this Christmas but this wine may take slightly longer to taste best.Though I have tried a red grape wine and have posted in my space long back but this one is slightly different in preparation.It has more of sweet flavors,I loved this wine a lot.I served it to our friends too and they liked it very much.Do give this a try if you plan to serve it on New year's eve or later as this wine takes time to mature.Happy Thanksgiving to all too !!!

green grapes 1lb/500 g
sugar 2 cups (500g)
boiled cooled water 1 lit
cloves 8-10
cinnamon 1" piece
whole wheat kernel 1 handful


(Preferably use and earthen ware or a bharani or a transparent glass jar with an air tight lid.)
  • Wash  the grapes after removing the stalks and under running water.Dry the grapes on a paper towel.Slightly crush the grapes with your hands just to open the tip.Put them into the cleaned jars with sugar and other ingredients alternating each layer.
  • Add boiled cooled water to the jar.Close the lid tightly and leave in a dark place.The jar can be just shaked without opening every 5th day so that the contents are mixed well.

  • Open the lid on the 21st day and you see all grape skins float to the top with nothing inside.
  • Drain the liquid part with out shaking the bottle much and strain it in a cheese cloth.Don't try and squeeze the strained contents.

  • Pour it in clean bottles(though the wine tastes good at this point and can be served but it has more of sweet flavors than the intense wine flavor) and leave undisturbed for another 20 days to get matured wine.The clear part of wine/decant  in clean dry bottles and preserve.Sweet intoxicating wine is ready to serve.(This wine has an off white color)

Servings ~ 1 liter plus 

* I used the Indian green grapes available in Indian grocery stores,you can use any other variety too.
*Although the wine gets clear as it sits over days but if you wish to speed things,add half an egg white if you wish to get a clear crisp wine on the 15 th day before decanting.
* There should be enough space in the jar after putting the grapes and sugar,otherwise the wine may float out during fermentation.
*Good quality glass jars are required otherwise it may sometimes burst in the process of fermentation.
*You can open the jar if you aren't comfortable shaking it with lids closed but the flavors might be lost.
* If you wish to get color,you can caramelize but I haven't tried it yet.Add about 3tsp of sugar in a wide pan and wait till it attains golden brown.Keep stirring slowly,not to burn your hands.Add 50ml water through the sides of the pan at the point where you want the caramelization to stop and stir again.Put off flame,let it cool and add.
* Don't use the sedimented contents by squeezing,the actual taste of wine will be lost.The sediments can be discarded.
* If you feel on 21st day the grape skin don't float leave it again for another 10 days.As the cold climate,quality of grapes,quality of wheat kernels may also affect the maturity of wine.

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