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Friday, April 24, 2015

Restaurant Style Chicken Lollipop & Saturday Snapshots | Non Veg Appetizer | Party Recipes

Chicken Lollipops are a popular starters in restaurants and I must admit that am a big fan of chicken lollipop.Now a days,its very easy to make this kind of starters at home as you get individual preference pieces unlike earlier time when one had to buy a whole chicken for a particular kind of recipe.My kids love chicken lollipops too.I have used chicken wingettes and prepared my own chicken lollipop with the help of you tube videos(will post sometime later the cleaning part).However,these days you get your own prepared wingettes too,just marinate and fry.Its very simple,right?I couldn't click any step by step pics as it was made for dinner and when all were at home,I hardly time to get time to click pictures.I haven't added any color to this recipe andI have used kashmiri chilly powder that gives a nice natural color.Go ahead and give this a try over the weekend,enjoy !!

Preparation time~2 hours+ 15 mins
Cooking time~15-20 minutes
Serves~12 lollipops
for marination
chicken 6 wingettes (makes 12 lollipops)
kashmiri chilli powder 1tsp
ginger-garlic paste 2tsp
pepper powder 1 tsp
lemon juice 1tbsp

for coating
all purpose flour(maida) 1/2 cup
corn flour 1/2 cup
kashmiri chilly paste/powder 2tbsp
water 1/4 cup

oil to deep fry

  • You can use ready made chicken lollipops or make your own by using chicken wingettes.Watch this video here, I made my own using chicken wingettes and I removed the skin too before making lollipops.Wash the chicken lollipops under running water for 5-6 mins,drain and leave aside.
  • Marinate the chicken with the ingredients listed and leave overnight preferably or a minimum of 2 hours.
  • Heat oil in  a pan and wait till its hot on medium flame.In the mean time,prepare a thick batter using all purpose flour,chilly paste,corn flour and water.If using food color,add at this point.I omitted as I used kashmiri chilly powder(paste) and it gives a bright red color.Dip the marinated chicken in this paste and shed off excess coating.Slide in hot oil and flip all sides to get evenly browned and cooked.
  • Drain on paper towels and serve with onion and lemon slices,Enjoy !!

Serves~ 12 pieces

* You can add 2tsp of soy sauce for added flavor.Adjust salt accordingly as soy sauce has salt.I have made without soy sauce,tastes great without it too.
* You can add a pinch of red food color.I haven't added that too.Kashmiri chilly powder adds a good color,so you can omit adding color too.Restaurants do add color.
*You can soak the kashmiri chilly in hot water for 30 mins and grind to a fine paste OR you can use kashmiri chilly powder too,make a paste with kashmiri chilly powder.The spicy chilly powder doesn't give this color,you may have to add color to get the restaurant style color.
* You can wrap the ends with foil paper to get a restaurant style look.

This week Shweta @ Merry Tummy had suggested to post drinks for Saturday Snapshots sessions.Here is mine,a simple store brought cranberry juice.Hope you all like this shot :)

Have a great weekend !!!

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