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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Black Bean Burger | Healthy Burger (Step Wise Pics)

Black bean burger,anyone interested to taste this healthy kind of burger?? I know the first impression of all meat burger lovers would be a big 'no' just like my better half.But when he actually tasted this,the expression literally changed and he liked it.He gave 8/10 for these yummy patties.And believe me,I have already made it twice after my first experiment and we are loving the flavors.A healthy alternative to meat burgers or a change to break the monotony of meat patties.These patties have a unique delicious flavor and I liked the tastes.This can also serve as a quick fix lunch for kids too and a great 'meat patty' in disguise.

I saw some ad in papers that the restaurant that serves the best bean burgers in town and when I saw the pics it was mouthwatering.That's how I got hooked to this recipe.Immediately,I started my search for the recipe until I reached here and was happy to try it out.I have used whole grains sandwich thins instead of the regular hamburger buns just to avoid all purpose flour.But you can always use hamburger buns if your family loves it that way.Top it with your desired veggies and serve,enjoy the healthy patties !!!

for burger patties
*black beans 1can(15 oz) /1.5 cup cooked
seasoned bread crumbs 1/4 cup
finely chopped /grated onion 1/4 cup
chilli powder 1/2-1 tsp 
cumin powder 1/4 tsp 
minced garlic 1.5 tsp
finely chopped mint leaves/cilantro /parsley leaves 2tbsp
egg half of 1
salt to taste
pepper powder to taste
oil/butter for shallow frying

additional layers
mayonaisse/ketchup/ranch/any hot sauce
lettuce or other greens
sliced onion 
sliced tomatoes
cheese  slices(optional)
2-3 hamburger rolls or 2-3 whole grains sandwich thins

  • Drain the water from black beans but don't rinse.If you are using dry beans,then soak it for 4-6 hours and then cook in a pressure cooker for 3 whistles or until cooked well.Drain water and use.
  • Mash the beans in a large bowl using a fork until everything looks broken (a few tid bits are acceptable).Add the seasoned bread crumbs,egg,minced garlic,onion,chopped mint/cilantro/parsley,chilli powder,pepper powder,cumin powder and salt.Let it sit for 5 mins.

  • Mix it well and make two/three(depending on thickness) equal portions.Form large patties in your palm(these patties will not shrink after cooking) and then heat a pan with oil or butter.
  • Slide in the patties and cook on low medium heat for 5 minutes.Flip the other side using a strong spatula.Add slices of cheese and cover with a lid to cook the other side and the cheese to melt.(I have not used the cheese slices)
  • Repeat the same step for remaining two/one patties.
  • Now in another pan ,heat the sandwich thins or burger buns until slightly toasted.Add mayonaisse + tomato ketchup or ranch and then place the cooked patties.Top it up with lettuce,sliced tomatoes,sliced onions and pop the lids or the top cover.Pierce a tooth pick in the center to hold the burger intact.
Voila ,black bean burger is ready to serve !!!

Servings~ 3 hamburgers

* You can use 1/2 cup of dry beans which yield 1.5 cups of cooked beans after pressure cooking.
* It makes two patties but I made it slightly thin and got three patties.
* You can substitute the egg by some other ingredient that kinda holds the black beans together.The egg helps binding together and adds flavor too.
* I used mint leaves but you can use cilantro/parsley.