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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dates Pannacotta

Pannacotta as we know,is an Italian dessert made by simmering together cream,,milk and sugar mixing with gelatin and let it cool until set.But now its become a little more elaborate by adding a fruit topping or chocolaty topping to it.I tried it with dates and added cocoa for color and flavor.The two blended nicely and served is a very delicious dessert.Keeping this recipe as base,you can modify it to your favorite topping.It works great as it can be prepared ahead to serve guests and you can layer in your own desired way.I just kept it simple with a dates layer giving it a healthy touch.Hope u all will give this a try and enjoy at home !!

For dates choco layer
pitted dates 15
milk 3/4 cup
cocoa powder 1tsp
gelatine 2 tsp (refer notes)
water 80ml
for cream layer
heavy cream 1 cup
vanilla essence 1tsp
sugar 3-4 tbsp
gelatine 2 tsp
water 80ml

for dates-choco layer
-Dissolve gelatine in cold water.Leave aside for 10 minutes
-Microwave dates with milk for a minute or until soft.Blend it in a blender when cooled to smooth paste.
Add cocoa  powder to it and mix well.
-Heat water in a pan and double boil the gelatin(place the bowl with gelatin in it such a way that it doesn't touch the bottom of the heating pan & keep stirring until dissolved.)
-Let it cool and then add it to dates mixture.
-Pour into glasses by dividing equally and leave space for next layer.Refrigerate for 1- 2 hours.
for cream layer
-Dissolve gelatin in very cold water.leave aside for 10 minutes.
-Heat the cream, sugar & vanillla essence,don't boil.Stir until sugar is dissolved on medium heat.Remove from flame.let it cool.
-Heat water in another pan and double boil the gelatin(place the bowl with gelatin in it such a way that it doesn't touch the bottom of the heating pan & keep stirring until dissolved.)
-Wait to cool and then add to cream mixture.
-Pour on top of the already set dates layer.
-Refrigerate for another 2 hours.
-Serve chilled when set.(I just added chocolate syrup for garnish,you can serve it just like that !!!)

Servings 3 adults

* You can prepare the next layer after the first layer sets or else the gelatin in the next layer will start to set in the bowl at room temperature and you may not be able to do it properly.
* If you are a vegetarian ,you can use fruit pectin instead of gelatin.
* This recipe gives a very mild flavor of chocolate in it,if you wish more chocolaty taste then add a little more cocoa powder.
* The dates can be soaked overnight too and the blended paste should be very smooth.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Cherry Lassi

Summers has reached its peak by now in many places and everyone wishes to have something cold and refreshing to beat the heat,Isn't it?? Here the heat is increasing day by day now,and so made this flavorful lassi.Lassi is always an inviting drink to us and recently we started to get fresh cherries.So added these fresh cherries to the drink.There is no much change in the taste as such just added a unique color to it.Hope u all will give this a try & enjoy !!

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cherry pitted 15-20(3/4 cup puree)
yogurt 1 cup
water 1/2 cup
sugar as required

-Wash the pitted cherries,and blend the cherries in a blender without water till smooth.
-Whisk the yogurt and water together.
-Add the blended cherries,sugar and yogurt mix.
-Pour in glasses & serve chilled  !!!

Servings~ 2 glasses

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eggless Mango Cake

Mangoes are in season everywhere, and you find mango recipes everywhere in the blogging world, too.I, too, had posted a few recipes this season.(Check details below).We all love mangoes at home and so all mango recipes are welcome always.This cake recipe is taken from my friend, Sobha @Good Food.She had used store brought mango purée.I replaced it with fresh mango purée prepared at home.Otherwise, the recipe remains the same, except that I have doubled the quantities and baked in a larger pan (13*9*2).The texture of the cake was very soft and delicious.We all loved the cake and Thanx to Sobha for a wonderful cake !!
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All-purpose flour  21/2 cup
Mango purée 2 cup (*refer notes)
Salt pinch
Sugar 11/2 cup
Baking powder 2 tsp
Baking soda 1 tsp
Oil (vegetable)1/2 cup
Milk 1/4 cup (use as required)
Almond slices 4 tbsp (optional)
cardamom powder 1/2 tsp

-Sift the flour, salt, baking powder & baking powder together.Sieve 2-3 times, keep aside.
-Whisk the mango purée and sugar together until sugar is dissolved.Add oil into it.
-Preheat oven to 350 degrees and keep a cake pan greased with butter or lined with parchment paper (size of pan, refer to notes)
-Mix the dry ingredients little by little to the wet ingredients and combine well.Add milk if the batter is very thick.I added around 4 tbsp milk.
-Add the cardamom powder and almonds. Fold in well.
-Pour in the cake pan evenly and place it in the oven, bake for 35-40 mins or util tooth pick inserted in the centre comes out clean.
-Cool on wire rack completely and cut into pieces and enjoy!!

Servings~ 13*9*2 size cake

* I used fresh mangoes,2 large mangoes yielded 2 1/2 cups of mango purée, out of which I used 2 cups of purée.(cut the slices and blend in a blender or juicer without water, add 1 or 2saffron streaks for added colour and flavour.(I haven't added saffron)
* You can make a cake with exactly half the quantities mentioned in a round cake pan of 7" or 8" diameter.Then bake for 25-30 mins only.
* Adding cardamom powder is optional.You can use 2 tsp of vanilla essence instead of that for this measure of cake, or half if you are using a round pan.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ginger -Basil Coffee (Chukku Kappi) ~ Home remedy for cold,cough & sore throat

All spices and herbs have many medicinal effects on our body.And so they act as natural defences to diseases.Basil and dry ginger along with peppercorns have numerous actions like antibacterial action,anti inflammatory and so on.This blend of flavorful; coffee helps to relieve the inflamamation in sinus,tonsils and helps reduce fever too.They also act to soothe the throat.This is a very handy home remedy which can be prepared by everyone in few minutes.Last week both my kids had cold & cough and I made this for them.Now they are feeling better.Try giving it when hot and blow to sip :-)

basil leaves 4-5 large leaves
dry ginger powder/chukku podi  1/2tsp
pepper corn crushed 1tsp
jaggery as per taste
cumin seeds 1/2 tsp
coffee powder 1/3 tsp(optional)
water 1 1/2 cups
honey 1 tsp (optional)

-Dilute the jaggery in half cup water.Microwave the jaggery for a min to dilute and strain the impurities.
-Add all the ingredients listed under except honey & coffee powder along with jaggery water in a pressure cooker.Pressure cook for 1 whistle on medium flame.
-Release pressure and check if the quantity is reduced to 1 cup or else cook again uncovered for 5-7 mins on medium flame to reduce to one cup.
-Add the instant coffee powder,and honey required.
-Strain the mix and leave the basil leaves in it as you its edible and medicinal.(for kids you can just dicard the leaves too)
-Serve hot for cold,cough and sore throat.

Makes~ 1 cup

* You can add the coffee powder if you wish the flavor otherwise just ignore  and prepare the rest.
* When giving to kids ,you can reduce the amount and make it a bit more sweeter with honey & jaggery.
*This is a mild version,you can increase the amount of peppercorns and dry ginger powder to make it more flavorful.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Prawns / Shrimp Curry in Coconut milk

Prawns are my kids favorite among sea food.They love prawns not only to look at the tiny curled up ones but also love as there are no fish bones in it.This is a very old recipe from my draft which I almost forgot to post.This is a very simple and delicious curry that goes well with rice or even rotis too.Do try this out at home and enjoy !!

Prawns/shrimp large ones 30
onion 1large thinly sliced
shallots 3-4 vertical slit
tomato 1 medium sliced
ginger-garlic paste 1 1/2 tsp
green chillies 2-3 vertical slit
chilly powder 1tsp
turmeric powder 1/3tsp
pepper powder 1/2 tsp (optional)
coconut milk thick 1/2 cup
coconut milk thin 1 cup
curry leaves
oil(preferably coconut oil) 2tsp

-Wash the prawns after rubbing with lemon juice and salt.(I usually leave it for 10 minutes rubbed)and then wash under running water.Drain in a colander and keep aside.
-Heat oil in a pan and add the sliced onions,shallots,curry leaves.Saute till translucent.
-Add the ginger- garlic paste and add the green chillies.Saute till raw smell disappears.
-Add the tomatoes and cook till slightly mushy.
-Add the spices and mix well on low flame.Add thin coconut milk.
-Add the prawns and cook covered for 10 minutes.
-Uncover the lid,mix again and cook uncovered for another 5 mins.
-Add the thick coconut milk on low flame and remove from flame when one or two bubbles appear at the surface.

Servings~ 3-4 adults

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Butter Cream (Sandwich) Biscuits~Eggless for 1 lakh hits :-)

Hurrrrray !!! Erivum Puliyum space has reached its first smallest milestone of 1,00,000 page views today.I never thought to reach this milestone ever,I can't express my gratitude & happiness today.As I just started this space as a online diary for keeping my recipes alive and never thought to have existed in the blogosphere till now.But this is all made possible by the constant support from all of my friends,readers and all those who dropped by my small space.A big bunch of 'Thanks' to everyone who supported ,encouraged,suggested through their e-mails and comments.I would also take the pleasure to thank my family whole heartedly who supported me throughout the culinary journey and they are the best critics of my recipes too.I humbly wish to have the same support from you guys always as I post more recipes too !!!

Coming back to today's recipe,Its a post for my little ones who always kept encouraging my food recipes saying,Its yummy,Amma..:-) I always feel very happy to hear that from them.(I know all moms do :-)) Many a time as a kid,many of us might have separated the cream biscuits and licked the cream alone.Kids favorite biscuits invariably are the cream biscuits(sandwich cookies).Isn't it? The cream biscuits are my kids favorite too.I saw this recipe on asianet and jotted it then.The original recipe calls all purpose flour but as I did in the Butter Cashew Biscuits (if u remember)I replace it with whole wheat flour.These biscuits turned out very good and tasted great.The only thing I felt was to reduce the thickness of cookies as mine were to the thickeness of regular cookies (Store brought sandwich cookies are slightly thinner).Do try this out for your pranky ones,they would love it !!!

whole wheat flour 2 cups
butter 1 1/2 stick softened
milk powder 2 tsp
sugar 200gm(powdered)
custard powder 6 tbsp
pineapple essence 1/2 tsp
baking powder 3/4 tsp(refer notes)
salt a pinch

for cream
butter 3 tbsp
pineapple essence 1/4 tsp
icing sugar 1/2 cup
yellow food color 1 or 2 drops


  • Sift the wheat flour with baking powder & salt twice.Keep aside.
  • Place the softened butter in a bowl and whisk using a hand whisker till soft and add powdered sugar into the butter little by little till well incorporated.
  • Then,add pineapple essence into it.Now add the custard powder & milk powder.
  • Add the flour mix slowly and knead using hands to a pliable dough.If you find it difficult to form the dough,add 1 or 2 tbsp of  milk.
  • Now,roll the dough in between a butter paper or parchment paper to 1/3-1/4 "thickness.(to prevent sticking)
  • Using a cookie cutter or sharp lid of a bottle,cut out round uniform shapes. Place it in a tray lined with butter or parchment paper.Using a fork,poke dots or stripes on the top of each cookie to give a design.
  • Roll the left over dough again and cut out shapes.
  • Preheat oven to 200 degrees C or 390 degrees F .
  • Place the tray in oven & bake  for 12-15 minutes.(mine got ready at 13minutes.)

  • Remove from oven and cool on wire rack completely.
  • In the mean time,prepare the cream by putting the softened butter and icing sugar.Mix well with a spoon,add pineapple essence and food color.Mix well and cream is ready to sandwich.
  • Take each cooled cookie & turn the under surface and spread half a tsp of cream.And close with the under surface of another cookie.This completes one sandwich cookie.
  • Repeat the same step for all other cookies.
  • Serve with tea !!

Servings~ 18 -20 sandwich  cookies

* If you use all purpose flour /maida to prepare the biscuits then please reduce the amount of baking powder to 1/2 tsp instead of 3/4 tsp.
* If your cream gets very oily when mixing then refrigerate for 15-20 minutes before spreading on cookies.
* You can change the essence to your favorite flavor and design many other varieties to it keeping the base same.

Enjoy  !!

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kashmiri Curried Apple

Yessss..You read it right, Kashmiri Curried Apple-apples in a curry form.It may sound strange & weird, but believe me the curry is very simple yet delicious with rice or rotis.Although every time apples are eaten raw, this time for a change I tried this.
When I first tried this, none of my family members could guess the secret ingredient rightly.This recipe is adapted from my dear friend, Uma's space.She has taken the recipe from a book'Pats India Food & Cooking'.Thanx to Uma for sharing such an authentic dish.I already have tried this curry twice now and kids will surely love it.It has a perfect blend of sweet, sour & spicy tastes and tastes like sweet pumpkin. Do give this a try to surprise everyone:-)
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Preparation time ~ 10 minutes
Cooking time ~ 10 minutes
Serves ~ a small bowl
Author ~ Julie
apples 3
onion 1 small chopped
dry ginger powder 1/4 tsp
green cardamom 3
cinnamon 1/2 "stick
turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
hot red chilli powder 1 tsp
cumin seeds 1/2 tsp
tamarind 1 gooseberry size
black salt 1 tsp(I used the regular salt)
boiled water 1/4 cup
oil 2 tbsp
butter 1 tbsp

Watch on YouTube- 


  • Heat oil in a pan, sauté onions.Once caramelized, turn off the heat and Let it cool.Once cooled, put it in a blender & grind it to a smooth paste.
  • Put the tamarind in the boiled water and soak.
  • Put the butter in the same pan, add apples followed by red chilli powder, turmeric powder & ground ginger.Stir for 2 minutes.
  • Add cardamom, cinnamon & ground onion paste.
  • Squeeze out the juice from tamarind and pour over the curry. Mix to combine and cook covered for 5 mins.(refer notes)
  • Crush the cumin seeds in your palm and sprinkle on top.Serve hot !!

Servings~ 1 bowl

* I used the gala apples.
* You should retain the firmness of apples, so don't overcook it.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Vazhapoo Pakoras/ Plantain flower Fritters

Pakoras/Fritters can be made with any vegetables keeping the base recipe same.They taste best on a chilly day or on a rainy day...garam garam chaye aur pakore??hmm..just love them..Have you heard of this unique banana flower pakoras,not yet right?? Even me too,until I experimented these at home..:-) I had bought a banana flower to make banana flower stir fry (vazhakoombu thoran) and then reserved these for tea time pakoras.Perfect with a cup of tea and delicious healthy ones too.They have a peculiar shape and can be munched to any numbers.Do try this out at home & enjoy :-))

plantain flowers /banana flowers 20-25
Oil to deep fry
for batter
besan 1/2-3/4 cup
chilly powder 1/2 tsp
asafoetida a pinch

-Remove the flowers out of the flaps of banana bud or heart carefully.Drop it in a bowl with water.
-Wash the flowers after removing the stamen or the hard part of the flower(stick like).Leave it soaked in water to prevent colour change.(refer notes)
-Then,prepare a batter not very thick or thin using the ingredients listed under batter.
-Drop each of the flowers in the batter.
-Heat oil in a pan and drop each batter coated flower into it when hot.
-Flip both sides evenly until it turns slightly brown.
-Drain on a paper towel and serve hot with tea !

Servings ~ 20-25 pakoras

* Open the flower with your hands and pull out the centre hard stem like thing(stamen ).and then soak in water.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Carrot Cake

The name of the recipe itself states everything in it ,carrots & more carrots ..:-) This happened to be my first cake bake in a bigger pan.I had this pan sometime back but always hesitated as I didn't find an apt cake recipe to be baked in this pan and always settled down using my square pan.But finally I got a recipe that suitably matched the bigger pan and became a surprise cake for one of our friend's birthday too.(excluded frosting as it was a short notice birthday party) All liked each bite of the cake and the texture of it,it had all the goodness of a delicious moderately sweet cake.I have modified slightly from the original recipe.This can also be made for your picnics, or enjoy at home for tea too:-)
Recipe Source : Joy of baking

All purpose flour 1 cup
Wheat flour 1 cup
Carrots 2 1/2cup grated 5-6 or 3/4 lb
Walnuts 1/2 cup
Pistachio 1/2 cup
baking powder 1 1/2 tsp
baking soda 1 tsp
eggs 3
sugar 1 1/2 cup
vegetable oil 1 cup
vanilla extract 2tsp
cinnamon 1 1/2tsp
salt a pinch

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and then toast the walnuts and pistachios for 8 minutes till lightly toasted.Also line a 13*9*2 " pan with butter or parchment paper.
-Peel and wash the carrots.Then grate them in the small grater holes  and keep aside.
-In a large bowl,whisk the flours,baking powder,cinnamon,baking soda, & salt .
-In another bowl beat the eggs one by one till frothy and add sugar into it little by little till it turns pale.Add in the oil and vanilla extract.
-Add the flour mix and combine well till incorporated.
-Then finally fold in the grated carrots and nuts.
-Pour the batter evenly into the prepared cake tin & Bake for 30-40 minutes or until tooth pick inserted in the centre comes out clean.
-Remove from oven & cool on wire rack.Cut into pieces and serve.

Servings ~ 13*9*2 loaf cake

* You can also bake 2 loaf of 9*2 inches and prepare a cream cheese frosting too for a party cake.bake for 25-30 minutes.
* You can use pecans too instead of walnuts or pistachios.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mathanga Curry | Nadan Mathanga Ozhichu Curry | Pumpkin Curry (Kerala Style)

Mathanga curry is a very important traditional curry of Kerala.I like mathanga erissery a lot, however this cury also tastes best when served along with curd (yogurt).The duo with steamed rice makes a filling, delicious meal.The garnish on top with fried shredded coconut adds a unique flavour to the curry. Do check this out !!

Preparation time ~ 10 minutes
Cooking time ~ 15 minutes
Author ~ Julie
Serves ~ 3-4
yellow pumpkin 1/4 piece or 1/2 lb
turmeric powder 1/3 tsp
chilly powder 1/2 tsp
salt to taste

to grind
coconut grated 1/2 cup
cumin seeds 1/2 tsp
shallots 2-3
garlic cloves 3

to temper 
red dry chillies 2-3
curry leaves, a sprig
mustard seeds 1/2 tsp
shallots 4-5 thinly sliced
shredded coconut 2 tbsp
oil (preferably coconut oil) 2 tbsp


Watch on YouTube -


  • Wash and peel the skin of pumpkin, remove seeds and then cut the cube sized pieces. Add the pumpkin pieces to a cooker and add enough water, salt, chilly powder, turmeric powder.Let it cook for 10–15 minutes covered on low medium flame or pressure-cook for two whistles.
  • In the meantime, grind the coconut, shallots, garlic & cumin seeds to a smooth paste.
  • Uncover the cooker lid, mash the cooked pumpkin cubes with the back of the spoon and leave some just like that.(If it's very watery you can mash the rest too to make it thick, otherwise leave a few just like that.)
  • Add the ground paste to the boiled pumpkin cubes. Add 1/2 cup water to the blender jar and pour in the curry. Let it come to a slow boil for 2 minutes.Put off flame.
  • In another pan, heat oil.Splutter mustard seeds, curry leaves.Fry red chillies.Sauté the sliced shallots till light pink in colour. Then add the reserved shredded coconut and fry till light brownish color appears evenly. Pour this over the curry, mix & serve with steamed rice.

* The tempering with shredded coconut is very important as it has a lot of flavours and don't miss doing that.
* The curry should be moderately thick and not too watery.The water added for cooking pumpkin should be accordingly.


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