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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Round up of Event-Show Me Your HITS (Iron Rich Foods)

I take immense pleasure in announcing that I have succesfully completed the 'Show Me Your HITS' event with all your support and participation.A big Bunch of thanks to all my fellow bloggers & non bloggers who actively took part in the event,'Show me Your HITS -Iron Rich Foods'.I would like to thank Sangeetha (sangee)@ Spicy Treats,for giving me this wonderful opportunity and also sharing the maximum recipes(7) from her wonderful space.I received a total of 121+2=123 entries out of which I had 2 non blogger entries from Ranjitha too.(posted below)

Coming back to the roundup,Though all recipes are rich sources of iron but the  interesting HITS are-
* Rainbow Paratha -One of the unique & colorful parathas with all natural colors of beets,spinach & carrots..What else do we need more nutritious & lovely way to sneak kidoos with veggies..:-)

Rainbow Paratha

Khajur Satori (Dates Paratha)- Another interesting paratha in a row,but I couldn't resist the healthy filling with dates.I know whats going on reading this..stuffed with dates,feel like grabbing one,Ryt?

Ragi Murungai Keerai Adai -Ragi being one of the richest source of calcium and iron;and murungai keerai(drumstick leaves)another healthy source of iron,both together Rekha has made this beautiful adai:-)

Quinoa Idli- Quinoa is another healthy source and imagine a guilt free steamed food with quinoa ,Quinoa Idlis..Loved the texture and perfectly matched with red bell pepper kulambu:-)

Mixed Nuts & seeds Chikki- Peanuts,sesame,cashew,almonds,flax seeds,sunflower seeds,pistachio makes this awesome brittle with jaggery.A perfect healthy source of Iron and a loved brittle/chikki by all:)

This is the list of the entries I received,I have categorised each of them as per their source-(Hope I haven't missed any;please feel free to tell me if I have..will surely add up:-)

Name of Iron Source SpaceRecipes
Spinach(Palak) Aromatic Cooking
Hot Pot Cooking
Roshni's Kitchen
Food Mazaa
Jiya's Delicacy
Cook book Jaleela
Kavi's Kitchen 

Cooks Joy
My Home Mantra
Good Food
Food Frenzy
Recipe World
Prabha's Cooking
Divya's Culinary Journey
Recipe World
Spinach poricha kuzhambu
Spinach Avocado Pasta
spinach kofta in minty green sauce
spinach Chips
Palak Paneer
Kashmiri Saag
Palak Mushroom
Palak Mint Paneer Gravy
Palak Pulao
Spinach vegetable gravy
Spinach & Ricotta stuffed Shells
Spinach Pancakes
Spinach Chapathi
Palak Raitha
Palak Makai Malai
Rainbow Paratha
Palak Lacha Paratha
Spinach Rice
Spinach Soup
Raddish,Brussel sprouts,
Beets,Kale,Mustard Green,Collard Green,carrot
Follow Foodie
Poorni's recipes
What's Cooking @ Kavitha's kitchen?
Kavi's Kitchen 

Aromatic Cooking
My Home Mantra
PureVegetarian Bites
Oh taste & see
Prabha's Cooking
Raddish leaves curry
Beetroot Rice
Brussel sprouts paratha
Pineapple Kale Cucumber Drink
Green Top Red Raddish Coconut masala
Mustard Green Rice
Beet Koshimbir
Curried Mustard Greens
Collard Greens Poriyal
Carrot Chutney
 Potatoes,Sweet potatoesKitchen Magic
Crafting,Cooking & colorful Living
Now Serving
Poorni's Recipes
Hot & Steamy Food
Erivum Puliyum
Kavi's Kitchen
Indian Tasty Food Recipes
Kavi's Kitchen 
Roshni's Kitchen
Kashmiri Dum Aloo
Aloo Chapathi

Sweet Potato-Paneer Sandwich
White Potato curry
Stacked Potatoes
Kashmiri Dum Aloo
Spicy mushroom-Potato Curry
Parval Aloo Stir fry
Potato Capsicum Fry
Methi Aloo banarasi
Chick Peas
Spicy Treats

Spicy Treats

Food Mazaa
What's Cooking @ Kavitha's kitchen?

UK Rasoi  

Follow Foodie

My Mom's Recipes

Oh taste & see

Gluten Free Kitchen
Chole Mint Bhath & Aloo Raitha,
Chickpeas Tikkis,
Curried Chick Peas Masala Dosa
Mix veg Chick peas Clear Soup
Poornam Borelu with Chick Peas
Cilantro Lime Chick Peas salad
Roasted bell Pepper Hummus
Chole masala
Black Chick Peas Stir fry
Cauliflower Chick Peas Curry,
Chick Peas Stir Fry
Sprouted Black Chick Peas Salad
Red bell pepper Chick Peas soup
Choliya/Green Chana Curry
lentils & bean,dalsTaste Junction
Spicy Thali
Jiya's Delicacy
Aromatic Cooking
Shwetha In the Kitchen
Aromatic Cooking
Our Cherished World
Hot Pot Cooking
My Style Recipes
Gluten Free Kitchen
Rajma masala
Horse gram dal
Karamani Gravy
Carrot Dal
Left Over dal Paratha
Red Chori curry
Rajma Masala
Masala Khichdi
Red Bean & brinjal Curry
Sprouted bean & peanut salad
Dates,Dry Fruits & Nuts(peanuts,almonds)
Food Mazaa
Erivum Puliyum
My Healthy Happy Kitchen
My Home Mantra
Recipe World
Chef Mirielle's Global Creations
Priya's Versatile Recipes

Erivum puliyum
My Style Recipes
A Pinch Of Salt 
Date Nut Rolls
Fruit & Nut Bars
Date Pudding
Khajur Satori
Apricot Drink
Almond rice pudding
Peanut Podi Mini Idlis
Mixed Veggie Orzo & Peanut soup
Bell pepper boiled Peanut salad
Bottleguard Raw Peanut Dal
Mixed Nuts & seeds Chikki
Peanut Chikki
Peanut Chutney'
Honey Raisin Challah
Apple My Healthy Happy Kitchen
Delectable & Delicious
Good Food Ends with Good Talk
Recipe World
Baked Apple Pudding
Apple Fig Milkshake
Mango Apple Pear Shake

Apple Pie
JaggeryCook book Jaleela
Erivum puliyum

My Experiments with Food
Idli Cake

Cracked broken wheat,Quinoa Cuisine Delights
Delectable n Delicious
Sensible Vegetarian
Oh Taste & See

Vegetable Dalia
Cracked broken wheat sheera
Quinoa Pulao
Quinoa Idli & red bell pepper kulambu
EggYou too can cook Indian Food
My Mom's Recipes
Boiled Egg Gravy
Bird's Nest
Ragi Poorni's Recipes
Indian Tasty Food Recipes
Ragi Roti
Ragi Murungai Keerai Adai
Paneer Palakkad Chamayal Minty Paneer Sandwich
Amla Indulge-Ashcorner Khatta Meeta Instant Amla Pickle
Other Vegetables,

Palakkad cooking
Indian Kitchen
Food Mazaa
Palakkad Cooking
Chef Mirielle Global Creations
A Pinch Of Salt
Konkani Cafe
A Pinch Of Salt 

Mahi's Kitchen
Shwetha In the Kitchen
Indian Tasty Food Recipes
You too can cook Indian Food
My Cook Book
Nalini's Kitchen
My Style Recipes
South Indian Food Recipes

Roshni's Kitchen
Ez Cook Book

Detoxiing Green Beer
Chutney Pulao
Pudina Kabab
Methi matar malai
Fruit salad in mango sauce
Kollu Rasam
Bean & Bell Pepper Stir Fry
Summer Fruit Salad
Carrot Lentil laof
Four flour Breads
Soya Chunks Sabji
Baked Vegetables in Pesto Sauce
Drumstick Leaves Adai
Guacamole Avocado Dip
Tropical Amaranthas Curry,
Fruit salad with a touch of pepper
Corn Chat
Karivepilai Kulambu
Mint Peas Pulao
Arai Keerai Poriyal
Methi seeds Sprouted Kulambu
Nadan Soy Chunk Curry
Oats Upma
Wheat Rava Adai

These are the two non blogger entries sent by Ranjitha,Thanx a lot!

NAME: Ranjitha Vridhachalam
1.NAME OF THE RECIPE: Brussel Sprouts Lentil Crumble (Paruppu Usili )

               Brussel Sprouts                  - 125gms( Washed &Chopped  )
                Toor Dhal                             - 2 table spoon 
                Spitted Moong Dhal        - 1 table Spoon
                Coconut-Shredded         -2 tea spoon      
                Chilly Powder                    -2 tea spoon
                Salt                                         - To taste
To Season:
                Mustard Seeds
                Curry Leaves
·         Soak toor dhal and moong dhal for some 30mins
·         Grind the soaked contents with shredded coconut, chili powder and salt
·         Now mix the paste with Chopped sprouts and cook over idli pot for some 20mins
Or microwave by sprinkling little water with often mixing in between.
Or we can even stem cook over the vegetable tray of Rice Cooker
·         In a pan pour some oil and add mustard seeds and as they crackle add Curry leaves and a pinch of hing
·         Add the cooked mix to the seasoning and mix well
·         Let it stay for a min and the Iron Rich recipe is all done easy and simple.

N2.NAME OF THE RECIPE:  Lemon Macaroni & Pepper Macaroni
Lemon Macaroni

This is a very easy and quick to make recipe out of Iron Rich Pastas. We usually have seen Pastas made with all spices, ginger/garlic paste but this is a very light and yummy dinner delight to make.SERVES-2                               COOKING TIME -20MINS,TO  COOK MACARONI:
·         In a pan take 280gms of macaroni and add water in 1:1.50 ratio
·         Also add a tea spoon of salt and 2 tea spoon of oil. Adding oil avoids macaroni being sticky
·         Now let it boil for around 10-12 mins or until tender with stirring in between
·         Once done strain the water completely with a strainer and show it to the cold tap water so that we get it all shinny and not sticking to each other.
The filtered out macaroni stock when added with jaggery and salt or pepper and salt, as per our taste makes a very tasty and healthy drink.


                Green Chili          -3nos
                Lemon Juice       -2 tea spoon
                Mustard Seeds-1/2 tea spoon
                Urad Dhal            -1 tea spoon
                Channa Dhal       -1 tea spoon
                Turmeric Powder- ¼  tea spoon
                Hing                       - a pinch
                Salt                         -to taste
                Oil                           -to season
                Curry Leaves
·         Add  oil to the pan and once hot add mustard seeds
·         As they crackle add urad dhal, channa dhal, curry leaves and hing one by one
·         Once they reach golden brown add green chilies and fry for a min
·         Now add turmeric powder and salt
·         Simmer the heat completely  and add the lemon juice
·         Then add half of the cooked & strained Macaroni and mix nicely
·         Let it stand for a min in medium heat and our tasty Lemon macaroni is ready to serve

                PEPPER MACARONI


                Mustard Seeds- ½ tea spoon
Urad Dhal            -1 tea spoon
                Cumin Seeds      -1 tea spoon
                Salt                         -to taste
                Ghee                     -to season

·         Add  ghee to the pan and once hot add mustard seeds
·         As they crackle add cumin seeds and Urad dhal one by one
·         As they reach golden brown add half of the cooked & strained Macaroni and mix nicely 
·         Let it stand for a min in medium heat and our yummy Pepper macaroni is ready to serve

Hope you all could view the source and recipes in a more systematic form so that you can just scroll down and bookmark easily.Thanx a lot again for the wonderful participation.Hoping to see you all for 'THE KERALA KITCHEN event & EP SERIES -BASIL OR CARDAMOM hosted by Prathibha at her space:-))


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Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

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@shobha : I have posted the date nut rolls in the dry fruits & nuts row , please check the first one in that column:-))

Shobha said... Best Blogger Tips

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did not see there. The colour of the font and background are also merging..not too clear.

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Thanks again Julie..

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