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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Avocado Banana Breakfast Smoothie

Do you love the sea foam green colour of this creamy, buttery smoothie? 

I go mad over this natural colour, it's so pleasant to watch the soothing colour, isn't it? I

I already have posted an avocado milkshake without bananas. Likewise, I love trying out variations with avocado. But this one with bananas is a filling one, perfect for all breakfast skippers. Takes hardly any time to whip it up and makes a filling drink. Try this out and enjoy !!

Watch the YouTube #shorts on Avocado Banana Smoothie.

Preparation time ~ 2 minutes
Cooking time ~ nil
Serves ~  3 glasses 
Author ~ Julie
milk (cooled) 2 cups
avocado 1 (ripe, scooped)
banana 2-3 small
honey 2-3 tbsp
almond slices 2 tbsp

  • Wash, cut and scoop out the flesh of avocado and add to the blender jar. 
  • Add the cold milk, honey and whip once. Then add the sliced bananas and whip again till smooth.
  • Pour in glasses and garnish with few almond slices, enjoy.

* You can use chilled milk, but I prefer cool milk than chilled.
* I have used small bananas, but you can use dolo bananas or robusta (1).
* Use honey as per sweetness, and remember banana is sweet too. 
* Use sugar instead of honey, as per personal preference.


Friday, November 03, 2023

Suji Burfi | Rava Barfi

Diwali is around, and how are your preparations going on? Hope all are busy tidying & lighting up homes, buying dresses, diyas and a lot more to welcome Laxmi Devi. Festival season is full of happiness and joy, and a great get-together for families and friends. Sweets are an inevitable entity, especially during Diwali, and this is the perfect time when there is a lot of adulteration in the store brought sweets as the demand is high in the market. It's always wise to rely on good quality sweets or make a few savouries and sweets at home. 

There are many simple sweets that can be prepared days ahead and can be stored 3–4 days at room temperature. Suji laddu, besan laddu, besan burfi are few of them and this time I tried this rava barfi which is very tasty and perfect for a quick preparation at home. The barfi is soft and has a milk flavoured barfi flavour due to the use of ghee and milk powder. I am not fond of using food colours when making for our use, so avoid that and added a pinch of turmeric powder instead.Do give this a try and enjoy this Diwali if you are looking for something simple and sweet.

Preparation time ~ 10 minutes
Cooking time ~ 15 minutes
Serves ~ 12–15 pieces
Author ~ Julie
rava (fine)/ suji 1 cup (200 gm)
ghee 6 tbsp
milk powder 2 tbsp (18 g)
almond slices 2tbsp
pistachio slices 2 tbsp
saffron strands, a good pinch
turmeric powder, a pinch
cardamom powder 3/4 tsp
sugar 3/4 cup (130 g)
water 1/3 cup (5 tbsp)

Watch on YouTube -

  • Heat a pan and add ghee. Add the rava and roast on low flame for 3–4 minutes till the raw smell disappears. Don't let the rava change colour, keep flame on low.
  • Switch off flame and move away from residual heat. Add the milk powder and mix well, keep aside.
  • In a sauce pan, add the water and sugar. Dissolve the sugar and get a sticky consistency. No string consistency is needed. Switch off flame.
  • Pour the warm syrup in the rava milk powder mix. Combine well without lumps, put back on flame.
  • Cook till the mix is thickened, add the cardamom powder and turmeric powder. Give a quick mix.
  • Add a drop on a plate and wait for 30 seconds, try rolling the mix with fingers. If it's non-sticky and forms a ball - then the mix is ready to set in the tray.
  • Brush ghee in a tray and keep ready. Pour the mix immediately on the tray, level the top and side edges to get correct shape. 
  • Garnish with saffron strands, almond and pistachio slices. Gently press with a spatula to set. Leave to cool for 15 minutes.
  • Mark the lines to cut the desired shapes. Cool completely and break in pieces. Enjoy!!

* Roast the rava nicely without changing the colour, use fine rava for best results. 
* Adding turmeric powder is optional, gives a nice colour. You can add a pinch of yellow food colour too.