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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Homemade Green Grape Wine (without yeast)

Another wine recipe to prepare for this Christmas but this wine may take slightly longer to taste best.Though I have tried a red grape wine and have posted in my space long back but this one is slightly different in preparation.It has more of sweet flavors,I loved this wine a lot.I served it to our friends too and they liked it very much.Do give this a try if you plan to serve it on New year's eve or later as this wine takes time to mature.Happy Thanksgiving to all too !!!

green grapes 1lb/500 g
sugar 2 cups (500g)
boiled cooled water 1 lit
cloves 8-10
cinnamon 1" piece
whole wheat kernel 1 handful


(Preferably use and earthen ware or a bharani or a transparent glass jar with an air tight lid.)
  • Wash  the grapes after removing the stalks and under running water.Dry the grapes on a paper towel.Slightly crush the grapes with your hands just to open the tip.Put them into the cleaned jars with sugar and other ingredients alternating each layer.
  • Add boiled cooled water to the jar.Close the lid tightly and leave in a dark place.The jar can be just shaked without opening every 5th day so that the contents are mixed well.

  • Open the lid on the 21st day and you see all grape skins float to the top with nothing inside.
  • Drain the liquid part with out shaking the bottle much and strain it in a cheese cloth.Don't try and squeeze the strained contents.

  • Pour it in clean bottles(though the wine tastes good at this point and can be served but it has more of sweet flavors than the intense wine flavor) and leave undisturbed for another 20 days to get matured wine.The clear part of wine/decant  in clean dry bottles and preserve.Sweet intoxicating wine is ready to serve.(This wine has an off white color)

Servings ~ 1 liter plus 

* I used the Indian green grapes available in Indian grocery stores,you can use any other variety too.
*Although the wine gets clear as it sits over days but if you wish to speed things,add half an egg white if you wish to get a clear crisp wine on the 15 th day before decanting.
* There should be enough space in the jar after putting the grapes and sugar,otherwise the wine may float out during fermentation.
*Good quality glass jars are required otherwise it may sometimes burst in the process of fermentation.
*You can open the jar if you aren't comfortable shaking it with lids closed but the flavors might be lost.
* If you wish to get color,you can caramelize but I haven't tried it yet.Add about 3tsp of sugar in a wide pan and wait till it attains golden brown.Keep stirring slowly,not to burn your hands.Add 50ml water through the sides of the pan at the point where you want the caramelization to stop and stir again.Put off flame,let it cool and add.
* Don't use the sedimented contents by squeezing,the actual taste of wine will be lost.The sediments can be discarded.
* If you feel on 21st day the grape skin don't float leave it again for another 10 days.As the cold climate,quality of grapes,quality of wheat kernels may also affect the maturity of wine.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Black Bean Burger | Healthy Burger (Step Wise Pics)

Black bean burger,anyone interested to taste this healthy kind of burger?? I know the first impression of all meat burger lovers would be a big 'no' just like my better half.But when he actually tasted this,the expression literally changed and he liked it.He gave 8/10 for these yummy patties.And believe me,I have already made it twice after my first experiment and we are loving the flavors.A healthy alternative to meat burgers or a change to break the monotony of meat patties.These patties have a unique delicious flavor and I liked the tastes.This can also serve as a quick fix lunch for kids too and a great 'meat patty' in disguise.

I saw some ad in papers that the restaurant that serves the best bean burgers in town and when I saw the pics it was mouthwatering.That's how I got hooked to this recipe.Immediately,I started my search for the recipe until I reached here and was happy to try it out.I have used whole grains sandwich thins instead of the regular hamburger buns just to avoid all purpose flour.But you can always use hamburger buns if your family loves it that way.Top it with your desired veggies and serve,enjoy the healthy patties !!!

for burger patties
*black beans 1can(15 oz) /1.5 cup cooked
seasoned bread crumbs 1/4 cup
finely chopped /grated onion 1/4 cup
chilli powder 1/2-1 tsp 
cumin powder 1/4 tsp 
minced garlic 1.5 tsp
finely chopped mint leaves/cilantro /parsley leaves 2tbsp
egg half of 1
salt to taste
pepper powder to taste
oil/butter for shallow frying

additional layers
mayonaisse/ketchup/ranch/any hot sauce
lettuce or other greens
sliced onion 
sliced tomatoes
cheese  slices(optional)
2-3 hamburger rolls or 2-3 whole grains sandwich thins

  • Drain the water from black beans but don't rinse.If you are using dry beans,then soak it for 4-6 hours and then cook in a pressure cooker for 3 whistles or until cooked well.Drain water and use.
  • Mash the beans in a large bowl using a fork until everything looks broken (a few tid bits are acceptable).Add the seasoned bread crumbs,egg,minced garlic,onion,chopped mint/cilantro/parsley,chilli powder,pepper powder,cumin powder and salt.Let it sit for 5 mins.

  • Mix it well and make two/three(depending on thickness) equal portions.Form large patties in your palm(these patties will not shrink after cooking) and then heat a pan with oil or butter.
  • Slide in the patties and cook on low medium heat for 5 minutes.Flip the other side using a strong spatula.Add slices of cheese and cover with a lid to cook the other side and the cheese to melt.(I have not used the cheese slices)
  • Repeat the same step for remaining two/one patties.
  • Now in another pan ,heat the sandwich thins or burger buns until slightly toasted.Add mayonaisse + tomato ketchup or ranch and then place the cooked patties.Top it up with lettuce,sliced tomatoes,sliced onions and pop the lids or the top cover.Pierce a tooth pick in the center to hold the burger intact.
Voila ,black bean burger is ready to serve !!!

Servings~ 3 hamburgers

* You can use 1/2 cup of dry beans which yield 1.5 cups of cooked beans after pressure cooking.
* It makes two patties but I made it slightly thin and got three patties.
* You can substitute the egg by some other ingredient that kinda holds the black beans together.The egg helps binding together and adds flavor too.
* I used mint leaves but you can use cilantro/parsley.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Curd Rice | Thayir Sadam

Thayir Sadam(Curd Rice) is a popular rice from South India and this is the best comfort meal in summers.As the name suggests its curd and rice put together to get a simple yet satisfying meal which can be relished with just a touch of pickle or just like that.We love this very much and usually prepare it on some weekends.Summers are the perfect time to enjoy this meal and this is an old draft which longed to be out soon.This recipe doesn't require much expertize to cook and the only thing to keep in mind is the selection of rice(the cooked rice could be mashed easily).Do give this simple rice recipe a try if you haven't tasted this yet and enjoy !!

to cook rice  
uncooked rice 1/2 cup 
water 1 1/2 cup

for curd rice
yogurt /curd 1 cup
milk 1 cup
cashews 2 tbsp chopped
cilantro/coriander leaves 2tbsp
salt to taste 

to temper
mustard seeds 1/2 tsp
red dry chillies 2 broken
asafoetida powder/hing/kayam podi 1/4 tsp
green chilly 1
urad dal 1 tbsp
curry leaves few torn
oil 2tbsp

  • Wash the rice and cook in a cooker by adding 1 1/2 cup water for 2 whistles on high flame.Wait till the pressure is released to open.Transfer the cooked rice to a bowl.
  • Add boiled cooled milk,add cilantro,salt.Mash well with hands.
  • Add in the yogurt and mix well. 

  • Heat a pan and add oil.When hot,splutter mustard seeds.Add in dry red chillies,curry leaves,urad dal,green chillies and asafoetida(hing). Switch off flame and season on top of the curd rice.
  • Add the chopped cashews and mix well,serve chilled with pickle or just like that.

* Use rice that preferably mashes well when cooked.Add water as per the brand of rice to cook.I have used sona masoori.

* You can add 1/2 carrot grated too if kids like it.
* You can use butter or ghee to temper instead of oil to enhance tastes.
* You can add grated ginger 1/2 " piece too when tempering.
* You can temper the cilantro too if you don't like the raw smell. 
* Add more chillies to spice it up as per preference.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kadai(Karahi) Prawns

Kadai Prawns is a delicious side dish that can be served with Indian staple breads.The prawns are coated well with the masala and makes it even more delicious.The dish is spicy and we loved it.Kids sipped a glass of water after enjoying the curry.I used tomato paste and so is the bright colour of the gravy.I don't usually buy tomato paste, but my husband accidentally picked up from the store and in a way that was good as the dish had a bright color gravy.Do give this a try & enjoy !!!

Watch the YouTube #shorts on the making of kadai prawns.

for marination  
prawns 1 lb
chilly powder 1tsp
salt to taste

for masala
onion 1 large chopped fine
ginger julienned 1 tbsp
garlic chopped fine 1 tbsp
tomato 2 or tomato paste 2tbsp
*green chillies 2 chopped fine
kashmiri chilly powder 1 tsp
coriander powder 2 tsp
turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
pepper powder 1/2 tsp
garam masala 1/2 tsp
cilantro chopped 2tbsp
oil 2 tbsp
salt to taste

  • Wash, clean and de vein prawns.Rub salt and lemon juice, wash under running water for 5 times.Drain water.Keep aside.Marinate the prawns using chilly powder, salt.Leave for 15 minutes.
  • Heat oil in a pan and add the chopped garlic and julienne garlic.Sauté until the raw smell disappears.
  • Add in the chopped onion and green chillies (if using).Add in the tomato chopped and tomato purée. Cook covered till its cooked and gets mushy.
  • Add in the spice powders and wait till the raw smell disappears.
  • Add in the chopped cilantro(1tbsp) and adjust salt.
  • Add in the prawns and cook covered for 5–6 mins on medium flame.Reduce flame and stir well.
  • Wait till the gravy thickens and add the remaining cilantro.
  • Serve warm with chapathis/naan / cooked rice.

Servings ~4 adults

* If garam masala already has pepper powder,omit the additional pepper powder.
* I haven't used green chillies as kids don't like biting through it.
* I have used tomato paste and so the color is bright.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sukhiyan | Chaya Kada Palaharam (Tea Stall Snack)

Kerala tea stalls (chaya kada) always caters for a number of snacks which are mostly deep fried in oil.They are served hot in the local area tea stalls where they have no left overs after 5pm.We have one such tea stall in my place and that's running since my childhood.Parippu vada,bonda,vettu cake,uzhunnu vada,sukhiyan,ulli vada are the top listed ones and each day its something different and some tea stalls have all different ones everyday too.However,oru cup chayayum,choodu parippu vadayum(a cup of tea served with a warm parippu vada) or another delicacies is very pleasing and delicious.But back here,winter is the best time to eat hot snacks like vadas,sukhiyan,bonda,kachori or pakoras.My family just loves to eat snacks with a hot cup of tea.Sukhiyan is one sweet treat that has nutritious value of green gram(cherupayaru) mixed with jaggery,dipped in batter and deep fried.These are similar to munthiri kothu which I had posted sometime back.Munthiri kothu is smaller in size and they can be stored longer whereas sukhiyan is perfect for an evening snack only,no storage possible unless refrigerated.This was one of my favorite snack as a kid and mom used to make it often to sneak in green gram(cherupayaru).Though I have tried a simpler version of sweet moongdal puffs using puff pastry sheets sometime back,but this is the authentic version.Do give this a try if you love sweet snacks and enjoy on a chill day !!!

for filling
cherupayaru /whole moong /green gram 1 cup
grated coconut 3/4 cup
jaggery 1/3-1/2 cup
cardamom powder/elakka podi 1 tsp
dry ginger powder/chukku podi a pinch(optional)
salt a pinch

for coating
all purpose flour /maida 1 cup
rice flour 1tbsp
turmeric powder a pinch

salt a pinch
water 1/2 cup (slightly more)

for frying
oil  1/2 liter/500ml

  • Wash and add the cherupayaru(green gram) in the cooker.Add 2 cups of water or water just to soak the green gram.(Don't add more water as the green gram will be over cooked and can't be shaped in balls)
  • Cook the green gram for 2 whistles or till tender.(read notes).Leave the cooker till the pressure releases.Check if done,the gram should be cooked,tender and just begins to break open.If its not done and there is no water left,add 1/4 cup water and cook covered on low medium flame till done.

  • Melt the jaggery in 1/4 cup water in a pan and strain the impurities.Put it on flame and add the grated coconut and wait till the water is almost dried up.Add the cooked green gram and add cardamom powder,a pinch of dry ginger powder,a pinch of salt.Mix it well and switch off flame.
  • Using your hands make 12-14 balls when the mixture is ready to handle. 
  • Heat oil in a wok and wait till its hot.Keep on low medium flame.
  • Make a thick batter using all purpose flour /maida,turmeric powder,salt and water.Dip each ball in the batter using hands and slide it in oil.Deep fry in oil by turning all sides.Wait till its crispy.
  • Drain using colander on paper towel.Serve warm with tea !!

Servings ~12- 14 sukhiyan

* The cooking time and water required to cook may vary depending on each brand of green gram but it will be almost similar to this.Mine took exactly two cups of water to cook 1 cup and 2 whistles to get it done.The water was completely used to cook it.

* Rice flour adds crispiness to the snack.Omit if not interested.
*Adding turmeric powder is optional,adds a light color to the cover.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chocolate Whoopie Pie with Cream Cheese Filling ~ Baking Partners Challenge Nov (Step By Step Pics)

Baking Partners Challenge for November was yet another beautiful bake and I was happy and thrilled to bake these cute sandwich cookies.The recipe was suggested by Swathi &  Anitha @ Anitha's Kitchen Diary and she suggested a pumpkin whooping pie and a chocolaty one.I selected the chocolate whoopie pie as I knew kids would nod a big 'yes' to chocolate and which I wasn't much sure about pumpkin.The chocolate whoopie pies are soft moist dome shaped cookies with a creamy cream cheese frosting.Though the frosting suggested was vanilla but I made the cream cheese one as I had a packet of cream cheese in refrigerator untouched.Do give it a try for your loved one and am sure they would enjoy !!

for cookie
all purpose flour 1 cup
cocoa powder 1/2 cup
baking powder 1/2 tsp
baking soda 1/8 tsp
salt 1/8 tsp
unsalted butter,at room temp 3tbsp
vanilla extract 1/2 tsp
half of 1 egg
buttermilk 1 tbsp
leukwarm strong coffee 1/4 cup

for cream cheese filling
cream cheese 1/2 of a pkt or 4oz
heavy whipping cream 1/4 cup
unsalted butter 1tbsp
icing sugar/confectioners sugar  3/4 cup
vanilla extract 1/2 tsp
salt a pinch

for chocolate cookie
  • Pre heat oven to 375 degrees F and line a 13*9 pan with parchment paper.
  • In a large bowl,sift the flour,cocoa,baking powder,baking soda and salt twice.
  • In another bowl,beat the butter(at room temp) and sugar until light and fluffy.Add the egg and beat well.Add in the vanilla extract.
  • In another cup,mix the buttermilk and coffee.Now,alternating flours in batches add to the butter mix and keep adding coffee mixture till you finish the flour and coffee mixture.

  • Drop heaping tablespoon of batter on the prepared pan using a tablespoon or ice cream scoop(spacing 2 ").Moisten your fingers in water and smooth out the top surface of cookies.
  • Place in oven and bake for 9-10 mins or when lightly pressed it springs back.(Mine took 12 mins )
  • Cool on wire rack and prepare the filling.

for cream cheese filling-
Beat the butter,heavy whipping cream,salt  and cream cheese in a large bowl on high until light and fluffy or until 2-3 minutes.Reduce mixer speed to low and add confectioner's sugar little by little,making it smooth.Scrape down the sides if required.Chill in refrigerator until use.

for assembling
Arrange the cookie in correct pairs (as per their size and shapes).
Take one cookie,spread a heaping tablespoon of filling on the fl;at side of the cookie.Place another cookie on top the flat side on the filling.Serve just like that or store in refrigerate for a week.

Servings ~ 7 sandwich cookies or 14 single cookie

* I used Hersheys cocoa powder,you can use any brand.

* You can use a vanilla filling or any other desired filling too.

A last one to tempt you all :)

Linking this to Baking partners by Swathi @ Zesty South Indian Kitchen


Friday, November 14, 2014

Suji Gothambu Upma | Cracked Wheat(Dalia) Upma

Cracked wheat(suji gothambu) upma is one upma with lots of health benefits.Cracked wheat is rich in fiber and is a low glycemic food,also a good source of iron.This upma was relished by me as toddler(long back).Anganwadi(read more here)used to serve this upma for the young kids and pregnant ladies in our native place.And our Anganwadi was adjacent to our home in Kerala.During our vacation trips to Kerala,the anganwadi aunty served this for us.We(me & my cousins) used to happily devour it with some sprinkled sugar,totally loved it.That's how cracked wheat or suji gothambu was introduced to me.But they make it plain with no added veggies as far as I remember.Now,knowing all the health benefits I have introduced this to my family too.Adding a few veggies and made it more tastier.My elder one just loves having this tasty upma,Do try & enjoy this upma my way !!

Sorry about the pics,was taken in the night and lighting was poor.Will update new pics as I make more:)

cracked wheat/suji gothambu 1 cup
onion 1/2 chopped fine
ginger shredded 1 " piece
green chillies chopped small 3
corn kernels 1/2cup
carrots grated 2 medium sized
coconut shredded 2tbsp(optional)
mustard seeds 1 tsp
oil 2tsp
salt to taste
water 3 cups

-Heat oil in a pan.crackle mustard seeds.Add curry leaves.
-Add in onion and saute till its translucent.Add the green chillies and shredded ginger.Saute till the raw smell disappears.
-Add the corn kernels and saute till its cooked for about 3 minutes.Add in the shredded coconut,grated carrot.Saute for 2 minutes and then add in salt.
-Add the 3 cups of water and bring to boil.When the water starts to boil,add the cracked wheat.Stir well and then cover.Cook on medium flame until the cracked wheat turns soft and cooked.The water is absorbed completely.
-Serve warm just like that or with some tomato chutney !!

Servings ~ 3 adults

* If using frozen corn,then thaw before using.
* Use fine grater to grate the carrots.
* You can double the volume of water for double the amount of suji gothambu or cracked wheat or vice versa keeping this ratio constant.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pineapple Peel Wine (Homemade) | Step By Step Pics

How are your preparations for Christmas going on?? Well,I have soaked my dry fruits to make plum cake so far and wines are on the way too.Whenever you peel a pineapple,remember to retain it to make this wine.This is a very simple wine that can be made few days before Christmas and can be served immediately without much delay.This wine needs to be used up soon too unlike other wines.I bought the pineapple to make some pineapple juice but then used the peels for the wine & core too.Please go through the note section before you prepare wine.Do try & enjoy !!

Adapted: manorama online

pineapple peel from one large
*water 3 cups
sugar 2.5 -3cups
active dry yeast 1/8 tsp
cloves 3-4
cinnamon 1" piece
egg white 1 lightly beaten

  • Wash the pineapple thoroughly and cut the peels.Use pineapple for making your delicious recipes,reserve the core and skin for this recipe.Washing the skin afterwards loses its juices.So,wash in advance.
  • Boil and cool 3 cups water.Add in sugar,yeast,cinnamon,cloves and pineapple peels.
  • Cover the lid lightly and keep in a dark place.(I usually hide it in the lower kitchen cabinets)

  • On the fifth day,add the egg white and give it a quick stir.Close the lid and leave for another 3-5 days.
  • Open on 10th day,decant the wine without disturbing any of the contents or pour over a muslin cloth.Make sure not to squeeze the contents(I decanted on the 8th day as I made it in summers and got ready soon).
  • Pour it in clean,dry bottles (see in pic;the wine looks cloudy on that day)and wait for another 3 weeks (21 days) or more before you actually start tasting the real flavors of this wine.The pics are taken after 21 days,it clears most of the cloudiness.

Servings~ 1 quart (4 cups or 950 ml)

*Use clean,dry glass jar or ceramic containers or earthern ware(bharani).Boil the bottles or ceramic jars in water and sun dry for 2 days or completely dry it to store the wine.Keep ready.
* Always use a new clean wooden spoon to stir or mix.Don't use the spoons that use for making curries.
* Always add half of the sugar mentioned on the first day and then add the rest on the fifth day.This helps to reduce over sweetness.You can always modify the sweetness as per sweet tooth.
* If you are using clear bottles or ceramic jars then don't open to check frequently.
* Egg is added to clear the wine and purifying it.If you omit this step,then leave the wine longer to get the clear pic of wine.Otherwise it may look clouded and unfiltered.
*The wine may look cloudy on first decant,give time to filter out and I usually change bottles(clean,dry ones )until I get a clear wine.OR Leave undisturbed and don't shake bottle whenever pouring in glasses as sediments are always present.

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Don't throw away the pineapple peels,go ahead and nail this wine ;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ellunda | Til-Gud Laddu | Sweet Sesame Balls

Sweet sesame balls or Ellunda is a popular snack in India.I used to munch loads of these in childhood days and now my kids love these too.These guilt free snack makes a great choice for kids snacks.The best part is that sesame seed contains many essential health benefiting minerals,anti oxidants and vitamins.Though they come in different colors-white ,yellow ,balck and red but I have seen only black and the white ones.I have used white here as I like its flavor more than the black ones but you can always use black ones to make these balls.It hardly requires any preparations ahead but the secret lies in getting the correct consistency of jaggery.Do give this healthy snack if you like it !!

sesame seeds 3 cups 
jaggery 2 large balls or 5-6 small cubes
water 1 cup
cardamom powder 1 tsp
salt a pinch

  • Roast sesame seeds until it starts to pop over medium heat.It may take 5 minutes. 
  • Heat a pan,add jaggery and water.Make  a syrup consistency,switch off flame.Strain the impurities.
  • Then,re boil the jaggery syrup,cardamom powder and pinch of salt on medium heat.When the syrup reaches the soft crack stage(read notes below),switch off flame.Remove the pan from heat and toss in the roasted sesame seeds.
  • Mix it well,leave aside until its warm to touch or can bear the heat in palms.Now scoop out small balls of mixture and shape in balls.If its sticky use a little oil or ghee to grease your hands and then shape.If the jaggery becomes too dry,then reheat the mixture on very low flame just to warm up and repeat making balls with rest of the mixture.Place the balls on a plate and wait to cool.
  • Serve just like that or store in ziploc bags after cooling.

Servings~ 30 sesame balls

*The staging is as follows-The one thread (230 degrees F)consistency is a familiar one with all;in which sugar forms one thread when pressed between thumb and index finger.After the one thread comsistency,keep stirring the jaggery to avoid burning at the bottom and keep flame on medium heat.Then is the second and third stage where there are two and three threads formation respectively when pressed between the fingers.After this is the soft ball stage,when a drop of sugar/jaggery put in cold water becomes a soft pliable ball.Then comes the hard ball stage,dripping a drop of sugar/jaggery in cold water forms a hard ball.(260 degrees F)Keep stirring to get the next final stage or soft crack stage(270 degrees F)-a drop of syrup in cold water becomes pliable non brittle thread when pulled.(At this stage the bubble formed are less)Any temperature below the soft crack stage will give you a chewy mittai and not the hard ones.It takes 45 seconds -1minute to attain the soft crack stage after the hard ball,so keep a watch closely.
(P.S.I didn't have a helping hand to click pics,so couldn't click the staging)

Peanut Chikki(Kapalandi Mittai)

Almond Brittle

Monday, November 10, 2014

Barley Puttu (from scratch) | Steamed Barley Flour with Grated Coconut (Step by Step Pics)

Barley is a low glycemic food that makes it even more a healthier option.This is a perfect recipe for those who would like to cut down their carbs.My family totally loved this recipe and I have tried this 3-4 times now.This is the second trial with barley after successfully trying out the barley idlis and dosas,do check it here.This puttu got 10/10 credits and is a very delicious one,believe me.It may take a little additional efforts but is worth trying.Add it your healthy food recipe list and surely must give this a try !!!!

to make barley flour 
whole barley  1 cup

to make puttu
barley flour 1 cup
salt to taste
grated coconut 1/2 cup


  • Wash the barley well,drain all floating husks or other impurities.Soak in fresh water for 15 -30 mins,depending on the quality of barley.
  • After 15 mins,drain all water in a colander and leave to ooze any remaining water present.

  • Add the drained barley in the blender and pulse it several times.Grind till the barley gets sticky and comes together.Stop over and sieve the mix(use puttu sieve holes in the sieve)
  • Add the residue to the blender again and grind again.Now again sieve through,continue the same process until you finish the residue.
  • Heat a kadai and dry roast the flour on low medium heat until the raw smell of flour disappears and you see steam pass through the flour.Put off flame and transfer the flour on a paper towel.Spread the flour to cool.Leave to cool completely.
  • Store in ziplog bags or air tight containers until use.Use within a week for best results.
  • Take the barley flour in a bowl and add salt a pinch.Drizzle water and moisten the flour as you do for regular puttu flour.To check whether the puttu flour is moistened well,hold little flour together(in pic 3),if it forms a ball,then its ready to steam.

  • Add layer of grated coconut in the puttu mold(as in pic),then add moistened flour.Then,layer with grated coconut again and flour and finish off with grated coconut on top.
  • Add adequate water in cooker and remove the weight on cooker,place on heat.Place the filled puttu mold/puttu kutti on top and steam till its cooked well or when steam passes at the top for 5-7 mins.Remove from cooker and poke with a skewer at the bottom.
  • Remove on  a plate and serve warm with kadala curry/cherupayaru curry / fish molly or with bananas.(we had with kadala curry)
  • Repeat the same step if you have left over moistened flour to make another puttu.

Servings ~ 1 cup barley flour makes 2 cylindrical puttu

 * Don't try to get lumps in flour too,it should be lump free.Don't drench the flour with water neither under moisten it.
* The color of the puttu is slightly brown in color.The store brought barley flour may not yield same results as puttu podi has slightly coarse texture than the smooth flour.
Traditional Puttu

Tricolor Puttu