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Monday, December 28, 2020

Beef Kurumulakittathu | Beef Ghee Pepper Roast ~ Step by Step Pics

Beef kurumulakittathu or Pepper roasted beef is a classic dish with the mouthwatering flavors of succulent beef pieces coated with pepper, other spices and lightly sweetened with coconut milk to reduce the heat. Each region in Kerala has a different recipe or style and varies from district to district.  This is my own tested tried and modified version of beef pepper roast. I have made this recipe without adding coconut milk too. The thick coconut milk adds the light sweetness along with shallots enhances the taste and reduces the spice levels. Also, the coconut milk adds a nice coating to the masala. I have dried up the masala completely in ghee but if you wish to have a coating type masala, then remove from heat a little early. This goes perfect with Kerala parotta, matta rice(choru) or chapathis as well. The pepper corns when crushed and  added to the cooked beef alleviates the flavor to irresistibly delicious. This dish never fails to appeal our senses with its complex set of spice mix and one of our favorites too. Do give this a try and enjoy !!

Preparation time ~ 15 minutes
Cooking time~ 30-35 minutes
Serves ~ 5 
Author ~ Julie
beef 350 gms
onion / savala 1 small sliced
shallots/ kunjulli 1 cup sliced
curry leaves 
green chilies / pachamulaku 3-4
ginger- garlic paste 1 tbsp 
turmeric powder / manjal podi 1/2 tsp
pepper powder / kurumulakku podi 1 tbsp 
coriander powder/ malli podi 1 tbsp
garam masala 1 tsp
salt to taste

for masala
shallots / kunjulli 1/4 cup reserved from above
ginger chopped 2 tsp
garlic chopped 2 tsp
curry leaves
coconut milk (thick) or 1st paal 1/3 cup
whole pepper corn crushed / muzhuvan kurumulaku 1 tbsp
garam masala 1/2 tsp
sliced coconut 2 tbsp
ghee 2 tbsp
curry leaves a sprig(thandu)

  • Wash and clean the beef under running water for 3-4 times and squeeze out excess water and place in a strainer bowl.
  • Chop all veggies and keep aside.
  • Take a pressure cooker and add in the beef, the spice powders listed and the chopped veggies (reserve 1/4 cup of chopped shallots/kunjulli and keep aside) to this, add 1/3 cup water to cook and put over flame. Lightly saute the beef, add in salt and close the pressure cooker and cook for 3-4 whistles or till its done (adding water to beef depends on the type of meat and the time needed to cook the same, also the number of whistles depends on the meat too so please keep a check on this).

  • Now, wait till the pressure is released in the pressure cooker, open and check if any water left. If there is water or gravy present, dry off the moisture by putting on stove again.

  • In another cast iron or kadai or iron skillet, add ghee and oil or use ghee alone. Add the sliced coconut and saute until very lightly browned. To this add chopped garlic and ginger and saute until lightly crisp and the sliced coconut turn brown. Then add reserved chopped shallots, curry leaves and saute until translucent. Then add in the crushed whole pepper corn and garam masala. Finally toss in the beef with gravy mix and combine well.

  • To this add the thick coconut milk and mix well. Put flame on high, dry up all moisture left in  beef and due to coconut milk. Add salt if needed. Continue to saute till the beef looks dry or a step early than dry. I generally switch off flame when the masala looks coated well and is semi dry. Leave on residual heat from stove and this dries up any moisture left.If you want the semi gravy consistency then transfer immediately to a serving bowl.

* Adding coconut milk adds a sweetness along with shallots and elevates the beef to a next level which can't be explained here and you must try and enjoy. Also adding coconut milk reduces the spice level so increase or decrease your spices accordingly.
* Ghee adds a unique aroma to this dish.


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

White Forest Cake ~ Christmas Special 2020 !!

Wishing all a very Happy Christmas !!

Hope all are staying safe at home like other festivities this year and are enjoying X' mas at home.We too are visiting relatives and friends after a very long time since covid lock down. Enjoy my little treat too - A White forest Cake. 

If you noticed its been a long time since I posted a frosting cake and the reason was very obvious that I wasn't getting good whipping cream and I wasn't visiting any bake stores. All other bake items were available online except the whipping cream and that was disappointing. After trying out a few frosting cakes with Amul fresh cream I was totally disappointed to try frosting again here as it was runny and wasn't getting the right consistency. But recently, a store was opened at a walk able distance from home and I decided to land there. I think majority of Indians have started baking and frosting cakes at home these days after covid lock down. I didn't find much luck finding stores near by and so I kept postponing until finally landed in that shop here. This time for Christmas I thought to give the white forest cake a try and am to have tried this snow beauty.

I'm a person not fond of strong colors that are added to frosting cakes as its all additional chemicals. But then if you are into baking business, then you can't avoid them completely as well. Baking for our dear ones doesn't need any colors and I think white forest is the best treat to avoid all colors. The sponge cake that I prepared from scratch can be used for all frosting cakes- a keeper, please bookmark and keep for your other sponge cake bases as well. The sponge cake is so very soft and delicate but has crumbs though so adding a crumb coat and refrigerating is important in this cake. I saw many recipes online to bake the sponge cake but came up with my own measures of making the sponge cake which was perfect. The availability of these non-diary whipped creams are so easy these days to whip and spread that I now realize how more and more ladies in Kerala have turned to home bakers. And these whipped creams have all sugar,stabilizers, flavors in them already, all we need is to whip the cream to stiff peaks. Sounds so easy and so it is, friends. This white forest cake is simply melt in mouth. Am so happy with the outcome and my H gave me full marks to this cake which was the biggest reward. He even told the cake tastes exactly like the one from our famous bake shops here.I was also fully satisfied with baking and frosting this cake except the part that I have no much experience in piping and so was finding it a bit difficult to stabilize my hands. However the experience of baking this cake was simply superb. Loved it totally. 

Preparation time ~ 35 minutes
Baking time ~ 25 minutes
Frosting time ~ 20 minutes
Author ~ Julie 
Serves ~ 8' frosted cake 
for sponge cake
maida 3/4 cup
corn flour 1 tbsp
baking powder 3/4 tsp
baking soda 1/4 tsp
salt a pinch
powdered sugar 3/4 cup
eggs 3
vanilla essence 1 tsp
any neutral oil 2 tbsp

for soaking 
sugar 1/2 cup
water 1 cup

for frosting
*whipping cream 2 cups
*white compound chocolate 150 gms
glazed cherries 5-6


How to make sponge cake?

  • Sift the flours with baking powder, baking soda, salt thrice and keep aside.
  • In another bowl, add the eggs and powdered sugar, beat until creamy and pale (may take around 5 minutes). Add in the oil and vanilla essence, mix well.

  • Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees F and line an 8" tray with parchment paper and oil the sides, dust with flour and keep ready.
  • To this, add the sifted flour mixture in three to four batches and combine well using a spatula without much deflating the air from the beaten egg mixture. 

  • Transfer the batter to the prepared cake tin and tap the cake tin several times(20-25) to release the trapped air bubbles. Then place in oven and bake for 25-30 minutes. Insert a tooth pick in the center of the pan and check if done (Mine was done in 25 minutes, I pre-heat the oven by using the both rods on. Initial bake time was changed to lower rod along for 5 minutes and then changed back to both rods on).
  • Cool the cake on a wire rack and transfer out from the pan. Cover with a parchment paper once cooled completely and then wrap with a cling wrap or aluminium foil. I left overnight before frosting.

How to make frosting?
  • I chilled the beater blades and bowl in the fridge overnight and thawed the cream in the fridge overnight(earlier it was in the freezer).
  • Remove the blades, bowl and cream from the fridge. Pour the cream to the bowl. With the beater blades attached, beat the cream for 4-5 minutes until it turns stiff peaks. The test to make sure it's done is by tilting the bowl upside down and find that the cream doesn't move at all and stays stiff.

  • Immediately transfer the cream to the refrigerator till use by covering with a lid or cling wrap.
How to assemble the cake?
  • Make a sugar syrup using 1/2 cup sugar and 1 cup water. Put this on a stove and heat till the sugar is dissolved. Put off stove and leave to cool completely.
  • Grate the compound chocolate over a plate and keep aside.

  • Once the cake is cooled, the cake can be cut in two or three layers as per the height of the cake. My cake was best for a two layer cake but my kids wanted to make it a three layer so I some how managed to cut it in three. Use a serrated bread knife or twine to cut the layers. I used serrated knife. Be very careful when you cut the cake in layers as the cake is very soft and delicate.

  • Then place a dollop of cream on the cake base and place the base on the turn table. Place the first layer of the cake. Add pieces of parchment paper over the sides of the cake all around to get a neat finish at the end. Add sugar syrup on the first layer and then place the whipped cream on top of this layer and spread using a offset spatula. Add chocolate shavings on top or add cut cherries too.
  • Add the second layer and pour sugar syrup on this layer. Add the cream on this layer followed with chocolate shavings. Finally place the third layer, add the sugar syrup and spread the cream on the sides. Spread gently because you may get crumbs on the offset spatula. Once you have finished a crumb coat refrigerate the cake for half to an hour before you add more layers of frosting.
  • After an hour, remove and add more cream to cover the sides and top. Using a scraper or offset spatula, give a neat finish. Then add chocolate shavings on top and sides. 

  • Finally remove the parchment paper placed on the base of the cake. Scoop out a little cream to pipe the rosette and place cherries on top else the cream may slip and fall from the chocolate shavings.
  • Pipe in the rosette using a piping bag and place cherries on top. Also give a design on the base of the cake.
  • Refrigerate the cake for 3-4 hours before you slice and enjoy !!

* The ideal pan size for this cake is 6' or 7'. If you are using a 6', then use a high pan. I had a 6" which is low height and so didn't use that. Bake in a 7' will give the perfect size cake for this measure. I didn't have a 7' pan and so used 8' pan. The 8' pan was a bit tricky to cut three layers as the height of the cake wasn't much.
* The cream available these days in market is non diary and also the cream contains all sugar and flavorings added so there is no need to add any. Colours must be added extra if using. In this case I need not use color.
* I have used Rich brand whipping cream and used Morde white compound chocolate just in case if you would like to know.


Friday, December 18, 2020

Whole Wheat Plum Cake ( Eggless, Butterless, No Refined Sugar, No Caramelize)~ Step by Step Pics

Cake and healthy ? Sounds strange especially during Christmas time when bakeries are flooded with cakes. But believe me this cake is for all those who requested for a healthy plum cake this Christmas. This cake has only good things to deliver, no refined sugar used, no maida, no butter yet is a spongy soft delicious cake. I already have two plum cakes in my space- one the traditional Kerala Plum cake and the eggless plum cake of the cake.However, this is a perfect plum cake for weight watchers, calorie conscious and new bie as there is no hassle of caramelizing sugar as well. The best thing I loved about this cake is that we can happily have an extra piece of this cake without feeling the guilt of maida, butter  and refined sugar. Also this is a alcohol free, eggless cake and requires no soaking of dry fruits in advance. You may be wondering then how is this cake baked ? Lets see..

This cake is made with whole wheat flour, oil, jaggery syrup and is soft spongy and the cake is not as dense as regular wheat flour cakes (regular plum cakes made with maida are no lighter as well). There is no prominent flavors of using jaggery and is simply superb. The best thing I loved about this cake is that there is no elaborate procedures of soaking, beating butter and sugar, no caramelizing. All that you need is a spatula to mix up the ingredients and voila ! the cake can be baked with ease.This cake tastes best the next day as with any plum cakes so try cutting the cake the next day. I have already baked this cake thrice now and all loved this cake. The top of the cake is smooth, firm and not sticky. The baking powder, butter milk and baking soda does the magic. The orange zest along with whole spice powders wafts a nice flavor along with vanilla essence. The sweetness part is taken care by the jaggery syrup and the dark color is supplemented by cocoa powder(optional to add color) and jaggery syrup. Depending on the type of jaggery used, the color of the cake will be dark. Am sure all my reader friends may want to try this cake soon so posting it early before Christmas. Try this out and it would be nice if you can send me a pic too, will be more than happy to share the pic on my fb page too!!

Preparation time ~ 20 minutes
Baking time ~ 35-45 minutes
Serves ~ 1 cake
Author ~ Julie
whole wheat flour 1 1/4 cup
corn flour 2 tsp
cocoa powder 2 tsp
baking powder 1 tsp
salt 1/4 tsp
whole spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves,cardamom powder)  1/4 tsp each

butter milk 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp ( mix 2 tbsp curd with 1/2 cup milk)
baking soda 1/3 tsp
oil 1/4 cup
vanilla essence 1 tsp
jaggery grated, tightly packed 1/2 cup  
hot water 1/2 cup
black raisins 2 tbsp 
golden raisins 2 tbsp
tutty-fruity 4 tbsp
cherry chopped 1 tbsp
cranberry chopped 1 tbsp
chopped cashews 1.5 tbsp 
chopped almonds 1.5 tbsp
candied orange zest 1 tsp
whole milk 2 tbsp (optional)
cashew slices 5-6 (garnish)

  •  Add the grated jaggery in a pan and add the water(1/2 cup). Bring this to a boil and switch off flame when the jaggery is melted. Strain this mix and put back on flame. To this add both golden and black raisins chopped. Boil for three minutes and switch off flame. Leave for 15-30 minutes.

  • In the meantime, sift the wheat flour, corn flour, cocoa powder(optional though), baking powder, whole spices powder and salt twice or thrice. Also, mix the curd (the curd need not be sour, just a regular yogurt is good) with milk and make butter milk. Keep aside.

  • Pre heat oven to 325 degrees F or 165 degrees C. Line a tray with parchment paper, I used a 8' tray here but a 6' tray with height is also good. I have made in both pans. The 8' cake does not have much height when cooked so better to use a 6' or 7' pan.
  • Then, add the tutty fruity, chopped nuts, chopped cherries, chopped cranberries, orange zest(forgot to click pic of zest) to the jaggery mix. Mix well. Add in the oil and vanilla essence to the jaggery- dry fruits mix.
  • Start to add the flour in batches to the wet ingredients or add the wet to the dry ingredients and mix in batches. Mix the baking soda to the butter milk at this point and mix well. Immediately combine with the batter. If needed add 2 tbsp of milk to get the right consistency.

  • Transfer this to the prepared pan and level the top. garnish the top with reserved cashew slices. Tap the tray several times to remove air and place in pre heated oven. Bake in pre heated oven with both rods on for 45 minutes in a 6' tray, 35 minutes in a 8' tray. I have tried both and so mentioned time of both. Insert a tooth pick in the center of the cake and if it comes out clean the cake is done. Remove on wire rack and cool before removing from pan. Cool completely before cutting in slices. This cake tastes best the second day so if you have patience, cut the next day and enjoy. 

* Use the whole spice powders 1/4 tsp each.
* You can add candied orange peels for a nice flavor or use 1/4 cup orange juice too. in that case use half of butter milk and replace the remaining half with orange juice.
* You can use dry fruits and nuts of your choice. Black raisins adds a nice look in the cake.
* Don't add the tutty fruity, cherries and cranberries in the hot jaggery syrup as it loses color.
* Adding cocoa powder is optional as I have baked this cake without that too but the one with jaggery gives a light color to the cake and adding cocoa enhances the deep color.

* Kerala Plum Cake

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Chana Doce | Doce de Grao | Goan Christmas Sweet ~ Step by Step Pics

Goan Doce or Chana Doce is prepared during Christmas time, weddings and other festivities in Goa. 'Doce' means sweet and 'grao' means grain/ bean in Portugese. This sweet is available throughout the year at the local markets in Goa but its a festive delicacy. This sweet requires intense stirring but the deep flavors when finally cooked is worth all the efforts. The outer is firm and the inside is soft and melt in mouth consistency. Last year I had posted kormolas, which is yet another Goan Christmas delicacy. That was way more crunchy and finished off in no time.

If you wish to have a dry texture then continue to cook a little more time. The chana dal in itself is thick when cooked and may need a little extra water to grind as it sticks to the blades. I put in three batches to grind still there were few solid cooked chana dal left behind. However I didn't wish to add more water which will again be added work to reduce. The biceps get a real workout stirring this yummy sweet so be prepared to face that. If you really wish to try out something new other than Kerala delicacies, then this might be a real yummy sweet distinct from the traditional varieties.

Preparation time~ 20 minutes
Cooking time ~ 30 minutes
Serves ~ 12 -14 pieces
Author ~ Julie
chana dal/ kadala parippu 1 cup ( 200 gm)
sugar granulated 400 gm or 2 cups (I used 1.5 cup)
grated coconut 1.5 cups
cardamom powder/ elakka podi 1 tsp or 6 pods
ghee / neyyu 1 tbsp
salt a pinch

  • Wash and soak the chana dal (kadala parippu) for 3 hours. Then pressure cook the dal with enough water for 3 whistles. Grind the dal using little water or residual water from the cooked dal. Grind the grated coconut with a little dal and water to a smooth paste.

  • Heat a heavy bottomed pan and add the ground dal mixture along with coconut paste, sugar and pinch of salt. Combine this mixture well in a pan and continue to cook by stirring using a long handle spoon. 
  • Initially the sugar starts to melt and the mixture turns liquid but as you continue to cook the mixture thickens. The thickened mixture may start bubbling and splattering so be very careful not to get any burns and scalds. You must be careful not to leave the mixture unattended as the mixture has no ghee or oil and chana dal(kadala parippu) tends to get thicker soon and sticks to the pan. 
  • When the mixture has very less moisture left and comes together as a mass or ball, add cardamom powder and ghee. Transfer on a ghee smeared plate and spread as thin as 1/2 or 1/4 inch thickeness with the help of a ghee smeared spoon. OR transfer the mixture to a parchment paper, cover the mixture using another parchment paper and roll using a rolling pin to spread in 1/2 inch thickness. Cool down slightly.Then cut slices, rub the knife clean each time before slicing. Store in air tight containers in fridge. 

* I have adapted this recipe from here.
* Though we dry up the moisture but its not a completely dry sweet and has fresh coconut paste in it. So its better to refrigerate the sweet and consume within three days.
* Try to use the freshly grated coconut for best tastes. Dessicated coconut doesn't taste the same.

Goan Fish Curry

Friday, December 11, 2020

Chakka kozhukatta | Steamed Jackfruit Dumplings ~ Step by Step Pics

Idiyappam podi or roasted rice flour is used to make kozhukattas(steamed rice dumplings).Chakka (jack fruit)recipes are always a big 'YES' here at home and I think most malayalis love this fruit so much. This is a old drafts from the lockdown period this year and very soon the next chakka season will be around. Though we got only a few jackfruits after the initial lockdown and the season was almost getting over. We were not able to travel due to lock down but whatever time we got to munch these bulbs had been very fruitful and I tried many of my tried recipes of last year, made a batch of chakka varetti too for bringing back. Please check the link at the end of this page for more chakka (jack fruit) recipes.

Chakka kozhukatta(steamed jackfruit dumplings) has been a frequent tried breakfast item tried at home during chakka(jack fruit) season since 3/4 years now and we love this filling snack. The steamed recipes are guilt free and can be enjoyed without much fuss and kids love the sweet filling too. Use the just ripe jackfruits for this recipe which when steamed will be perfectly cooked and you can feel the added crunch in the filling. Over ripe jackfruit bulbs may turn the filling mushy when cooked. You can add more variation to this recipe by adding few dry fruits or nuts too. I have used kuthari podi the red rice flour and so you see a pinkish shade of flour in the pic too. These pics were taken during our last visit to home and so mobile camera was used to click pics and I think the pics haven't done much justice to the snack. Anyways, I shall update with good pics whenever I try next time in this season. Enjoy this healthy homemade snack or breakfast item whenever you get hold of chakka this year. 

Check out more kozhukatta recipes from this space-

Preparation time ~ 20 minutes
Cooking time ~ 30 minutes
Yields ~ 20 kozhukatta
Author ~ Julie
to make filling
chakka/ jackfruit 15 ripe bulbs
coconut grated 1.5 cups
sugar 2-3 tbsp
chukku podi /  dry ginger powder 1/4 tsp
cardamom powder / elakka podi 1/2 tsp

to make cover
roasted rice flour / idiyappam podi 2 cups
salt a pinch
boiled water

  • Cut the ripe jackfruit in small pieces after de seeding. Add grated coconut, cardamom powder, sugar and mix well.Keep aside.

  • Take the rice flour in a bowl, add salt. Then add boiling water to the flour and make a smooth dough. Wait till the dough is slightly cooled and warm to touch. Scoop out small portions and make smooth lemon balls.
  • Flatten the balls and make a well in the center. Place a tbsp of the prepared filling and seal the edges.
  • Place the balls in a steamer and steam cook for 12-14 minutes till its cooked. Remove from steamer and serve warm with a cup of tea.

*I haven't used roasted cumin powder but you can always add a good pinch.
* Use just ripe jack fruit pieces so that it retains the crunch once cooked.
* The amount of sugar can be altered as per sweet tooth and also depending on the sweetness of chakka(jack fruit). I have used then varikka chakka so its very sweet and so used only 2-3 tbsp sugar.

* Chakka Cake
* Chakka Jam


Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Arrowroot Biscuits(Homemade) | Marie Biscuits ~ Step by Step Pics

Have you ever wondered what are the ingredients of one of the so called healthiest biscuits available in India? Yes, am talking about the arrowroot biscuits or the digestive marie biscuits. I don't now how many of you have ever checked the ingredient list and you will be surprised to know that there is no pinch of arrowroot flour used in these biscuits and is just made with refined flour just like any other market available branded biscuits. Please don't get into the impression that those are healthy by any chance.

But here I bring you to a healthy biscuits cooked with arrowroot flour and wheat flour. Its an eggless biscuits and they turned out really crisp and were very addictive. I get arrowroot flour from my SIL's place in Palakkad, she procures it from one of the homes that make arrowroot flour at home. Every year I get a pack and finish off making halwa or porridge using arrowroot flour. But recently I started baking these biscuits and I was so happy with the outcome that its becoming an addiction to munch these with a cup of tea. Its mildly sweet, crisp and crunchy. Am a person who hardly loves any biscuits and generally cookies are for the kids who enjoy them the most. However, in this case I had most of these cookies than my kids which was a pleasant surprise to me too. So don't miss to give these a try if you get good arrowroot flour in hand  and do lemme know how these turned out too.

Check this link for more cookies recipes in this space.

Preparation time ~ 10 minutes
Baking time ~ < 20 mins
Author ~ Julie
Makes ~ 25-28 cookies
wheat flour 1 cup
arrowroot powder / koova podi  1/2 cup
baking powder 1/2 tsp
salt 1/4 tsp

light brown powdered sugar 1/3 cup 
butter softened 1/4cup or 50 gm
vanilla essence 1 tsp
milk 1/3 cup

  • Sift the flours twice with baking powder and salt, keep aside.
  • Cream the softened butter with powdered brown sugar. Beat until creamy.
  • Add in  the vanilla essence, mix well. Now add this softened butter mix to the dry ingredients and rub well in the dough such that it resembles bread crumbs.
  • Add in milk little by little to form a smooth dough. Refrigerate this dough for 30 -45 mins.

  • Remove from refrigerator and roll out the dough by lightly dusting the surface and rolling pin if needed.
  • Pre heat oven to 180 degrees C or 350 degrees F. Line a tray with parchment paper and keep aside. 
  • Cut out small round circle of 2' diameter and 1/4 th inch thickness using a bottle lid or cookie cutter. Then poke holes on the surface using a tooth pick or fork. I used fork here.
  • Transfer the made cookies on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Remember to evenly cut out cookies of smae diameter and thickness else the thin cookies will brown faster or if its more thicker takes more time to bake.
  • Bake in pre heated oven for 15-17 mins. The cookies are soft while taking out, it turns crisp on cooling. I gave both top and bottom rods on mode and gave last 1 minute on top rod mode alone for a better color. You can alter the modes as per your oven temperatures and specifications.
  • Cool, on wire rack completely so that it turns crisp. Store in air tight containers.

* I had light brown granulated sugar which I powdered in a blender and used. You can use regular white sugar as well.
* You can replace butter for same amount of oil too but butter definitely adds to the flavor of these cookie.

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Left Over Rice Uthappam (Instant Recipe, No fermentation) ~ Step by Step Pics

I love quick breakfast recipes and I know most of you would agree with me too. The reason being very obvious that we don't have to plan ahead to soak the dal and rice to grind the previous day and the preparation of instant dosa is so quick that it hardly needs any time to put together. I have shared a few intsant breakfast recipes in the past, please check the recipes at the end of this post.

What do you do if you have left over cooked rice? I generally use it up the next day for lunch or if you have more of cooked rice then prepare crispy rice balls. But this is such a cool recipe to use it up the next morning itself. I have used matta rice in this recipe but you can use any cooked rice. The uthappams take slightly longer than usual dosa batter to cook but tastes crisp and delicious when hot. Do give this a try when you have left over cooked rice and make a quick breakfast.

Preparation time ~ 10 minutes
Cooking time ~ 20 minutes
Serves ~ 10 uthappas
Author ~ Julie
*cooked rice 1 cup
rava / semolina 1/2 cup
yogurt 1/2 cup
salt to taste
water 1 cup
*vegetables as per tastes

  • In a bowl add the semolina(rava) and curd. Mix well and keep aside for the rava to absorb moisture (may take 15- 20 mins).
  • Take the cooked rice in a blender jar and grind to a smooth paste by adding little water.
  • Add this paste to the rava batter and add another one cup water to get the batter to the consistency of dosa batter. Add salt as needed and combine well.
  • Chop all veggies and keep aside. I used tomato,coriander leaves, carrot, onion and green chillies.
  • Heat a griddle and lightly smear oil on top. Pour spoonful of batter on the griddle and spread the tomato and coriander leaves. Flip the uthappam to the other side if you like your vegetables a lightly crispy and charred. Also please keep in mind that this uthappam takes slightly longer than regular uthappam so cook on low flame and so I have made thin uthappams compared to the dosa batter ones OR Cover the griddle with a lid and cook on low flame, transfer to a plater without flipping in that way (I also made a few uthappam with chopped onion, green chillies and carrot. You can use any variations of vegetables).

  • Repeat making all uthappams till you finish all the batter. Serve hot with any chutney of your choice (we served with coconut chutney).

* I have used kerala matta rice but you can use any cooked rice. 
* You can add the vegetables in the batter and spread too but that becomes a little tougher to spread and is thick.