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Friday, March 08, 2019

Mangalorean Jackfruit Fritters | Chakka Appam (Step by Step Pics)

Jackfruits(chakka) are coming up in season and some places its already mature and ripe. Back home, there's a wait for another month says my mom for our favorite jackfruit which is very very sweet. Though there are many jackfruit trees in the backyard but we eagerly wait for this particular tree's fruit to mature as its sweet as honey. I had some ripe jackfruit preserved from this tree from the last season, soaked in jaggery syrup(made by mom) and kept in the freezer. This preserve stayed fresh almost a year and may be more too,but I used up few days back to make these fritters before the next season is here. Once its starts to rain, the ripe jackfruits don't taste sweet and becomes watery. Summers yield the best fruit and so preserve them as much as you can. I had posted jackfruit preserve(chakka varetti) and jackfruit(chakka) jam which are few more good ways to save the fresh jackfruits all throughout the year, check it out.

Mangalorean jackfruit fritters is a sweet fritters made with fresh ripe jackfruits.I had come across this recipe from a magazine and the ingredient list didn't make me think twice before trying. I was fuly convinced that everyone at home would love it as it has jackfruit,rice, coconut and jaggery. I wsn't wrong too, all loved the small bite size fritters with a cup of tea. These fritters are similar to pazham bonda(banana fritters) and needs slow cooking as the inside may not get cooked properly. The colors of these fritters are deep brown as it has jaggery and it takes longer time to turn crisp. The inside is soft like unniyappam and is yellow in color. Unlike unniyappam these can be made instantly without fermentation and the jackfruit paste acts as a leavening to the fritters. Do try this out when you get fresh ripe jackfruits and let me know the feedback too :)

Preparation time  ~ 20 mins
Cooking time ~ 20 mins
Serves ~ 25 fritters
Author ~ Julie
raw rice / plain rice / pachari  1 cup
ripe jackfruit / chakka 1 cup de seeded,chopped small
jaggery / sharkara  1/2 cup melted or powder
coconut grated 1/4 cup (2-3 tbsp)
cardamom pods / elaichi powder / elakka podi  3 numbers or 1/2 tsp
rice flour / ari podi 2-3 tbsp(optional)
salt a big pinch
sesame seeds  1 tbsp
oil to deep fry


  • Wash and soak the rice in water for 2-3 hours(don't soak more than that as the batter may tend to be loose once ground and so oil absorption may increase when you fry these balls).
  • I mixed the jackfruit(chakka) with jaggery(sharkara) syrup and saved in freezer(will share the post on that later on how to preserve jackfruit this way). I have used that jaggery(sharkara) mixed jackfruit which made it easier. You can use fresh de seeded jackfruit(chakka) chopped.

  • Grind the rice to a smooth batter  along with chopped fresh jackfruit(chakka), jaggery(sharkara) syrup/ powder, cardamom pods to a smooth batter without adding any water. The water from the jaggery(sharkara) syrup and jackfruit(chakka) is good enough to grind. I haven't added any extra water. The consistency of the batter is slightly thicker than idli batter. Mix the batter well, add salt, sesame seeds and *grated coconut. Check the sweetness and add more jaggery(sharkara) powder if required(1/2 cup is good enough to yield a moderately sweet fritter as jackfruit(chakka) also is sweet).

  • Heat oil in a kadai and wait till oil is hot enough. Drop spoonful of batter in oil or drop by hands in oil shaping in an oval or round fritters. Drop one after the other after waiting for a 5 seconds interval else they may stick to one another. Using a slotted spoon flip both sides and cook on medium heat else the inside of the fritters may not get cooked properly. Wait till all the sides turn deep golden brown. Drain on a paper towel and serve warm with tea.


* No need to add water while grinding. In case require add little water and grind. Add 2-3 tbsp of rice flour to make the batter thick once you mix so that oil absorption is less,the looser the batter oil will be soaked more once fried.
* Grated coconut is generally added to the rice - jackfruit mix to grind but I personally felt adding grated coconut is good enough to add without grinding.

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