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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Strawberry Pudding (No Gelatin, No Whipped Cream, No Agar Agar)

Strawberries are in season and this is the time to make the best of fresh strawberries. I tried making this simple pudding with the basic ingredients available at home. The pudding can be whipped up in no time and is a crowd pleaser for small kitty parties or birthday parties.The pudding tastes yummy with the tangy sweet topping with little bits of cooked strawberry and soft custard. This pudding is very light pink in colour, if you wish brighter colour add a drop of pink, which I haven't added (this is the natural colour of strawberry purée in pic). Do give this a try and enjoy !!

Please scroll down to the end of this page for more strawberry recipes.

Preparation time ~ 10 minutes
Cooking time ~ 15 minutes
Author ~ Julie
Serves ~6-8 small pudding cups
milk 2 cups
sugar 1/2 cup (2 tbsp+ 1/4 cup+ 2 tbsp)
corn starch/ flour 1/3 cup
strawberry 1 pack (250 gms)
lemon juice 2 tsp

  • Wash and clean the strawberries. Remove the stem and cut the strawberries. Divide the strawberries in half. Add half of the strawberries to a blender jar, add 2 tbsp sugar. Blend until smooth. Keep aside the cut strawberries, blended purée.
  • Mix 1/4 cup milk to corn flour without lumps and keep aside.
  • Heat a pan and add remaining milk. Boil the milk, add sugar (1/4 cup). Mix well, add the corn flour mixed milk to the boiling mix and cook till this thickens considerably. Switch off flame and leave to cool.
  • When the mix is warm, add the puréed strawberry mix. Give a quick stir (no need to cook again).
  • Strain this mix to get a smooth pudding consistency. You may have to move with a spatula in the mix to strain.
  • Finally, add to pudding bowls and refrigerate until set or two hours.
  • In another pan, add the cut strawberries and 2 tbsp sugar. Add a tbsp of water and keep stirring continuously until the strawberries are cooked and sugar is dissolved. The sauce thickens, add a tbsp of lemon juice and switch off flame. Cool slightly and scoop on top of the pudding. Refrigerate again for half an hour. Enjoy !!

* The main pudding is mildly sweet which we liked, but if you are a sweet tooth add another 2tbsp of sugar.
* Adding lemon adds a tangy flavoured topping and prevents sugar crystallization.
* This pudding is very light pink in colour, if you wish brighter colour add a drop of pink. I left in the natural colour.
* If you love to demold the pudding, then spray cooking oil or brush oil in the cup. Add the topping first and then add the custard, demold after refrigeration and enjoy !!

Friday, January 20, 2023

Paneer Do Pyaza

Paneer Do Pyaza is a delicious masala made with paneer and onions predominantly. There is no use of cream or cashew paste unlike paneer butter masala yet this masala is creamy and delicious. The onions are sauteed so well that the onion tomato masala and yogurt adds richness to the gravy. This gravy can be served with naan, phulkas, or even rotis. The paneer is sauteed in ghee for added richness and the crushed spices, powdered spices adds flavour to the gravy. Give this a try and enjoy !!!

Preparation time ~ 20 minutes
Cooking time ~ 20 minutes
Author ~ Julie
Serves ~ 4-5
paneer 200 gms
onion 4 medium sized sliced
ginger-garlic paste 2 tsp
tomatoes 3 chopped
whole spices - cinnamon-1' piece, cloves-4, dry red chilly broken -2, cardamom -3, bay leaves-1, whole peppercorn 1/2 tsp, cumin seeds 1/2 tsp, big cardamom- 1
kasuri methi 1 tbsp
vegetable oil 3 tbsp

to mix 
yogurt 1/2 cup
hot chilli powder 1/2 tsp
kashmiri chilli powder 1.5 
coriander powder 2 tsp
garam masala 1/2 tsp
roasted cumin powder 1/2 tsp
turmeric powder 1/2 tsp

to fry
ghee 2 tbsp
crushed cumin seeds 1 tsp
crushed coriander seeds 1 tsp
paneer 200 g
onion 1 cubed

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  • Mix the yogurt with the spice powders listed and keep aside. 
  • Heat oil in a pan and add the whole spices. Saute for a minute. 
  • Add the sliced onions and saute till nicely browned. Add a pinch of salt to fasten the process. Add the ginger garlic paste half way through and continue sautèing. It may take 6-7 minutes to get nicely browned.
  • Add the tomatoes and add a little salt to cook tomatoes. Cover and cook for 2 minutes. Add 1/4 cup water and cook till tomatoes are mashed well. 
  • Add the yogurt spice mix. Mix well and add 1/2 cup water. Cover and cook 5 minutes on medium flame. 
  • After 5 minutes, check to see the masala is well cooked and oil floats on the surface. Finally, crush the kasuri methi and add to the masala. Switch off flame. 
  • Heat ghee in another pan. Add the crushed cumin seeds and coriander seeds. Add the cubed paneer. Add the cubed onion. Saute for a minute till all sides of the paneer looks lightly fried or till onion changes colour. Takes about a minute, switch off flame. 
  • Boil the gravy masala, add the paneer onion mix. Simmer covered for 2 minutes. Switch off flame. Garnish with coriander leaves. Keep covered for 10 minutes before serving. 

* You can use vegetable oil instead of ghee but ghee definitely adds good flavour.
* Use hybrid tomatoes, for the balanced tastes.
* Add more water to the gravy if you like the gravy watery but we love this creamy type consistency.


Friday, January 13, 2023

Oreo Chocolate Banana Shake

Wishing all a happy New Year !!

Hope all are doing good. I had a very busy Christmas holidays followed by a busy week there after due to some emergencies at home. Then my lap had some issues, still not rectified though. But am trying to keep this page alive and so posting a simple oreo banana milk shake, am sure kids would love this drink. Prepare this as an after school snack, am sure they will enjoy.

Preparation time ~ 10 minutes
Author ~ Julie
Serves~ 3 glasses
oreo vanilla pack 1
milk 3 cups
chocolate syrup 2 tbsp + 2 tbsp
banana 2-3 small
sugar 2 tbsp (optional) 

  • Break 4-5 oreo biscuits in a blender jar. To this, add peeled ripe bananas. Add chilled milk. 
  • Finally add sugar(if using), chocolate syrup and blend smooth. 
  • Pour chocolate syrup to the wall of the glass. Break two biscuits and add in each glass. Pour the blended mix. Top with some more chocolate syrup. Serve chilled.
* Adding banana is  optional, you can add a scoop of ice cream instead or whipped cream to make it more creamy.