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Monday, August 07, 2017

Chakka Ada | Chakka Varetti Ada | Steamed Jackfruit Parcels

Am back with yet another delicious snack made with jackfruit- Chakka Ela Ada. It is made on the similar lines of ela ada except that it has chakka varetti added to it. If you have a batch of your chakka varetti still left, then go ahead and try this yummy chakka ada. My kids don't like the jackfruit just like that, and they eat just one or two. I find this is a good way to sneak in jackfruit to them and above all it's a healthy guilt free snack. These are steamed in banana leaves that imparts a flavor in itself just like the chakka kumbilappam that I posted few days back.Have I started boring you guys with chakka recipes?? If no, then will continue with a few more of my favorites with jackfruit. If you are interested in trying out more steamed, guilt free snacks then do check the end of this page, and you can see many sweet delicacies steamed, oil free ones that can be tried for after school snacks.

Preparation time~ 25–30 mins
Cooking time ~ 15 mins
Serves ~ 6 ela ada
*rice flour/ idiayappam podi 1 cup
salt to taste
water 3/4 cup

for filling
ripe jackfruit(chakka)  deseeded cooked 1/2 cup (chakka varetti 3/4 cup)
jaggery/ sharkara 1/3 cup
grated coconut 1/3 cup
cardamom powder / elakka podi 1/2 tsp
cumin powder / jeeraka podi 1/2 tsp
dry ginger powder/ chukku podi  1/4 tsp
ghee / neyyu 2 tsp
cashews chopped, 1 tbsp (optional)

  • Heat a pan and add the jaggery with 2 tbsp water. Melt the jaggery and strain, keep aside.(If you are sure your jaggery contains no impurities then go ahead and add it grated)
  • In another pan, heat the ghee. When it is hot, add the cashews and fry lightly. To this add, chakka varetti, strained jaggery water, grated coconut, ground dry ginger, cardamom powder and cumin powder. Mix it well and wait till the moisture is dried up. Switch off flame and leave to cool. Divide the filling in six equal portions and leave covered.
  • In a sauce pan, boil water for making the dough, like we do for idiyappam (string hoppers). In the meantime, add the flour in another bowl with salt. Add the boiled water to the flour and make a dough just like for idiyappam. Dip your hands in ice-cold water and knead the dough when it is still hot so that the dough is soft.Make six equal portions of the dough, keep covered till further use.
  • Cut out banana leaves by removing the middle rib and cut in small rectangular pieces. If using frozen leaves, then thaw and cut pieces.Wash under running water and keep aside.
  • Keep a bowl of water ready to dip your hands in water and spread the dough. Now, take a banana leaf and place a portion of the dough. Start spreading the dough using your hands, when the dough becomes sticky,dip your fingers in water and speed evenly and thin as possible in a round or rectangle or oval shape.

  • Spread a layer of the divided portion of the filling on one half of the side. Cover the other side of the banana leaf on top of the filling so as to snuggly cover the filling and fits correctly on the base dough.
  • Repeat the same step to make the other portions of the dough in the similar way. Place an idli steamer with enough water. Transfer the prepared ela ada to the steamer. 
  • Steam cook for 12-14 mins till the leaf changes color and the dough also changes to off white. Also, you may find the leaf easily ripping off from the ada.(Don't over fill the steamer with adas else it may not get cooked properly. Also, in some cases you may have to turn the other side of the ada to get it cooked properly. All this depends on the number of adas placed in one batch.You can repeat the steaming with another batch of adas if required, just ensure there is enough water in the steamer each time.)
  • Once done, remove the adas using a spatula. Place on a plate, leave to cool for 5 mins and then serve. Enjoy delicious adas !

* If you are using homemade rice flour,then check out here.

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Treat and Trick said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a tasty combo, you made it perfectly..

Anupa Joseph (Palaharam) said... Best Blogger Tips

Adipoli.... wish I could have it with my tea today

Shabbu said... Best Blogger Tips

Delicious chakka ada.. really tempting...

Gloria Fernandes said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks super delicious dear

Motions and Emotions said... Best Blogger Tips

who doesn't love to have a healthy snack like this

Chitz said... Best Blogger Tips

Aa naakil vellamoorunnu 😊 Miss chakka here ☹️