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ABOUT ME :A full time Indian food blogger(typically from Kerala),presently residing in US and the proud owner of Erivum Puliyum website.Stay-at-home mom to my kids,enjoying making new dishes to my li'l ones and love to see their 'yummy' expressions that heals away all my tires in kitchen.I(Julie) wasn't a passionate cook as a kid or in teens(my family could visualize it better) but after marriage as every woman adapts(forced) or cooks to impress their family with healthy eating habits,I too started trying out recipes/dishes that were tried by my mom (after a telephone call to mom).Though a keen observer in my mom's kitchen but never tried anything myself(other than a tea or rolling chapathis).Mom used to bake cakes in the traditional oven back in India.But I never tried baking myself unless I landed in US.After reaching US,I broadened my culinary skills and the recipes that were successfully tried (my cooking notes) were jotted down in a diary.But later,I realized blogging as a good way to share recipes to others and an easier way for me too to view my recipe faster in my site for a quick recap.That's how the blog was born and this is how the journey of my cooking goes on from a mere responsibility(of a wife & mom) to a passionate cook now.And frankly speaking,am loving this role very much.

And I believe that learning never ends,am still learning newer recipes,tips and many other cooking related facts from other bloggers and friends.Some of the recipes here are my unique collection(trial,error & succeeded),some are my mom's recipes,some of them are from the blogging world and a few are modified as per my family tastes.

ABOUT IMAGES :I have used Canon 130SX P& S camera for my initial posts which are not very appealing and those days I hardly emphasized on clicking good pics too.But now,I use Canon T3i DSLR for pictures.I have tried clicking step by step pictures of some of the recipes which require an extra effort and understanding.Hope it will be helpful(trying to update others as and when possible).

ABOUT ERIVUM PULIYUM :You have arrived to take a peek into my journey of tried & tested recipes in my kitchen.Initially started this space as 'Tasty Treat' on March'28,2011 and with time(in 2012),I have changed the name to" Erivum Puliyum"(refers to the spice & sour flavors in malayalam) as suggested by my better half.However,I have touched all other flavors too but predominantly spice & sour flavors (that remains my favorite).Feel free to put in your valuable suggestions,comments and feed back about any of the tried recipes.I am not a professional in these recipes but no failed recipes is ever displayed.Needless to say that I have just shared my small knowledge and experience in my kitchen.Waiting for all encouragement from my blog viewers & consistent readers who kept me sailing through.Also,if you refer/try any recipe from Erivum Puliyum and was successful,please give full credits too when you blog in your space/website or a word of 'thanks' under that recipe.I appreciate and always do that just to encourage the efforts and hardwork of others too.I expect the same gesture from my readers too.

Hope you find the tour interesting & yummy in Erivum Puliyum :)

Thanks for dropping to my space in advance,


© Erivum Puliyum: THIS IS MY PIECE OF HARD WORK, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM COPYING IMAGES & CONTENTS OF THIS SITE WITHOUT PERMISSION.A lot of effort goes into cooking,clicking,editing,watermarking and publishing a single post.Hope you understand and stay away from copying :)