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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Amla Sharbat | Nellikka Syrup

How was your Onam, friends?? We had a very good Onam at home with family. Kids made pookalam, wore new dresses,had some photo sessions. All loved the sadya and enjoyed the festive mood completely. Soon after Onam, we went on a short trip to Mysore,also exploring the northern side of Kerala. This is the first time when I went visiting Kannur, Kasargod, Mahe and Thalassery. Though being a keralite, I never had a chance to see these places before but we didn't get much time there. It was just a short glimpse of the railway stations from the train as the main destination was Mysore. Mysore tour was good,stay was excellent and my younger one thoroughly enjoyed the zoo. What do you like most about Mysore?? I love the Brindavan gardens for sure, the musical fountains. Kids had not seen Mysore before though we both had visited in our childhood. For kids,it was an ezciting experience. They totally enjoyed it.

Below is the pic of our this year's Onam sadya at home.Also, there was rasam, we made suji gothambu payasam and palada as payasam. I have made Everyone totally enjoyed the sadya and the homemade sadyas definitely tastes delicious with all the items,finally ends with payasam. Coming backj to today's post-Amla (nellikka) syrup. Amla has so many nutritional benefits to list down.This sharbat is made from left over sugar syrup left out after making amla candy which I will post soon. This sharbat has a unique flavor of amla (nellikka) and tastes awesome to refresh a long tiring day. What more do you need to feel fresh?? Do give this a try in this amla(nellika) season.

(our sadya at home- varutharacha sambar, chips(upperi), sharakara varetti, beetroot khichadi, inji puli, cabbage thoran, pacha moru, kalan, vadukapuli achar, vella naranga achar, mathanga erissery, aviyal, pappadam, kootu curry, manga curry)

Preparation time~ nil
Cooking time~10 minutes
Serves~ a small bottle 
sugar syrup(left over from amla candy)
roasted cumin powder 1/4 tsp(optional)


The post of amla candy is here.

  • Boil the reserved juice from amla candy in a pan for 10 minutes. Add the roasted cumin powder if you like the flavor or else just leave out. Cool and store in refrigerator.
  • Add a tablespoon of this sharbat to a glass of water and drink.

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