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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Passion Fruit Ice cream (Eggless)

Its been so long since I bought store brought ice cream or made too.Kids were not tolerating the store brought ones and had allergic issues. I didn't want to superimpose the allergy factor esp during this corona phase. I used to make the ice cream at home but this time after the lock down hus only went shopping groceries and invariably I forget to remind about whipping cream and then one day recently got hold of a pack of whipping cream and bought. The first thing I tried was chicken butter masala and then made ice creams. I had already posted the vanilla ice cream so not sharing here now and then I made this ice cream. This ice cream is for people who love tangy flavors but that makes it stand unique and distinct. I love passion fruit and this is the only citrus fruit that doesn't irritate my throat among all other Vit C rich fruits. As I mentioned earlier this ice cream is more on the tangier side as its made with passion fruit. Kids were totally mad over this ice cream and loved it. So give this a try if you love it!!

Preparation time ~ 10 minutes
Cooking time~ 5 minutes
Freeze time ~ 6 hours
Serves ~ 5-6 persons
Author ~ Julie
heavy cream 1 cup
passion fruit juice or pulp 1 cup
condensed milk 1/2 cup
sugar 1/2 cup

for sauce
corn flour 1 tsp
passion fruit pulp 1/3 cup
sugar 2/3 cup

  • Beat the chilled heavy cream until soft peaks with a beater in a bowl. Fold in the condensed milk and passion fruit juice. Combine together, freeze for two hours.

  • For sauce-  heat the juice with sugar over medium heat. Dissolve 1 tsp corn flour in a tbsp of water and add to this mixture. Stir to thicken on low flame but don't wait to thicken very much as it thickens on cooling. Switch off flame immediately and can be cooled. Refrigerate when not in use.

  • Remove the ice cream mix from freezer and add a small layer of passion fruit sauce(reserve the rest of the sauce in refrigerator till use) on top (optional step). Refrigerate again for 5-6 hours.

  • Remove from freezer and scoop out the ice cream in serving bowls. Add the prepared sauce on top and serve.

* The sauce can be refrigerated for a week.
* The ice cream tastes yummy without the sauce too but the sauce adds to the extra tangy effect. Omit this step if you don't like tangy flavors.

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Angie's Recipes said... Best Blogger Tips

I really adore the intense aroma of passionfruit. The ice cream looks so creamy and tempting, Julie.

Suja Manoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Kothiyavunnu, flavorful and super yum