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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Mint Ginger Lemonade | Adrak Pudina Nimbu Sharbat

Mint lemonade is a healthy, refreshing drink that can be made on a hot summer day. The mint leaves, ginger and lime infuses a magic that soothes our digestive system and provides an overall cooling to the body. We totally love this drink, and so I make quite often. I do have a fresh mint plant at home in my balcony and so it's easy to pluck and add. Try and enjoy !!

YouTube #shorts on the lemonade, check here.

Preparation time ~ 5 minutes
Cooking time ~ nil
Author ~ Julie
Serves ~ 4 
lemon 2
mint leaves, a small bunch
ginger 1/2' piece
sugar 3 tbsp
salt a pinch
water 4 glasses
ice cubes

  • Wash and clean the mint leaves. Add to blender jar, add ginger piece, sugar, salt, lemon juice. Add a cup of water and blend till mint leaves, ginger are crushed. Strain and add more water. Add more ice cubes and serve with lemon slices.
* This lemonade has predominant mint and ginger flavours, alter the mint leaves if you don't like minty flavour much.

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