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Each individual feels happy when their work is praised or admired by someone,Isn't it?? So do I feel proud of these moments in life when our co bloggers presented my recipes in their space and wrote a few good lines about me & my space.These moments are indeed very precious to me and so I have cherished them as a page.Thanks to all my blogger friends who found me worthy to be part of their space and thanks for the lovely oppurtunity, highly obliged.The guest posts were-

1.My first guest post was Chicken Tikka Masala.That was a surprise from my friend,Ms.Wan @ Cooking Varieties.She has a wonderful & unique space.When she invited me to be her guest,I was thrilled & happy.The day she posted this was my birthday too,one of the special gifts.

2.My second guest post was Baklava-a middle eastern sweet.This was featured by Kavi @ Foodomania(earlier Edible Entertainment).Another youngest blogger and inspiring person by nature.She invited me to be part of her 'Cooking With Kin' series,another biggest day in the blogging world !!

3.My third guest post was Mango Coconut Laddus-real addictive ones.This was featured by Nupur @ UK Rasoi.And as always, a very sweet moment and happy to be part of her 'Be My Guest'.

4.My fourth guest post was Palada Payasam- the mother of all payasam in Kerala.This was featured by Divya @ Divya's Culinary Journey.Happy and thrilled to be at her space:)

5.My fifth guest post was Piped Butter Cookies-melt in mouth ones.This was for Siri(Sireesha) @ Siri's flavors.Do visit her space to go through the recipe,do give it a try if you love these:)

6.This is my sixth guest post with a Simple Coffee Pudding for New Year 2013.This is a simple coffee flavored smooth pudding that you would love to have as a quick fix dessert for any party.This recipe is featured by Suman @ Sumanarthy's Kitchen,do check out the detailed recipe there:)

7.Sangeetha @ Spicy Treats is one of the close friends that am blessed with from the blogosphere.Am happy to share my seventh guest post at her space with my Paal Pidi recipe | Sweet Rice Dumplings in coconut milk.Do check out the detailed post at Spicy Treats.Thanx Sangeetha for remembering me.

8.This is my eighth post with a Soft Garlicky Bread Sticks with Dipping Sauce for Sreevalli @ Ammaji's Recipes.Do check out the detailed post at Ammaji's Recipes for the details.

9.Mango-Biscuit pudding (using agar-agar) for Aara @ Sweets & Spices.Do check the detailed post @Sweets & Spices.

10.Marbled Banana Bread for Nandoo @ Nandoo's Kitchen.Please check the detailed post @ Nandoo's Kitchen with step by step pics.

11. Ethakka Bonda (Nendran Pazham balls) for Soumya @ Tuma's Tongue Treats . Please check the detailed post in her space by following this link.

12. Bread Pudding (with Caramel) for Rafeeda @ The Big Sweet Tooth. Please check the detailed post here.


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Hi Julie...
Totally love your blog. I've decided to follow you through.

I am new to blogging too. Please visit me at and follow me if you like it.


Shella said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome awesome. Congrats my friend