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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Event Announcement & Round Up of This Month's Series of Herbs & Spices (Cilantro & Cumin)

A Big Sorry for being so late in posting the event announcement & roundup as I was busy with the Good Friday & Easter preparations.I take this opportunity like to hand over the relay baton to the hands of Surabhi @ My Cook Book, guest hosting for the ongoing month with the theme 'Mint Leaves & Coriander Seeds' :-) Do join her in the event as you have supported last month at my space too and hoping to see many distinguishing & signature recipes under the same theme and check her space for details.Wishing all the very Best  on this ongoing event !! 
Hurray !! Now join me for the flavorful roundup of my theme of Herbs & Spices series 'Cilantro & Cumin'.Yet another successful completion of the event at my small space after the 'Christmas Delicacy' with the full co operation and participation of my dear friends.Thanx to one & all who participated in this event and made it a huge success.Though I was a bit anxious about the way the event will go but am very happy to know that there are many blogger buddies who with their innovative & healthy ideas have crossed up all my imagination(Do check the fabulous roundup with some fantastic recipes for detail).Although some of the recipes,I had to turn down as the recipes didn't fit into the rules and some of them still are not strictly cilantro or cumin as the main ingredients but I have added as they give a nice flavor to the dish.Do grab these badges and add it to your deserving efforts put up in the participation.Above all,I thank each one of my blogger buddies (listed below) who have taken efforts to make my event a great success.I received a total of  121 entries at my space and they are as follows as per the maximum number of entries hierarchy-

Name of Chef  Blog's NameRecipes
Preethi Preeti's Kitchen Life Aloo chaat
Dahi bhalla
Idly manchurian
Gol gappa shots
Jeera rice
Mixed Vegetable Pulao
Dahi kabab
Hara bhara kabab
Faseela Good food Ends With Good Talk

Green Fish Fry
Green Sausage Masala
Dry Ginger Powder
Cilantro Okra Rice
Jeera Rice
Cilantro Dosa
Black Eyed Peas Kebab
Vegetable Shwarma
Christy My Kitchen Flavors -Bon Appetit Coriander Corn Veg Soup
Ezy Coriander Rice
Raw Banana Green Fry
Green Chicken Masala
Green Coriander Idli
Cilantro Fried Rice
Cilantro Coolant
Asiya My Healthy Happy Kitchen Spinach dal
Moringa Leaves Salna
Oats Vegetable Porridge
Cilantro Cumin Kuzhi Paniyaram
Cilantro Chicken
Cumin Fish Gravy
Viya Spice n Flavors Spicy Chicken Hyderabadi
Onion & Fresh Coriander pakoras
Crunchy Karelas
Bhel puri with green chutney
Sprouted Bhel with Cilantro
Corn Carrot Cabbage Gujjiya
Jaleela Cook Book Jaleela Coriander leaves-gram chutney
Cumin Coconut Milk Porridge
Palak Pakora
Paneer Veg Green Curry
Coriander Peas Rice
Chandrani   Cuisine Delights Spicy Tomato Rasam
Hara Bhara Cauliflower
Dalia Wheat Moong Khichdi
Bombay Masala Toast Sandwich
Pari  Foodelicious Spicy Green Chutney
Couscous & Corn Idli
Corn On Wheat Canapes
Dungar Baingan Bharta
AnjanaMaayeka Momlates
Tuvar Daal
Nariyal Ki Kachori
Kootu Poori with Arbi Fry
Shobha Food Mazaa Lady Fingers in Sao Masala
Seyala Maani-Sindhi
Sookhe Aloo
Deeksha Dee's Kitchen Khastha Matar Poori 
Switch Paneer Roll
Jal Jeera
Reshmi Noel Collections Cilantro Fish Tikka
Green Potato Curry
3 in 1 Patties
Rasi Vegetarian Food & Me Baked Bread Rolls
Frankie Rolls
Minestrone Cheesy Soup
Anusha Tomato Blues  Carrot Coriander Soup
 Methi Matar Malai
 Corn Katti Rolls
Princy Spicy Foood Cilantro Mint Cooler
 Green Parathas
SimranLazy Cooks Kitchen Nutri Nuggets & Potato
Palak Chicken
Preethi  Follow Foodie Green Chicken Curry
Cilantro Tomato Chutney
Ashwini  Indulge -Ash Corner Whole wheat chutney Pizza
Green Cilantro Chutney
AnjaliSpice N Sugar Tales Plantain Kebab
Garlic Braided bread with potato Cheese
Jasna  Jasna's Kitchen Creations  Samosas
AkheelaTorview Apricot Chutney
Sumi  Sumi's Kitchen Cilantro Yogurt Dip
Shwetha Dashami CollectionMatar KumbMatar Mushroom
Sonali Only Fish RecipesCoconut cilantro Fish Fry
DivyaDivya's Culinary Journey Cilantro Chicken
IndraniRecipe Junction Bengali Aloo Gobi Curry
Deepa Hamaree Rasoi Baked Spinach Cigars
RamyaRamya's Recipes Aloo Matar Dry
Sadhana Sensible Vegetarian Cilantro Quinoa
Sriya Recipe World Gutti vankaya
Sutapa Tips for delicious n healthy Cooking Chicken carrot Salad
Hyma Hyma's Flavors Jeera Rice
Hema Aromatic Cooking Baby Potato Curry
Ambreen Simply Sweet n Savory Cheese Crackers
Teena Teenz Yummy Delights Cilantro Chicken Sandwich
Neha From My Heart Chicken in Coriander Gravy
Deep Deep's Recipes Egg Curry In bell Pepper sauce
Anshie Spice Roots Paneer Tikka Hariyali
Sona Spill The Spices Potato Capsicum Fry
PoonamSpicy Aroma Cilantro Parathas
VandanaFine Flavours Cilantro Chicken

Malayasian Delicacies Spinach Kofta Curry
Sangee Spicy Treats Whole wheat corn adai
Kaveri Palakkad CookingCoriander Tomato Chutney
LizyHot n Steamy Food Cilantro Omelette
KananSpice up The Curry Osaman
UshaUshaSrikumar's Cookspace & More Mint & Coriander Pulav
Srimathi Few Minute Wonders Chaat Sandwich
ShylajaSouth Indian Home Coriander Chutney
PranjaliTaste Bud Delight Green Chutney
SumiSumi's Kitchen Coriander Coconut Chutney
SurabhiMy Cook Book Jeera Dosa
Rashida Inherited Recipes Green Peas Tikki
Uma My Kitchen Experiments Coriander Chicken
CharuI'm A FoodieCoriander Onion & Cheese Focassia
Santosh Santosh's Kitchen Garlicky Dhaniya Brinjal
ShabnamHome Cooked and loved Chicken hariyali
PrathibhaCook Ezee Cilantro Cucumber Lime Cooler
Kalyani Kalyani's Platter Cilantro Tomato Chutney
Me (julie) My Space (Erivum Puliyum) Minty Jeera Rice 
Eggless Cilantro Ice Cream

Linking one last entry by Wan@ Cooking varieties which was sent by mail to me.



1 cup mashed potatoes- about 4 pieces medium sized potatoes
200 grams minced chicken
 6 tbsp suji flour
Some suji flour to roll in the chicken balls
6 tbsp wheat flour
1 medium size onion- minced- can get about ½ cup
1 teaspoon instant yeast
4 tbsp corn flour
1 tbsp cumin powder (half and half)
5 tbsp minced coriander leaves
2 pieces bay leaves
Salt and pepper to taste

Boil potatoes with 2 pieces bay leaves until soften. Discard bay leaves. Scoop out the potatoes and then mash them up. Set aside.
Boil minced chicken in some water in a non stick pan.. Add in salt, cumin, pepper and 2 pieces bay leaves. The water level should be just enough to cover the chicken, do not put too much. Once the water totally dries up and the chicken is slightly oily due to its own fat, add in onions. You may add 1 tsp olive oil.

Continue stirring for another 5 minutes, to wilt the onions and make it more flavorful. Turn off fire and leave to cool.
Use a small bowl, stir in mashed potatoes, minced chicken, yeast, suji, half tbsp of cumin, wheat and corn flour until well mixed.

And in coriander (and cut chili if you like). If the dough is too soft, add a bit more wheat flour.
This is a “not too thick” dough, it is softer than a cookie dough, but after frying, the inside is soft and outside a bit crunchy..

Shape into balls. Ensure it is firmly rolled / shaped, so that they don’t break up when frying. Set aside for 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes, spread some suji flour on a tray. Roll in the chick balls on the suji flour until all are fully covered with suji flour.

Heat up oil in a frying pan. Fry suji chick balls until brown. Don’t put too many/ too close together or cluttered, because the chick balls will expand a bit while frying. When browned, turn to the other side. Do this like twice for each side. The suji coating will give the balls a lighter color, it will not brown much, as compared to normal dough mixture.

While waiting for the chick balls to brown, arrange some raw veggies on a serving plate. You may want a dip for the veggies and chick balls. To prepare a simple dip, use tomato sauce and mix with some black pepper sauce- yummy!. Eat by itself, with salad or with rice.


Similar names: coriander/ cilantro/ dhania/ chinese parsley
Coriander contains antioxidants, which can delay or prevent the spoilage of food seasoned with this spice. A study found both the leaves and seeds contain antioxidants whereby the leaves have a stronger effect.
Chemicals derived from coriander leaves were also found to have a certain antibacterial activity. In Iran folk medicine, its for treating anxiety and insomnia.
Cumin, used in the culture of many cuisines, is the second most popular spice in the world after black pepper.
Cumin seeds contain a large percentage of iron, but you have to eat an extremely large quantity to make it a sufficient dietary source.
Cooked ground or whole, it's distinctive flavor and earthy warm aroma are due to it’s essential oil content, making it a staple in certain stews, soup and curry dishes. I always use cumin as a marinade for meat and chicken bbq

Suji or soojee  is Indian wheat, granulated but not pulverized and it is a kind of semolina. Semolina is the gritty, coarse particles of durum wheat, left after the finer wheat flour normally used in making pasta, breakfast cereals and puddings. Semolina is also used to designate coarse middlings from other varieties of wheat, and from other grains such as rice and corn.

Now,Coming to the awards for the deserving efforts :-)
Best Innovative Recipe Award
(All of these recipes are unique in this list)

Best Healthy Dishes /Recipes
(Frankly speaking all are healthy dishes;but I had to select a few from the healthy dishes which are apt by using cilantro /cumin as the main ingredients and leaving apart the common ones which are equally healthy  like cilantro rice,jeera rice,cilantro chicken,Cilantro chutney,cilantro dosa,coriander idlis,jeera dosa n so on..I couldn't stop by one recipe,so these are the best healthy & Interesting ones by selecting from the categories of veg,non veg,breakfast,lunch,appetizers & drinks  :-)

That is not the end to it friends,there are other healthy recipes too which you shouldn't miss in the linky below.These can be added in our regular menu  very easily.I didn't have much choice among these and so highlighting the above-Cilantro Chicken (as many have sent in the same,so not highlighting the link),Cilantro parathas,Cilantro Dosa,Coriander idli,Cilantro chutneys with different combo,Cilantro rice,Jeera rice, Jeera Dosa, Onion & Fresh coriander pakoras, Nariyal ki Kachori, Coconut Cilantro fish fry, Raw Banana Green fry,Cilantro Potato curry,Cilantro Chicken sandwich ,Chat Sandwich,Cumin Cheese Crackers & Cilantro Mint Cooler.

Top Contribution Award 
The deserving participants who have contributed the maximum entries; Hoping to see you all this month @ Surabhi's space too -

Participation Award -
(To all my dear participants listed above,please grab this badge as a token of love for your participation )

Here is the visual treat to the above listed and Please do display all of the deserved awards in your space & Be Proud of the deserving moment,friends and Looking forward for your eager participation in the ongoing one with "Mint & Coriander" too :-)


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MyKitchen Flavors-BonAppetit!. said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank U so Much Julie for the Awards.That's a nice Roundup.Belated Easter Wishes to U.

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