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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Quick Egg Masala | Chapathi Sides

Do you prefer to make elaborate meals or prepare quick meals?? I prefer quick fixes esp when everyone is at home as I would like to spend most of my time with my family rather than wasting in kitchen.Weekend lunches or dinners are usually simple,quick yet a filling one.Mostly its biriyani,pulao or casseroles that can be put together and can be served with a simple side.Today's post is one such quick fix egg fry that can be served with a veg pulao,jeera rice, mexican rice or even chapathis.This can be made in a jiffy and need no expertise to do except for a few hard boiled eggs.I make this usually when my pantry runs out of vegetables often.The only thing you need to be careful is not to separate the egg yolk and whites,so a gentle stir is fine.Enjoy with your fav staples !!

Preparation time~ 10 minutes
Cooking time~ 25 minutes
Serves~ 4

hard boiled eggs 4
onion 2 large,half moon sliced
tomato 1 small
grated/minced ginger 2tsp
green chillies 2-3
chilli powder/milagu podi 1/2 tsp
turmeric powder/manjal podi 1/4tsp
fenugreek powder/uluva podi a pinch(optional)
crushed pepper /kurumulakku podi1tsp
kasoori methi crushed 1 tsp
cilantro/malli illa chopped 2 tbsp
salt to taste
oil 2tbsp

  • Boil the eggs in a pressure cooker/sauce pan by dropping them in boiling water.Continue to boil the water in the sauce pan for another 10-12 mins with salt(salt helps to de shell easily).If you are using pressure cooker,Pressure cook for one whistle and leave for the pressure to release.Now,drain the water of the boiled eggs and add ice cold water to the eggs.Leave for 5 mins and then de shell the eggs.Wash them and cut them in quarters and keep covered.
  • Heat oil in the pan and add sliced onion,green chillies.Saute until translucent and add minced ginger.Saute again till raw smell disappears.Add in the spice powders listed on low flame except fenugreek powder.Top it with  chopped tomatoes and toss well.Cook covered for 2-03 minutes until the tomatoes gets cooked and mashed on low flame.
  • Combine well and add the kasuri methi, fenugreek powder(if using).Add salt and add the quartered eggs.Give a gentle mix,don't over do it else you may separate the yolks and whites.Add the chopped cilantro and switch off flame.Keep covered and serve warm.
* You can even add halved eggs if you are apprehensive about the mixing.The idea is to coat the eggs with the masala.
* Omit if you don't have kasoori methi and add fenugreek powder 1/4tsp instead of a pinch.
* Alter spices as per tolerance.

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Seenas Food Basket said... Best Blogger Tips

Egg Roast, rt? It's so yummy dear..

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks so tempting. .I love egg..Today I had 4 eggs..will must try

Anupa Joseph (Palaharam) said... Best Blogger Tips

Egg Masala looks awesome... looking at those shiny caramalized onions, i can't stop myself drool...good one

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Delicious egg masala within no time.... stunning pics.... :)

Nish Kitchen said... Best Blogger Tips

Egg masala looks mouthwatering! Love the addition of kasurimethi!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

this is really healthy ones than scrambled eggs and looks so yummy

Remya said... Best Blogger Tips


Shabbu said... Best Blogger Tips

Delicious egg masala..very tempting...

Fullscoops said... Best Blogger Tips

Simple and tasty dish! Eggs always make a perfect side dish!

meena said... Best Blogger Tips

Love egg roast anytime. Serve me two appams also along with it pl :)

Sona said... Best Blogger Tips

Egg masala looks delicious, nice side dish for chapathi.

Beena said... Best Blogger Tips

Yummy egg masala

Ruxana Gafoor said... Best Blogger Tips

delicious egg masala