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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Koorka Mezhukupuratti(Upperi) | Chinese Potato Stir Fry(Step by Step Pics)

Koorka mezhukuparetti(upperi) has been always our family favorite.Back in Kerala,koorka(chinese potato) is available in large amounts during summer.Here I have hardly seen the fresh ones any except for the cooked freezed packets.They look similar to taro root but smaller in size.The fresh ones requires a day's effort to clean and scrape the skin.There is nothing fancy about the making of this recipe and is made just like any other Kerala stir fry but the taste is appetizing and the coconut bits adds a nice crunch in between.This is usually served as a side with steamed rice.Try and enjoy !!!

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Preparation time~ 20 minutes
Cooking time~20 minutes
chinese potato/koorka 400 g
shallots 7-8 big,cut in quarters
garlic cloves 4 crushed
coconut pieces 1/3 cup or a handful
dry red chilli 1 broken
red chilli powder 1/2-1 tsp
garam masala 1/2 tsp
turmeric powder 1/4tsp
mustard seeds 1/2 tsp
curry leaves a sprig
salt to taste
oil 2-3tbsp

  • If you are using fresh koorka,then put this in a sackcloth(burlap) and close the sackcloth(those found in kerala,jute ones).By holding the open mouth or tightly closing the opening,beat the sackcloth(burlap) on a rough surface like grinding stone several times.Then,add the half peeled ones in water and soak for half an hour till the skin softens.Using a pairing knife or any other,scrub the skin to get clean ones.Cut them in quarters and add this to a bowl of water and then finally wash it several times to drain any mud.Add this to a cooker with enough water,salt and turmeric powder,cook on high for 2 whistles or until done(don't over cook else it may not hold shape).If any water is left out,then drain it out and use only the koorka(chinese potato).

  • I have used frozen cooked ones found here,so skipped the cleaning process.Thaw the cooked ones and then add to a pan,add 1/4 cup water,salt and turmeric powder.Cook covered for 5-6 mins on medium flame until the salt seeps in and the pieces becomes tender(in case of fresh koorka that may take longer time to cook compared to the thawed ones so adjust water and heat accordingly).Dry out the water completely or if you feel they may become overcooked then drain the water off.
  • Heat oil in a wide open pan and add mustard seeds when hot.When it splutters,add in dry red chillies followed by crushed garlic and saute until the raw smell disappears(about 45secs) then add in the quartered shallots,curry leaves and coconut pieces.Saute until the shallots turn slightly browned and wilted.Add spices at this point and saute until raw smell disappears.Add the drained cooked koorka.
  • Mix it well until the spices coat well.Cook on high for 2-3 minutes until the koorka turns slightly crisp(if you like that way).Switch off flame and serve hot as a side with steamed rice.
* Though the frozen packets are pre cooked but I prefer to cook it with a little water to soften them and to add salt which other wise looks very dry.You may use it just like that too.
* Add more oil to make it crisp and reduce oil if you like the soft ones.That is solely personal preference.

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Happy’s Cook said... Best Blogger Tips

Yummy and delicious recipe... as always pics are inviting :)

Merry Tummy said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks sooooo yumm, i am gonna try it soon :)

Mahi said... Best Blogger Tips

Feeling nostalgic!! Back home I have seen our neighbor "chechi"'s doing the cleaning of this koorkkan kizhangu. We hardly buy because of this cleaning process!! :)

I will check in the freezer section during my next visit to Indian store here. Nice recipe Julie!

Kushigalu said... Best Blogger Tips

I love to try different variations with potato and this looks so delicious and yummy

Priya said... Best Blogger Tips

Never cooked coorka ,but looking forward trying it ..fantastic recipe

Tumas Tongue Treats said... Best Blogger Tips

Is there a better adjective than Slurp!!!!!

Ruxana Gafoor said... Best Blogger Tips

nice side dish

Rafeeda AR said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't know why I have never tried making koorka... the first time I heard of this vegetable was in Achuvinte Amma hehe... umma never made them... the mezhukupuratti looks delicious, does it taste like chena? Must get hold of them and try making them...

Gloria Fernandes said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks super yumm ..perfect side dish for Rotis.

Recipe world said... Best Blogger Tips

Delicious stir fry..and of course yummy clicks!

great-secret-of-life said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks perfect.. This is new to me.. Have to try

Motions and Emotions said... Best Blogger Tips

this is something new for me...looks yummy

divyagcp said... Best Blogger Tips

Simple Stir fry but looks so delicious!!

Priya Satheesh said... Best Blogger Tips

Yumm with sambhar rice !

Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

@Rafeeda AR Rafee,it has a tuberous flavor along with a mild sweet taste almost like taro root(chembu)..try cheythu nokku,its good :)

Sangeetha M said... Best Blogger Tips

yummy potato roast...i haven't tried this Chinese Potato, should try sometime...nice clicks Julie!

Anupa Joseph (Palaharam) said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it's one of my favorite sides for rice...and it seems like ages since I had them....ur post is making me drool

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Koorkka kandittu kothiyavunnu..... :)

Sona said... Best Blogger Tips

This is one of my favorites, looks delicious.

Remya said... Best Blogger Tips

my favorite one yummy