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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Nithya Vazhuthana (Vazhuthananga) Mezhukuparetti | Clove Bean Stir Fry

How many of you agree to the fact that kitchen work never ends? Its a non stop process of one meal after the other. If you are a working female, then the kitchen is at rest for a while but back to action as soon as you step into the house. If you are at home, then there is no scope to remain idle and one or the other thing goes on. I have seen my mom, my MIL and my personal experience together supports this statement. And at the end of a busy working day in kitchen, if someone asks you what did keep you busy all throughout, I hardly have a few extra things to point out other than the regular cooking, cleaning. Do you also feel the same??

Clove beans are cultivated all throughout the year whether sun or rain.The malayalam name "nithyavazhuthananga" means the same,'every day brinjal'. Mom has a climber at home and I was lucky to pluck a few and bring home. I remember having this veggie once or twice as a kid. But right now, its an easy access as its ready hand at home. This stir fry tastes just like payaru mezhukuparetti or beans mezhukuparetti. Enjoy this yummy stir fry with rice and moru curry,simple and comforting !

Preparation time~ 20 minutes
Cooking time~ 20 minutes
Serves~ 4-5
nithya vazhuthana / clove bean 30-40 tender one or 250gm approx
shallots sliced 4-5
garlic crushed 2 tsp
pacha mulakku/ green chillies 2-3
manjal podi /turmeric powder 1/3tsp
thenga kothu /coconut sliced 1tbsp
curry leaves a sprig
salt to taste
oil(preferably coconut) 4tsp


  • Wash the nithya vazhuthananga under running water and then discard water. Cut them in halves and then quarters if slightly big.
  • Steam cook the cut nithya vazhuthanga with green chillies,salt and turmeric powder with few splashes of water for 5 mins.

  • Heat oil in a pan and add the thenga kothu,saute till slightly browned.Add in the  sliced shallots and garlic. saute until the raw smell disappears. Add in curry leaves,saute.Slide in the cooked nithya vazhuthananga(drain out water if any left).
  • Saute on medium low flame until it turns crisp and slightly browned. Add salt if needed. Serve warm with steamed rice and a curry.

*Use tender clove beans to make this stir fry or else snip off the white portion including the seeds and then use.

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