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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Loovika(Lololikka) Achar | Indian Coffee Plum Pickle

Loovika or Lololikka are in season now and last day when I visited home, got a few from our good neighbors.There are many seasonal plants which you get to see them fruit once in a year and then will have to wiat the whole year for the next season to arrive. Loovika happened to be one such fruit and in the past 2-3 years didn't get hold of any as am away from home in the season time. This time luckily was there. This fruit has a sour taste and has soft pink flesh in with two small seeds. I have always loved putting these in salt brine which I have already posted a recipe here in this link, loovikka uppilitathu. I didn't know the English name of this is Indian Coffee plum when some of the readers commented on that post, anyways happy to know.

Each time I run out of pickles, I do get hold of some seasonal veggies and make one. Having said that let me may say am not a big fan of pickles neither does anyone at home is so. But at times when there is curd rice or khichadi we do love having a piece. I hardly buy any store brought pickles as its high in vinegar and salt. This time when I got these lovikka I had no clues to make this pickle as I hadn't made the pickle version before. But definitely thought to give a try and ended up making this. Happy to have made the pickle as everyone loved these small cutees with steamed rice. The tangy spicy pikle tastes best on the second or third day after making and the sad part is will finish soon too. Give this a try if you get hold of some fresh loovikka(indian coffee plum).

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Preparation time~ 15 minutes
Cooking time ~ 10 minutes
Serves ~ a small bottle
loovika / lololikka 15-20
garlic chopped 1tbsp
kashmiri chilly powder 2tbsp
turmeric powder 1/3 tsp
fenugreek powder / uluva podi 1/2 tsp
asafoetida / kayam podi/ hing 1/2 tsp
mustard seeds 3/4 tsp
salt as needed
curry leaves 2 sprig
oil(preferably gingelly) 2 tbsp


  • Wash the lovikka nicely under running water, remove any stalks. Wipe with a paper towel or kitchen towel.
  • Heat a pan and add oil. Splutter mustard seeds and then add in the chopped garlic along with curry leaves.
  • Add in the chilly powder, turmeric powder, fenugreek powder and asafoetida on low flame. Add 3 tbsp of water. Bring this mixture to a boil and add salt.
  • Add in the washed loovikka and mix well for another 3-4 mins. Switch off flame. 
  • Cool completely before storing in clean dry glass bottles. Start using the pickle after 3 days for best results.

Can you see the pink flesh inside ?

* Gingelly oil tastes best for these type of pickles and for storing pickles this oil is best. But you can use any oil as per preference.
* Kashmiri chilly powder adds volume and colour to the pickle. However you can use any other chilly powder as per tolerance.
* I haven't added any vinegar but if you would like to store for more days then you can always 2 tbsp of vinegar. I usually store in refrigerator and stays good without adding vinegar. Always make sure that there is a layer of oil on top of the pickle if you prefer storing without vinegar.
* Pick up the ripe loovikka for best results. The inside looks pink in color.


Angie's Recipes said... Best Blogger Tips

Have never seen those plums here. This is so interesting.

Tumas Tongue Treats said... Best Blogger Tips

What is that spicy goodness? OMG! Looks tempting Julie.... I ve never tried this Da.

great-secret-of-life said... Best Blogger Tips

this is new team.. looks so yum!

Suja Manoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Spicy and yummy pickles, drool worthy.