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Monday, July 10, 2023

Palak Poori | Spinach Puri

The best thing about a palak poori is the natural green colour of these pooris.  They look so good, puffed up and decked up as if to attend a royal function, isn't it ? :D 
Pooris are not very healthy when it comes to counting calories, but I do make this once a month to keep kids happy. Palak is a great option to sneak in the poori dough, as my kids don't like spinach otherwise. I know that am not doing justice to the palak too, as some of the nutritionists may defend that the greens lose the nutrient value when fried. Anyway, not looking back on all that aspects and just want to share that we just loved the green pooris. If you would like to give this a try, go ahead and check below for full recipe.

Preparation time ~ 15 minutes
Cooking time ~ 20 minutes
Author ~ Julie 
Serves ~ 15 pooris (approx)
wheat flour 2 + 1/4 cup
salt 1/2 tsp
cumin seeds 1/2 tsp
veg oil 1 tbsp
oil for frying

to grind
spinach 1 small bunch
green chilli 1
ginger 1/2' piece

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  • Wash and clean the spinach leaves. Boil water in a pan and add salt. Add the cleaned spinach leaves to this water. Blanch for 2–3 minutes. Remove the leaves from water and add to ice-cold water (retains green colour). Then add the leaves to a blender jar along with ginger and green chilli. Grind to a smooth paste. The spinach purée was 3/4 cup.
  • In another bowl, add wheat flour(2 cups). Add salt and cumin seeds, mix well. Add the spinach purée little by little and knead to a smooth dough. Add 2 tbsp water to the jar and mix. The dough may be sticky at this point, so add the reserved 1/4 cup flour little by little. (Don't add any extra water). Finally, add the veg oil and mix. Cover and rest for 10–15 minutes.
  • Pinch out small lemon size balls and dip in flour, roll in circular shaped discs. Prepare a few before frying a batch of pooris.
  • Heat oil in a wok and add oil. To this, slide in the poori one by one to fry. Wait for a minute to puff up and then flip, fry both sides. Drain from oil once golden brown. Place on paper towels.
  • Similarly, make and fry all the pooris. Enjoy with some potato masala.

* You can add carom seeds too or a dash of chilly powder instead of green chilli.
* The same dough can be used to make spinach chapathis if you don't like frying.
* The aloo masala recipe is here, check this link.

* Ragi Poori



Angie's Recipes said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the gorgeous colour! And fried food is my ultimate weakness and I would probably devour the whole batch.

gluten Free A_Z Blog said... Best Blogger Tips

Not sure that I would want to make this but I sure would like to eat it. Looks delicious