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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Avocado Banana Breakfast Smoothie

Do you love the sea foam green colour of this creamy, buttery smoothie? 

I go mad over this natural colour, it's so pleasant to watch the soothing colour, isn't it? I

I already have posted an avocado milkshake without bananas. Likewise, I love trying out variations with avocado. But this one with bananas is a filling one, perfect for all breakfast skippers. Takes hardly any time to whip it up and makes a filling drink. Try this out and enjoy !!

Watch the YouTube #shorts on Avocado Banana Smoothie.

Preparation time ~ 2 minutes
Cooking time ~ nil
Serves ~  3 glasses 
Author ~ Julie
milk (cooled) 2 cups
avocado 1 (ripe, scooped)
banana 2-3 small
honey 2-3 tbsp
almond slices 2 tbsp

  • Wash, cut and scoop out the flesh of avocado and add to the blender jar. 
  • Add the cold milk, honey and whip once. Then add the sliced bananas and whip again till smooth.
  • Pour in glasses and garnish with few almond slices, enjoy.

* You can use chilled milk, but I prefer cool milk than chilled.
* I have used small bananas, but you can use dolo bananas or robusta (1).
* Use honey as per sweetness, and remember banana is sweet too. 
* Use sugar instead of honey, as per personal preference.



Angie's Recipes said... Best Blogger Tips

Creamy, nutty and must be very good!

Pauline McNee said... Best Blogger Tips

Your smoothie looks delicious, perfect with the Avocado.