Monday, January 09, 2012

Round up Of Event -III (Snacks,Appetizers & Sweets,Chocolates,Desserts)

Snacks & Appetizers

1.Sudha Sabarish @ Sabdha's Kitchen sent the Paneer Balls in Barbeque Sauce

2.Shema @ Life Scoops sent in the Quick and Easy Samosas (usingWon Ton)

3.Vidhya @ A portion to Share sent in the Chicken Puffs and


Deeksha @ Dee's Kitchen sent in the following-
5. Chatpati Khajur Tikki

6.Kalmi Vada

7.Vani @ Recipe World sent in the Vegetable Spring Rolls

8.Princy @ Spicy foood sent in the Pav Bhaji and

9.Rice Murukku / Chakli and

10. Moong Bread Rolls

11.Manju @ Manju's Eating Delights sent in the following-
Chakka Kumbilappam (Steamed Jackfruit )

12.Veggie Samosa 

13. Spicy Tuna Fish Cutlets

14.Sobha Shyam @ Good Food sent in the Puffs pizza Pinwheels

15.Karishma @ Effortless Cooking Easy Baking sent in the Baked Chick Peas Cutlet 

16.Paaka Shaale @ Paaka Shaale sent in the Baked Beetroot Cutlets

17.Paul @ Mama's World sent in the Christmas Sweet Puffs Fried

Amy @ Food Corner sent in the following-
18.Pigs in Blanket (Sausage Appetizer) and

19. Bread Baskets

20.Neethu @ Kitchen Express sent in the Aval Unda (Flatten Rice Balls)

21.Anamika @ Taste Junction sent in the Vol-Auvent with Corn Filling

22.Sadaf @ My Culinary Adventures sent in the Indian style Meat ball Kabobs

23.Kokila @ Foodies Nest sent in the Black Chick Peas balls

24.Mahi @ Mahi Arun's Kitchen sent in the Quiche

25.Dhvani @ Crumpled Chillies sent in the Mathri

Sweets,Chocolates & Desserts

1.Ashwini @ Indulge-Ash Corner sent the Gulab Jamuns made from Ricotta Cheese

2.Neethu @ Kitchen Express sent in the Creamy Serradura

3.Teena Mary @ Teenz Yummy Delights sent in the Chocolate Strawberries

4.Archana @ Achusmenu   sent in the Gulab Jamun and

5. Mango Rasagullas

6.Ramkumari @ Spicy Khana sent in the Home Made Chocolate

7.Priya @ Bon Appetit sent in the Ice cream Made Easy

Vineetha @ Ruchi sent in the following-
8. Almond Pudding and

9.Mango Pie

10.Anu @ Hot Pot Cooking sent in the Carrot Halwa

11.Deep @ Deep's Food Blog Sent in the Eggless Tiramisu

12.Nashira @ Plateful sent in the Chocolate Caramel Slice

13.Nayna @ sent in the following
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

14.Christmas Pudding cake Pops

15.Nupur @ UK Rasoi sent in the following-
No Sugar carrot Beet Halwa and

16.Aalu ka Halwa

17.Reva @ Kaarasaaram sent in the following-
 Poached Pears in Saffron Syrup & Chocolate Sauce and

18. Pistachio Choco Fudge

19.Anisha @ Flavours sent in the following-
 Nutella Chocolate Pudding

20.Easy Eggless Tiramisu with Marie Biscuits

21.Sangee @ Spicy Treats sent in the Vermicelli Paal payasam

22.Raksha @ Raksha's Kitchen sent in the Ragi Pudding

23.Simran @ Lazy Cooks Kitchen sent in the following-
Lazy Cooks Rocky Road and

24.Lazy Cooks Chocolate pie

25.Vidhya @ A Portion to Share sent in the Coffee n Banana Custard

26.Anjali @ Spice n Sugar Tales sent in An Apple Cheese Affair

27.Sadaf @ My Culinary Adventures sent in the Shortcut Strawberry Trifle.

28.Rashida @ Inherited Recipes sent in the Kheer

29.Taruna @ Easy food Smith sent in the Indian Carrot fudge (Gajar ki Barfi)

30.Archana @ The Mad Scientist's Kitchen !! sent in the Nachni -Che Satv (Ragi Pudding)

31.Jaleela @ Cook book Jaleela sent in the Fig with Tomato halwa

32.La @ Food Slice sent in the Coconut milk Pudding with Vermicelli

33.Zareena @ My Experiments with food sent in the Chocolate Mousse

34.Deeksha @ Dees Kitchen sent in the Paneer Mawa Circles

35.Amarendra @ Amu's Recipes sent in the Eggless Tiramisu

36.Anamika @ Taste Junction sent in the Apple Tart with Cream Cheese filing 

37.Gayathri @ Gayathri's Cook Spot sent in the following-
Eggless Bread Pudding

38.Eggless Bakewell Tarts

39.Reshmi Mahesh @ Easy Cook sent in the Malted Milk Bars

40.Manjoos @ My space..My taste..My world.. sent in the Chocolate Covered Strawberries

41.Christy @ My Kitchen flavors-Bon Appetit sent in the Dates Pudding

42.Gayathri @ G3Food Spot sent in the Carrot Kheer


Neetz said... Best Blogger Tips

what a beautiful and awesome round up Julie!!!.. simple superb!!! now i know where to come and look for all delicious recipes in one go :) :).... great work and happy hosting event again :) :)

simran said... Best Blogger Tips

wow!superb round up.......lots of hard work put in by you..great going..looking forward to many more events from you.

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