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Friday, September 09, 2011

Thamaravalayam Pachadi(Kichadi) / Lotus stem( Kamal kakdi) in Yogurt & Coconut paste

Hi friends,
Today is Onam .This festival is celebrated in the Indian state of Kerala,God's Own Country.Onam is celebrated in the malayalam month 'chingam'. Preparations start much before this day and is celebrated 10 days according to traditions.Flower carpets (Pookalam) , thiruvathira,kaikotikalli (dance),Snake boat race (vallamkalli), leopard play(puli kali) and a banquet lunch (ona sadya) are the main attractions that marks the harvest festival and the home coming of Legendary Emperor Mahabali.
Pachadi or kichadi as known in many parts of Kerala is a popular side dish for sadya on this day.I prepared a very innovative pachadi 'Thamaravilayam pachadi'.It looks similar to pavakka pachadi but the taste is not bitter as pavakka but rather a very good taste. All liked it a lot at home.So, thought of sharing this recipe.


I used the lotus stems kondattam  packet which I brought from my latest visit to Kerala. I fried the kondattams and then added into the curd mix. The original kondattams are depicted in the images and the fried ones in pachadi.

Lotus stems means Thamaravilayam in malayalam or we call kamal kakdi in hindi.Lotus stem is a mellow spring to lime green colored stalk that persists into the fall,even as the leaves and pods are withering and browning on the edges and tops.It has hollow air cubicles within and has a mild sweet flavor.Lotus stems are very much used in Asian cuisines and are much relished for their taste and nutritional value.

I would like to share the nutritional benefits of lotus stems.
  • They are very rich in iron,which is required for RBC formation in blood.
  • There is good amount of calcium also present,maintains n repairs of bones and teeth.
  • It is high in dietary fiber.
  • The chlorophyll present in the stack acts as active anti oxidant to fight against cancer producing free radicals.

Thamaravilayam kondattam/ lotus stems -100 gms

coconut grated - 1/2 cup
cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp
green chilli - 3
shallots - 5
mustard - 1tsp
ginger  shredded - 1 tsp
yogurt - 1 cup
Red dried chilli- 4
curry leaves
oil 6 tsp  (preferably coconut oil)

--Deep fry the thamaravilayam / lotus stems  kondattams and place it on the paper towel.
- Grind the coconut, cumin seeds,green chilli to a fine paste.
- Heat oil (3 tsp) in a non stick pan and  add ginger shredded and saute a minute.Add the shallots and saute till light brown.
- Add the ground paste and boil for 2 minutes.
- Beat the curd in a blender and pour in a bowl or put off the flame and add the curd into that mix.
-Then, add the boiled mix into the curd bowl.
- Add the fried lotus stems into the bowl, give a quick mix.
- Heat  the remaining oil in a pan  and  splutter mustard seeds , fry curry leaves, red dried chilli.

Servings 4 adults

-You can replace the lotus stems with bitter guard,cucumbers or pine apple .The steps remain the same exclude the frying part in case of cucumber and pine apple.

I wish all my viewers '' A VERY HAPPY N PROSPEROUS ONAM" .

Sending this to The Kerala Kitchen hosted by Divya of Easy cooking for this month


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

wow very nice innovative recipe......

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Santosh Bangar said... Best Blogger Tips

new idea of using lotous stems

Aarthi said... Best Blogger Tips

this looks really yummy....

Indian Khana said... Best Blogger Tips

Yum n lovley pics

Kalyani said... Best Blogger Tips

new recipe to me ... looks delicious ... following u ....

Sobha Shyam said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Onam to u too..very innovative pachadi, we usually make kondattams from these lotus stems..nice recipe..

Rinku Naveen said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Onam dear!
This is an awesome recipe..

Veronica's Kitchen said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Onam! Chinese also use lotus stem in soup, stir-fry or for sweet lolly to serve at New Year. I've given you an award, please checkout my blog. Congrats!

munchmunchcrunchcrunch said... Best Blogger Tips

looks yum...

-Aarthi @munchmunchcrunchcrunch


Hamaree Rasoi said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Onam to you and your family dear
I once had lotus stem curry and it was delicious... this pachadi looks interesting.

Hamaree Rasoi

Jayanthy Kumaran said... Best Blogger Tips

very interesting version...cant wait to give a try now..:)
Tasty Appetite

Kalyan said... Best Blogger Tips

lovely looking simple recipe...delicious!

Sangeetha M said... Best Blogger Tips

Belated Onam wishes to you too...this is very innovative and interesting...never tasted lotus stem before..this looks inviting...

Food Glorious Food! said... Best Blogger Tips

Great idea! This is totally new to me and I am all excited to try!

Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you all for your support n encouragement..

divya said... Best Blogger Tips

absolutely irresistible recipe...awesome clicks too..!

cookingvarieties said... Best Blogger Tips

hi julie, never seen lotus stem cooked as a dish. i did buy lotus tea in vietnam before.. made from dried lotus stems.. looks pretty cool

Torviewtoronto said... Best Blogger Tips

this dish looks fabulous

JishasKitchen said... Best Blogger Tips

nice pachadi recipe...never tried pachadi using lotus stem....yummm..!!