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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yellow Vegetable Uttappam (Kids Disguise)

Uttappam is a comonly used term in the southern parts of India for a dosa like dish prepared with veggies.Its usually referred as the 'Indian Pizza' or pancake.Its thicker in consistency than dosas.As a mom, many of you might have faced the same problem as me,right??Each day kids want something new. That goes in terms of the look or taste of the food they eat.And its the moral duty of every mom to please their kidoos. So,here comes a simple uttapam recipe with an added colour and a different taste.If you have the dosa batter ready,everything else is simple and quick.I added yogurt and chopped onion,tomatoes and cilantro and a pinch of turmeric powder to colour it up.Any ways friends that worked out for a day !!


dosa batter - 1 1/2 cups
onion 1 chopped
tomato 1 chopped
cilantro 1/2 cup chopped
green chilli 4 chopped
yogurt 1/2 cup
turmeric powder 1/5 tsp
salt to taste
oil 2 tsp

  • Heat oil in a pan and saute onions , tomato,green chillies , cilantro for 5 minutes.
  • Add this mix into the dosa batter,mix it well.
  • Add the beaten yogurt and turmeric powder.Adjust salt.
  • Heat the dosa tawa and pour a ladle of batter and spread it evenly.
  • Flip the other side and cook till light brown .
  • Serve it hot with sambhar or chutney.

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Ramya said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow that looks soo different, loved the idea of vegetable Uttappam:-) Lovely color as well!!

Shri said... Best Blogger Tips


Padhu Sankar said... Best Blogger Tips

Adding curd sounds new .Looks yummy!

aipi said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely golden color ~ nice looking uttapams!

Karen Xavier said... Best Blogger Tips

You make me laugh, that's a neat way of making kids think it's something different. When my cousin was a kid, she loved juice and wanted it often.... I would mix a little sugar in water and give it to her, trick her into thinking it was juice. You reminded me of this episode...

Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

@ Karen : I too laughed the way my kids gobbled it up, thinking it's different from the usual uttappams.. We moms have a tough job handling these tricky pangs..not so easy!!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

wonderful yellow oothampams! love these when the batter gets khatta :)

Sangeetha M said... Best Blogger Tips

golden uttappams...looks so good n really a brilliant job Julie !!

Simplyfood said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks really delicious do send it to flavours of south india @

Torviewtoronto said... Best Blogger Tips

I like this yummy looking uttampam looks fabulous

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

very nice uttapam....

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Hamaree Rasoi said... Best Blogger Tips

Uttapam looks awesomely delicious and mouthwatering. No wonder kids of all ages would love to have it.

Hamaree Rasoi

Kalyani said... Best Blogger Tips

looks delicious ....

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

love this idea! This is going to feature in my home soon :) Thanks for the recipe :)

Indian Khana said... Best Blogger Tips

That's a nice version of uttappam ...looks so yum ..all will love this

Tina said... Best Blogger Tips

healthy and delicious uttappams...

Jayanthy Kumaran said... Best Blogger Tips

inviting n healthy..:P
Tasty Appetite

Ruchik Randhap said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Julie, such a fantastic idea!! Why didnt I think of it! :) thanks for sharing, definitely bookmarked :)

Nandinis food said... Best Blogger Tips

The uttappams are appetizing and make a great breakfast!

Sarah Naveen said... Best Blogger Tips

Simply delicious..yummy yumm

Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanx for the support guys..

JishasKitchen said... Best Blogger Tips

Uthappam is my fav and I loved the idea of adding turmeric to the makes it more scrumptious...

Sobha Shyam said... Best Blogger Tips

simple and healthy uthappams...makes a wonderful breakfast..

Umm Mymoonah said... Best Blogger Tips

Perfect healthy breakfast, thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

cookingvarieties said... Best Blogger Tips

hi julie, this is just great. looks very unique to me, when its wrapped in banana leaves and the white look so appetizing.. first time, may be i can try also

Sudha Sabarish said... Best Blogger Tips

Dosa looks tempting mainly the colour.Love it and will give a try.Happy to follow u

LaavysKitchen said... Best Blogger Tips

This uttappam looks super delicious.I am your newest follower.good job :)