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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rasagullas & A Happy Diwali To All !!!

"Wishing All  A Happy n Prosperous Diwali  !!!!"

Diwali is a festival of lights and sweets all around in India and the most cherished month of the year.Though we don't celebrate Diwali as such but the lights,crackers, and sweets pulls me to the zeal n enthusiasm since childhood.The boxes of sweets piled up in the refrigerators after Diwali reminds me of those days.Dad's friends,colleagues and neighbours were the popular visitors of the day and we used to wait for the mithai dabbas just to gobble it up.And in the evenings to light up the verandahs with diyas,we used to persuade our dad to buy the diyas and small packet of crackers just to enjoy the day with others!!

Coming back to the recipe,a popular bengali sweet ,Rasogullas for today.This recipe is just bookmarked from Aarthi @ Yummy Tummy .This sounded very simple to prepare and so thought to prepare and share with all.I have followed the same steps and this was my first attempt to make rasagullas,so the shapes have slightly cracked but tasted very good..

milk 1 litre
lemon juice 3 tsp
water 1 cup
sugar 250 gms

  • Boil the milk in a pan and bring to boil .Add the lemon juice and let it curdle.Simmer the heat for another 2-3 minutes and then put off the flame.Drain the contents into a cheese cloth and let it stand for 1 hour till the whey separates from the milk protein.Hang the contents for few hours in the cheese cloth till the water completely separates from it.Knead the mix in a bowl for few minutes till it becomes soft( make sure that you don't over do the kneading such that the fat content starts to separate and your hands become oily, in that case the rasgullas break easily. Also make sure that you don't under do the kneading as well as the rasgullas turn hard). 

  • Make small balls out of it(I made 10 balls with 1 litre milk) and leave aside.
  • Heat water in a pressure cooker ,add sugar and bring to boil.Place all the balls in it,close the lid and let it steam for 6-7 mins on medium flame.Put off flame and wait for 15 minutes before you actually open up the cooker.
  • Serve the yummy Rasgullas!!

I recieved a Thank You Note from Sravs@ Sravs Culinary Concepts in participating in the event CC- What's for Dinner ? Thank you Sravani for the sweet note..

Sending the Rasagullas to the following events-
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Gayathri @ Gayathri's Cookspot hosting Only Sweets and Desserts

Krithi@ Krithis kitchen hosting Festival Potluck

Hope you all enjoy the day safely and joyfully!


Torviewtoronto said... Best Blogger Tips

delicious looking rasagullas

Amina Creations said... Best Blogger Tips

Wish you a very happy Diwali..Rasagullas look fabulous...

Recipe world said... Best Blogger Tips

Rasagullas r looking yummy and tempting!!
Wish you Happy Diwali :)

Chocolate & Chillies said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks fantastic! Great job for a first try!

zareena.b said... Best Blogger Tips

This looks perfect for diwali. My fav.

MyKitchen Flavors-BonAppetit!. said... Best Blogger Tips

Rasgullas luk yumm and softy.Luv the recipe Dear.Happy and Delicious Diwali to U.

Anzz said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely Rasgollas, my hubby's favorite. A very Happy Diwali to you .. :)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

love the spongy treats!! one of my favs..Happy Diwali to you and family, Juiie

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali. Perfect and spongy Rasgulla is nice treat for diwali.

Vineetha Sush said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Diwali to you..Rasagulas look yumm :)

Raksha said... Best Blogger Tips

very nice and delicious. happy Diwali to you :)

Sensible Vegetarian said... Best Blogger Tips

Perfectly done, Happy Diwali to you and your family.

PrathibhaSreejith said... Best Blogger Tips

Rasgullas luks perfect, A very Happy Diwali to you and family...

Shema George said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks very tempting!!

Amila said... Best Blogger Tips

& Wish you a Happy Diwali!!!!

Pushpa said... Best Blogger Tips

Delicious rasgullas.Happy Diwali!!

Treat and Trick said... Best Blogger Tips

Perfect and yummy treat for all!

Priya dharshini said... Best Blogger Tips

Rasagullas luks sooo perfect...Hope u had wonderful diwali with ur family

Kaveri Venkatesh said... Best Blogger Tips

Perfectly made rasagullas...looks very tempting..

Sarah Naveen said... Best Blogger Tips

snow balls!!! so adorable and yumm!! happy diwali dear!

Sangeetha M said... Best Blogger Tips

Belated Diwali wishes...Rasgullas came out perfectly...
Just to let u know that my blog title was changed to "Spicy Treats" (before it was Typical Indian Cooking

Rachana said... Best Blogger Tips

My favourite mithai :-) Wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali.

Priya Suresh said... Best Blogger Tips

Super spongy rasgullas...yummy.

Avika J Chawla said... Best Blogger Tips

so tempting ..perfectly made.Happy Diwali to u too.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

same pinch Julie. I prepared rasgulla for diwali. :-0 You have got perfect inviting shape for rasgulla.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

amazing pictures and simply delicious rasgollas :)

aipi said... Best Blogger Tips

Perfection ~ they look so soft,delicate n festive! Great work my dear!

Jayanthy Kumaran said... Best Blogger Tips

ohhh my....absolutely delicious..;)
Tasty Appetite

Rita said... Best Blogger Tips

Have never seen these before[ they look so good.

DV said... Best Blogger Tips

These look so delicious! I thought rasgullas were difficult to prepare ... Your recipe looks simple! Will try sometime soon! :)

Manju @ Manjus Eating Delights said... Best Blogger Tips

Rasagullas look gr8. Hav never tried making them before,should give it a try now :)

Cheers, manju

JishasKitchen said... Best Blogger Tips are my fav....ethu kazhichittu ethra kaalam aayi ...I am drooling over here.....