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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Bhelpuri Chaat with Green Mint Chutney & Sweet Tamarind Chutney

Majority of the Indians might have tasted this chatpata chaat and a favorite among many too,I too love chats and I rank this after golgappa & panipuri.Who can resist this instant spicy,tangy flavors with crunchy bites..hmm,love it!! Bhelpuri as famously is a puffed rice with vegetables and a tangy tamarind sauce served as chaat.It is commonly prepared instantly and consumed as soon as possible or else the sev becomes soggy and spongy.The sev is garnished with tomatoes,onion,coriander leaves,lime juice and in the northern parts in India,they add boiled cut potatoes too.This is usually served with the dark brownish color sweet tamarind chutney with dates and the green spicy chutney prepared using mint,coriander and green chillies.So,Enjoy this recipe at home with your loved ones!!!

I have a separate post on chutneys here,check it out.

mint leaves 1/3 cup
coriander leaves 1/3cup
green chilles 2-3
onion 1/3 of a medium sized
garlic 3 small cloves/1 large
chat masala 1/2tsp
lemon 1tsp
water as needed

tamarind 1 lemon size
dates 10-12
jaggery 1tbsp
red chilli powder 3/4tsp
jeera powder 1/2 tsp


bhelpuri mix 2 1/2 cups (I used the bombay mix; includes puffed rice,sev and papdi)
onion 1 chopped fine
tomato 1 chopped fine
coriander leaves 4-5sprigs fine chopped
green spicy chutney 1 tsp (the recipe follows)
sweet tamarind chutney 2tbsp (the recipe follows)
lime/lemon juice 2tsp
chat masala 1tsp
chilli powder 1/2tsp


-Wash and clean the leaves.Chop the other ingredients.Grind it to a smooth paste with chat masala and salt.
-Add the lemon juice and is ready to serve.

-Deseed the dates and soak in a little water for 2 hours or microwave 3-4 mins to make it soft.
-Soak the tamarind in water for 15-20 mins  and squeeze out the pulp.Keep aside.
-Soak the jaggery in a small amount of water and remove impurities if any.
-Place it in a pan on medium heat and add all the ingredients.Let it boil and thicken like the sauces.(took about 10 minutes)
-Serve it with bhelpuri and refrigerate the remaining in air tight containers.

-Take a large bowl ,mix all the above ingredients,except the chutneys,lime juice.Mix the spice powders.
-Mix the chutneys and lime juice just before serving otherwise the sev will become soft.

* You can add one boiled cubed potato , few pomegranate seeds/peanuts to make it more crunchy.
* You can store both the chutneys in refrigerator for 15 days in air tight containers for future use.
* You can increase or decrease the number of dates according to sweetness desired.

Sending this to Street Food Of India event hosted by Rosh @ Chef Al Dente


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