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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Green Chilli Chicken | Green Chicken & Chillies for Saturday Snapshots !!

Here's,introducing a new enthusiastic group of amateur photographers who have started to learn from each other(from experiences and practicing,shooting different subjects at different angles and composition). Frankly speaking,am a novice to this aspect and still stabilising my hands on my camera.But am enthusiastic about learning the different aspects of photography and I feel am in the right track joining Shweta & Siri's Saturday's Snapshot group.Thank u gals for the wonderful thought and this week that task was to get hold of chillies(red,dry,green or any).I chose the green ones and thought to give a try on green chilly chicken too.Though I wished to try this recipe with kanthari mulakku(bird's eye chilly) but couldn't get any here.If you can get those chilies then its better to use that,gives more flavor but make sure to adjust the spice as per tolerance.The recipe is adapted from here and this is a flavorful greeny chicken curry with the flavors of cilantro and mint leaves.Hope you guys give it a try and enjoy my green chillies shots too !!

to marinate
chicken: 500 gms
pepper powder: 1 tsp
garam masala: 1 tsp
turmeric powder a pinch

for gravy

onion 1, chopped fine
butter 1-2 tbsp
yogurt/curd 1/2 cup
curry leaves 1 sprig

to grind
coriander leaves 12-15 sprigs
mint leaves 1/2 bunch
curry leaves 1 sprig
green chillies 10
onion 1, chopped.
ginger-garlic paste 2tsp

-Wash and clean the chicken under running water.Marinate using garam masala,pepper powder,turmeric and salt.Leave for half an hour.
-In the meantime,grind the ingredients under the grind list to a coarse paste.
-Add this green paste to the marinated chicken.Leave for 10-15 minutes.

-Cook the chicken with green marinade for 10-12 mins until the chicken is half cooked and coated with spices.(If required add half cup water)
-Heat another non stick pan,add butter.Saute the onions and curry leaves once butter is melted.
-Add the cooked chicken with gravy and cook for 2 mins.Add yogurt on low flame and cook covered for another 5 minutes.Adjust salt.
-Let the gravy thicken for another 3 mins and then turn off heat when butter appears floating on top.
-Serve warm with rice/ rotis !!!

* Butter is a must to this recipe as it tastes flavorful than oil.
* Adding green chillies is as per tolerance.I added 10 green chillies which yielded a moderately spicy chicken but you can always alter this number.
* Add a pinch of turmeric powder only else you will not get the bright green color.

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Linking this to Saturday Snapshots -Week 2 fun hosted by Shweta@ Merry Tummy & Siri@  Siri's Food



Priya said... Best Blogger Tips

Loved your shot .Chicken looks really amazing

Babitha said... Best Blogger Tips

nice shots

Remya said... Best Blogger Tips

wow yummy

Merry Tummy said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad to see u on broad:)Already said about the shot;) But chilli chicken -oh that must have been awesommmmme :)

Gloria Fernandes said... Best Blogger Tips

Super yummy chicken chilli.. Love the green color.. Loved the shot of chilles...

Treat and Trick said... Best Blogger Tips

Great clicks and looks super yummy...

Anu Yalo said... Best Blogger Tips

Amazing shots...A must try recipe and thanks for sharing

Sooriya said... Best Blogger Tips

This recipe reminds me of curry leaves chicken. Awesome click of the chilli!!

Home Cooked food said... Best Blogger Tips

love this green chili shot and more chicken dish.

coralcrue said... Best Blogger Tips

beautiful photography! great

Chef Mireille said... Best Blogger Tips

love the color of this great chicken dish

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Julie, Welcome to our photography learning series,am sure yo will have a fun learning there!

The chillies look so popped out and excellent depth of field.

Chicken should have been super hot!

jasna varcakovic said... Best Blogger Tips

Your photos are better and better; great post!

Suhaina said... Best Blogger Tips

Love that color Julie.
Looks awesome. Very well prepared.

Amina Creations said... Best Blogger Tips

fabulous recipe... mouth watering here...

Beena said... Best Blogger Tips

Delicious green chicken curry

Thermofan. Marisa G. said... Best Blogger Tips

Wonderful shots. I' m also trying to learn. Joining a group is a very good idea. Wishing to see your next photos. :$ :-P

Rashida Shaikh said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely clicks!

FLAVZCORNER said... Best Blogger Tips

That's one spicy chicken dish!!! I bet it tastes delicious with rotis.

Preetha said... Best Blogger Tips

Perfect Shot.....and very hot curry.. loved it