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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Panji Pullu Idiyappam | Finger Millet (Ragi) String Hoppers

Ragi (Finger Millet) is popularly known as 'panji pullu' in malayalam.When I was an infant,mom used to prepare panjipullu kurukku(ragi porridge) as it is an iron and calcium rich food.But to my kids,I never had the chance of feeding kurukku as they used to get nasal congestion and cold very soon after feeding kurukku.This is because ragi(finger millet) is considered to be a cold food and when mixed with milk,some kids don't tolerate much,so had stopped giving completely.But ever since I started developing a passion in cooking,my brain is exploring for ideas to feed the same healthy foods in different ways.And that's how I ended up making these string hoppers and few other recipes that I will share sooner.As the traditional rice string hoppers are my kids favorite,I thought can sneak in easily but the first day when I made,they just refused looking at it.I somehow managed to feed one and then repeated the second time,they showed some interest- 'brown idiyappam" to them.This time I made a simple onion tomato curry and that perfectly paired with the idiyappam.They loved this combination and we too felt that a curry with spice & sour flavors blends well with the ragi(panji pullu) idiyappam.Try & enjoy,you may love this ragi idiyappam for a healthy change !!

* roasted ragi flour 1 cup
* roasted rice flour 1/4 cup
oil 1 tsp
boiled water 3/4 -1 cup approx

to garnish
shredded coconut 1/2 cup

  • Roast the flours together in a pan on medium heat until the raw smell of flour disappears(takes about 5 mins).
  • Heat water in a pot until boiling.Switch off flame.In a bowl,add the flours and salt,stir well.Add the boiled water in the flour slowly and using the back of a wooden spoon or spatula,keep stirring the flour until it forms lumps.Don't drench completely,Make a dough like as for chapathis.Add in the oil and mix well.

  • Scoop out dough in the idiyappam press or mould and grease the idli mould with oil,keep ready.Start pressing the dough in each idli mould as strings or noodles until half way through.Now add shredded coconut and then top with another layer of  strings/noodles.
  • Place and steam in an idli cooker for 6-7 mins on medium flame or until done.
  • Scoop out once warm with a spoon in a plate and serve with spicy tangy curries.(I served with a simple bell pepper tomato masala curry.

 Servings ~8 idiyappam(numbers may vary as per the sizes)

* Adding rice flour adds a stability to the dough.I tried with ragi flour alone too but it was too soft that I couldn't press down the strings properly(breaking).
* You can add wheat flour instead of rice flour,will come out good.

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nandoos kitchen said... Best Blogger Tips

nice healthy idiyappam.. I too make this but use rice flour. This wheat flour version looks good. Will try it next time..

Fullscoops said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely healthy string hoppers!

Merry Tummy said... Best Blogger Tips

thats one healthy treat:)

Gloria Fernandes said... Best Blogger Tips

Very healthy and delicious must have tasted great with the tomato curry.

Motions and Emotions said... Best Blogger Tips

this is something new ...would love to try someday

Home Cooked food said... Best Blogger Tips

love the new header picture, and dish too.

sujitha said... Best Blogger Tips

really its a steamed healthy breakfast julie... i use to add rice flour, adding wheat flour i s new to me,... will try this version in my next time..

Beena said... Best Blogger Tips

Delicious healthy idiyappam

Sangeetha Nambi said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks delicious and healthy too !

Torviewtoronto said... Best Blogger Tips

healthy and delicious idiyappam

jasna varcakovic said... Best Blogger Tips

Good looking and yummy!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Healthy and tasty idiyappam

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Ragi idyappam looks adipoli Julie.

Sona said... Best Blogger Tips

healthy and delicious idiyappam!