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Monday, August 25, 2014

Sharkara Varetti (Sarkara Upperi) | Sweet Chips | Sadya Dish ~ Step by Step Pics

Sharkara Varetti or sharkara upperi is an inevitable dish in the sadyas; especially Onam & Vishu sadya.A piece or two along with upperi is the first one that I grab from the served ela(banana leaves)for sadyas.This recipe is a long awaited wish to try at home,although I have had lots prepared by my mom.But somehow didn't have the confidence to try,hoping I may not get the right ones.But am very happy that I got it right at my first attempt though every piece of it got over before Onam.I think will have to make this again for Onam.The secret of making this recipe lies behind getting the chips nicely cooked inside and crispy outside,browned evenly and getting the correct consistency syrup.Do give it a try and am sure you will be happy making these at home for this Onam !!

Adapted TV show & mom's notes
for frying chips
raw plantain 2 large or 3 medium;1/2" thick cut pieces
turmeric powder 1/3 tsp
oil 2" deep for deep frying(coconut oil preferably)

for making pani/jaggery syrup
sharkara/jaggery preferably dark colored 1cup or 4 cubes
water 1/4 cup
cumin powder 1tsp
dry ginger powder/chukku podi 1 1/4 tbsp
cardamom powder 1tsp
* granulated sugar powdered 3 tsp / boiled rice powdered 3 tsp

for making chips
  • Wash,peel the skin of raw plantain by making a slit and pulling apart the skin just like for making upperi(oil your hands when doing to prevent staining).Then,keep a large bowl with water and turmeric powder added or use kanji vellam (cooked rice water).Dip the peeled plantain in the water for 15 minutes.Cut the peeled plantain by dividing vertically and then cutting horizontally in 1/2" thickeness evenly.(Note that all pieces should be evenly thick or else one piece will become crispy n brown earlier and the thicker ones will take time)Keep on a paper towel to drain any excess moisture.
  • Heat oil in a kadai/wok and when its hot.Put the flame on high when you slide in the sliced plantain pieces,then reduce immediately to low flame.Keep stirring occasionally so that it gets evenly browned and doesn't stick to one another.(takes about 15-20 minutes for 1 batch,I fried in 2 batches)
  • When all the pieces have evenly browned then drain using a slotted spoon and drain in  a steel colander preferably(I didn't have a steel colander so used paper towels.)Leave to cool completely.

for making sharkara pani(jaggery syrup)
  • Powder the granulated sugar and keep aside.(I usually add cardamom along with this to powder it well.) OR My mom usually fry about 3-4 tbsp of boiled rice in a pan until lightly browned and then powder this rice in a blender jar to smooth powder. You can use white idiyappam podi store brought too but it may make te sharkara varetti coated white in colour rather than that brown shade. So its better to use fried boiled rice. USE POWDERED SUGAR OR POWDERED BOILED RICE, I prefer boiled rice than sugar but as a quick fix use sugar as well.
  • Heat a non stick pan with 1/4 cup water and add the jaggery cubes to melt.When it melts completely,sieve for any impurities.Put the syrup back on flame.The mixture gets frothy and gets thicker in consistency,wait till it gets one string consistency.(Checking consistency-Hold a drop of sour in between thumb and index finger,if it pulls out as a string,that is one string consistency.OR Pour a small drop in  a bowl of cold water to check,if the drop turns thicker in water then the syrup is ready)Add cumin powder and half of the powdered sugar,cardamom powder,mix well.The flame should be low medium else it will get burnt at the bottom of the pan.
  • Add in the fried plantain chips,mix well.Switch off flame and move away the pan from heat.
  • Add in the chukku podi /or dry ginger powder,mix well.Now add the remaining powdered sugar little by little and giving a quick toss.Soon you will see the jaggery gets nicely coated and gets dried up once you finish adding the sugar,keep mixing well unless its dried up well.
  • Cool down completely before storing in containers.I made a small batch and so had no left overs,finished before Onam.You can make large batches and store over a month.

Yields 70-80 pieces 
* You can even add powdered parboiled rice mixed with powdered sugar to get the right consistency,my mom does that way.I have added only powdered sugar.
* The raw plantains should be matured enough(moothathu/vilanjathu) to prepare this recipe but at the same time shouldn't be ripe ones.
* The fried plantain chips should be drained off excess oil and cooled down completely before you mix with the jaggery syrup.
* The consistency of the syrup is very important else the pieces may not get good coating.
* The powdered sugar coated one may not remain crunchy for long and so use powdered boiled rice or idiyappam podi(roasted white rice flour) if you would like to store longer(refer above in steps).

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