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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Butterscotch Ice Cream | Indian Style Butter Scotch Icecream(Step by Step Pics) | Summer Treats

Summers are the best time for all ice creams,ice pops,smoothie,drinks and much more.Kids being at home these days demand all sorts of ice creams and ice pops.And in a way I feel relaxed and happy to make for them as by making this at home,I can be assured of the ingredients that goes in them and they love the homemade ice creams just like store brought.This is the butter scotch ice cream that we get in India.The ice cream has a natural light yellow color after freezing from the addition of caramelized nuts(I have omitted adding color but if you add a pinch of yellow,it goes to the perfect store brought ice cream) which I loved the flavor very much.The other day when I saw the recipe I couldn't stop trying this and all loved this very much.The biggest concern was to click pics before it starts to melt down.Kids had the ice cream in ice cream cones and my elder son's compliment was-'I had the best ice cream ever and a yummy ice cream treat too'.What else makes you a happy mom?? Do try and get ready to get all good compliments on your ice cream.

Preparation time~30 minutes
Freezing time~overnight
Serves ~6-8 scoops
heavy cream 1.5 cups
powdered sugar 3-5tbsp
butterscotch chips 1/3 cups(optional)
vanilla essence /butterscotch essence 1tsp
milk powder 2tbsp

for praline
sugar 1/3 cup
roughly chopped cashew 1.5tbsp
roughly chopped almonds 1.5tbsp

  • Place the bowl and in the freezer for 15-20 mins before you start whipping the cream.Add the heavy cream in the bowl and add powdered sugar.Beat until soft peaks.Add the butterscotch eesence or vanilla essence and milk powder.Mix well.Freeze for 2hours.

  • Heat a pan and add the sugar for making praline.In a tray,line parchment paper and keep ready.Wait till the sugar starts to dissolves,then using a spatula mix this well.Reduce the flame and wait till it turns golden brown.Add the roughly chopped nuts,mix well.Switch off flame and work quick to transfer the mixture to the parchment paper.Try spreading as much as you can and leave the rest just like that.Wait to cool down completely(it becomes hard like a rock).Break this in pieces and add to the blender.Coarsely powder the praline by just pulsing once or twice(Mine was more powdered so reserved a little praline to get the crunch and butter scotch chips complimented well but I feel the coarse powder and broken pieces does add a little crunch to the ice cream).

  • Now,remove the whipped cream from freezer and add the powdered praline(reserve a small amount for garnish)and add butter scotch chips (if using)..Mix well and refreeze for 6 hours.Remove from freezer and mix well.Refreeze over night until nicely set.

  • Garnish with few more butter scotch chips and powdered praline and serve chilled in ice cream cups/cones or serving bowls.

* I used sugar but you can use condensed milk too.
* If you wish to make the copycat of Indian version,add a pinch of yellow food color too.I omitted the color but taste wise its perfect.
* The recipe is from here but tweaked slightly as per our tastes.


Babitha said... Best Blogger Tips

best way ti beat the heat,yummy

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Julie!! you are tempting too much with this creamy ice cream...

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Looks so yummmmm....... And tempting too!

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Yippee.......This is the best.

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Delicious ice cream!

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wow...what a lovely icecream treat...

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Super tempting ice cream dear..feel like having it all now..

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Lovely clicks. Ice cream looks delicious.. yummy!!!

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Really tempting ice cream

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Delicious treat,looks so yummy.

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Perfect and yummy treat for summer...

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