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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Soya Mappas | Meal Maker Curry

Summer is going busy these days with kids at home and so I hardly get time to blog.Cooking is going on full spree.However,I make sure that I don't lose the enthusiasm as it becomes difficult to get back once I stop.Frankly speaking,there are only very few soya recipes that tickled the taste buds of my family and which they consider can replace meat in tastes.One among them was the soya fry recipe,veg kheema made with soya granules and soya cutlets.This recipe was a trial sometime back and was an instant hit.I love to call this curry as 'soya mappas' as the procedure is the same as we make chicken mappas or beef mappas.Now,this had taken over all soya recipes and tastes delicious especially with paalappam, vellayappam(kallappam) and even chapathis.This is a good option for all vegetarian and also to christian community esp during the lent period.This was abandoned in my drafts for over months now and was hibernating.Recently when other blogger friends posted soya recipes that's when I remembered this recipe.And here is how it looked and how I made.Do try this,am sure all would love this !!

Preparation time~ 10 minutes
Cooking time~ 25 minutes
Recipe source~ own
Serves ~4
soya chunks 1 cup,uncooked
onion 1 sliced
ginger-garlic paste 1tbsp
tomato 1-2 chopped
green chilli 2 vertical slit
curry leaves a sprig

whole garam masala 1" cinnamon,2 cloves,2 cardamom,bay leaf 1
chilly powder 1/2 tsp
kashmiri chilli powder 1/4 tsp
coriander powder 2tsp
garam masala 1/2 tsp
crushed pepper 1/2 tsp
thin coconut milk (2nd milk/randampaal) 1 1/4 cup
thick coconut milk (1st milk/thanpaal) 1/2 cup
oil 2 tbsp

to temper
shallots 2 sliced
curry leaves a sprig
coconut oil 2tsp

  • Wash the soya and add to a pan with enough water and bring to a boil.Cook until the soya chunks softens.Drain the hot water and add cold water.Rinse the soya 3-4 times to remove the smell and taste.Squeeze out the excess water and keep aside.
  • Heat oil in a pressure cooker and add the ginger-garlic paste.Saute until raw smell disappears.Now,add in the whole garam masala and then slide in the sliced onions.Add curry leaves and green chillies too.Saute until slightly brown on medium flame(Add a pinch of salt to fasten the process).

  • Add the spice powders on low flame and saute until raw smell disappears.Add in the tomatoes and mix well.Now,add in the cooked soya and toss well.
  • Add in the randaampaal(2nd milk) or thin coconut milk,add salt and mix well.Close the cooker with weight and cook for 3 whistles on med high flame.
  • Wait till the pressure is released.Open the cooker,and switch on the flame.Check the consistency and salt.Adjust salt if required.Add 1st milk(onaampaal) accordingly.I added 1/2 cup of thick coconut milk on low flame.
  • Wait until one or two bubble appears at the edges and then switch off flame.Keep it covered.
  • Heat oil(preferably coconut oil) in another pan and sliced shallots,curry leaves.Fry the shallots until pinkish brown.Switch off flame and pour over the curry.
  • Serve warm after 20 minutes.

* Freshly squeezed coconut  milk adds a unique flavor to this curry and so I have used that.I used half cup grated coconut.But you can always use canned milk.
* If you don't use coconut milk then,add whole milk 1/2 cup at the end like we add first coconut milk(thick).The curry will taste good.
* You can add a cubed carrot or cubed potato along with soya to the pressure cooker to make it more rich.


great-secret-of-life said... Best Blogger Tips

I loved that color.. the name is totally new..

FLAVZCORNER said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like a good option for lent. My family is not a big fan of soya chunks, so I make it only during lent, where there are not many options for them :)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Healthy and filling curry

Gloria Fernandes said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks very yummy ..Perfect for lent na...looks like mutton only...

Shabbu said... Best Blogger Tips

Delicious mappas...gravy looks yummy..

nandoos kitchen said... Best Blogger Tips

super tasty mappas.. yumm yumm..

Shylaashree said... Best Blogger Tips

superb julie. drooling here

Shobha said... Best Blogger Tips

Very healthy and delicious curry.. I make it often too :)

Sona said... Best Blogger Tips

Soya mappas looks so delicious and healthy, will give a try sometime..

Priya said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a rich looking soya curry.Wonderful preparation julie.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Mappas looks divine.

Suja Manoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Healthy dish, sounds a healthy option will surely try