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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tricolor Idlis | Carrot -Spinach Idlis ( Independence Day Special)

"Happy Independence day to all Indians !!''
How about celebrating this day by making some healthy and delicious that are naturally tri colored. Yes,you heard me right..not a drop of artificial colors. I am not a person who is fond of food colors especially when it comes to feeding kids. But then am not strongly against food colors but some how don't feel like using at home unless its an icing cake or where it becomes strongly inevitable. So,this year am celebrating independence day with tricolor idlis that are healthy and delicious. The saffron color was added with carrots which tasted sweet and the green color is given by spinach and they have no obvious taste or flavor of its own. I made these for my kids lunchboxes and they were very much happy to carry the idlis just to flaunt about the tricolor idlis. These idlis not only add the natural colors but also helps to sneak in veggies for kids who don't love greens esp spinach. You can use mint coriander leaves instead of spinach too. But am doubtful of the flavor with coriander leaves(cilantro) as I have not taste checked them. This can be made not only to mark our patriotism but also as a healthy alternative for kids lunchboxes if you are tired of the same old idlis. Enjoy!!

Preparation time ~ 20 minutes
Cooking time ~ 15 minutes
Serves ~ 8 idlis
Author ~ Julie

carrot 1 medium sized grated
spinach 1/2 cup chopped
idli batter 1.5 cups
salt to taste

  • I usually prepare the idli batter as in the following link. You can use whichever batter suits you best to make idlis. Ferment accordingly and add salt to the batter once fermented.
  • Before making idlis, peel and grate the carrots. In a pan, saute the carrot with a tsp of oil with salt and then grind without adding any water or very very little batter as this may alter the consistency of the idli batter. Wash and chop the spinach, wilt it slightly with oil and then grind to a smooth paste(spinach may not need addition of water).

  • Now, mix 2 ladle full idli batter to each of the pastes and make a colorful batter and reserve the white idli batter as the third batter.
  • Grease your idli mould with oil if using steel ones and then pour half a tsp of batter in the mould starting with carrot then normal white idli batter and then spinach batter. If you still have space then add the white idli batter again on top in such a way so that the orange and green color batter is not hidden and is evenly distributed.
  • You may just add each color of batter in each mould and then steam cook too without mixing. But I personally feel adding all the three batter together imparts a nice colorful and flavorful idlis.

  • Similarly fill in all moulds and then add enough water in the steamer and then steam cook for 12-15 minutes(it takes slightly longer than normal idlis to cook).

* You should adjust the consistency of the batter after mixing. If the batter is too thick then dilute with water or if its watery use minimal water to grind.
* Add salt to the carrot and spinach lightly to flavor them.
* You can even spice up the idlis lightly by adding chopped green chillies.
* You may even add a round cut black olive in the center of the mould and then add the batters so that once cooked the idlis will have a proper flag look.

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I made the last idlis as single ones and didn't mix up the batter, enjoy making whichever way you love them-


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How pretty and delicious!

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cute and yummy idlis..

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Wow, what an effort..looks pretty and delicious too :)

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