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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Idiyappam Upma ~ Quick Healthy Snack

There are many around the world who don' even get a one full meal. I always remind my kids about the immense shower of His blessings upon us. I don't like wasting food at any cost and I don't like the buffet system in hotels/ restaurants too. The wide range of food items displayed in the buffet and what do you think they do with the left overs in these class hotels. Do they give this to the needy or just trash? I have heard a few restaurants who give it away to the hospital care givers and others in need. But that's just the tip of the iceberg and the others in each city counts to n numbers. Secondly,  the amount of food people devour in the name of 'unlimited' is like putting your own health at risk which I feel is another stupidity. Do you also feel the same ? Its always better to make limited food to make sure we aren't wasting any may that be home or hotels. Also if at all you end up making more then its better to recreate something more tasty and healthy.

Back home, I make use of all left overs in one or the different form to just make sure its better than the packed junk and also to feel good that am not wasting any food. Kids always need something filling when they are back from school. So most of  the breakfast recipes are recreated to make a new dish with the left overs. I have seen my kids totally enjoying the new item. Left over idlis gets converted to idli upmabaked idli snack, left over dosa batter to kuzhi paniyarampunugulu, left over rice as crispy rice balls, left over idiyappam dough as kozhukattaammini kozhukatta or peechappam, left over bread as bread upmabread pakoras, left over dhokla as Amiri khaman. The same goes with the left over idiyappam which can be made into upma and can be enjoyed by garnishing with a little homemade sev or crunchy kerala mixture. Do give any of the recreated breakfast items a try and let me know too.

Preparation time ~10 minutes
Cooking  time ~ 10 minutes
Serves ~ 4 
Author ~ Julie
idiyappam / string hoppers 10

to temper
mustard seeds 1/2 tsp
onion 1 medium chopped
ginger-garlic paste 1 tsp
green chillies 2 chopped
curry leaves 1 sprig
carrot grated 1 medium size
green peas 2 tbsp
coconut oil 3 tbsp
*grated coconut 1/3 cup
lemon juice 2 tsp
salt to taste

to garnish
kerala mixture / homemade sev 3 tbsp


  • Crumble the left over idiyappams and keep aside.(Learn how to make idiyappams in this link here).
  • Heat oil in a pan and splutter mustard seeds. Add in the chopped onion, curry leaves, green chillies. Saute until translucent and then slide in the ginger- garlic paste. saute until the raw smell disappears.
  • Add the green peas and grated carrots. Add salt as needed and cook covered for 2 minutes on low flame. Add in turmeric powder and mix well.

  • Add in the crumbled idiyappams and sprinkle few drops of water. Add in salt if required. Steam cook on low flame so that the idiyappams turn soft and the masala gets combined(takes a minute or two). Switch off flame and add the lemon juice. Give a quick stir.
  • Serve warm with kerala mixture or sev. Enjoy immediately else the mixture will turn soft and may not taste good.

* Grated coconut if added in idiyappam then you can omit adding again. In case, idiyappam is made without adding coconut then you should definitely add grated coconut. I made idiyappams with grated coconut in it so haven't mentioned adding coconut in the recipe. Add when you slide in the crumbled idiyappams.
* You can even garnish with grated coconut at the end like we do when making dhoklas.
* You can use your choice of vegetables when making this upma but I feel carrots and peas compliments well in the upma. You can even leave out the vegetables too.
* Alter the amount of oil used in sauteeing depending on the amount of idiyappam.
* You can add a dash of amchur powder instead of lemon juice. Add in  chat masala to make it even more interesting.


Angie's Recipes said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks very inviting! I love those string and would be great as a salad topping too.

Rafeeda AR said... Best Blogger Tips

I totally agree to what you say. I loathe throwing food and my kids are very notorious with keeping leftovers, so that now I just pack what they want and days they say they don't want, I don't force them to take... sometimes I feel guilty, but better that way... Love this idiyappam idea, normally I never have leftovers since they all love idiyappam and it gets finished...

great-secret-of-life said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks very inviting... this is something I do every time when I do iddiyappam, My kids eat this way than plain