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Friday, April 29, 2011


All kids prefer variety in the dishes. Bread is one such useful  staple food which can be modified in many different forms.Today I tried a new recipe with bread and thats bread upma.Very easy breakfast menu with a cooking time of 10mins. It also caters many nutritions too.I used the wheat bread,you can modify according to your taste.


Wheat bread 10 slices
Mixed vegetables 1/2cup(I used corn,green peas,beans,carrot)
onion 1/2 chopped
green chilli 3-4 chopped
ginger 1/2tsp chopped
mustard 1tsp
toor dal 1tsp
curry leaves
oil 3tsp


Grind the slices of bread in a mixer  or by hand.(remove the sides)

Heat oil in a pan and splutter mustard.

Add toor dal and saute onions for a minute. 

Put the green chillies and ginger.

Add salt and the mixed vegetables.

Simmer the heat, cover and cook for 5mins.

Add the bread crumbs.

Cover and cook for 3mins.

Garnish with curry leaves.

  • servings 2 adults


Sobha Shyam said... Best Blogger Tips

I too make upma with the left over bread...looks nice !!

aipi said... Best Blogger Tips

perfect for those hunger pangs- great looking!
US Masala

Jayanthy Kumaran said... Best Blogger Tips

wow...well done dear...interesting version..:P

Tasty Appetite

Suja Manoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Interesting recipe, delicious and colorful

saleena said... Best Blogger Tips

Trying different varieties with Bread.You are simply superb.