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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sprouts Salad | Sprouted Green Gram Salad

Sprouted grains are highly nutritious,but it requires more time to get it prepared.Soaking time increases and you require a lot of patience to watch out the sprout coming out.Once sprouted,they are actually replacing all animal foods in case of proteins and other minerals.This was by chance I thought to bring out some healthy recipe with sprouted grams,so that kids could also enjoy eating without much hassles.

sprouted green gram 1cup 
tomato 1chopped
Onion 1 chopped
cilantro 1 chopped
pepper powder 1tsp
lime juice 1-2 tsp

How to make sprouts-
Soak the grams in water for 6-8 hrs in water till the level of grams.Then remove from water and tie the grams in a msulin cloth or cheese cloth,sprinkle few drops of water and place it in an air tight container or casserole for 6 hours.After 6 hours,sprouts appear on the grams.

How to make salad-
When the sprout appears,wash under running water .
Take a bowl and transfer the sprouts. Put it in a microwave safe bowl and boil it on high for 4-5 mins with salt and a little water.
Remove from microwave,add the chopped onion ,tomato,cilantro and pepper powder.Squeeze lime juice,toss well.
Salad is ready to serve.

  • Servings 3adults


Add only the required amount of water for boiling.
Don't throw away the excess water,instead you can prepare it as a soup,kids will love it.
You can sprout grams in large quantity and put it in air tight boxes,freeze it.Use it whenever needed.

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