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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Rumali rotis are our favourite when we dine out.So was my curiosity to make them at home in a healthy way.The most important thing about rumali roti is it should be rolled as thin as possible unlike chapatis.


Maida 1/2 cup
wheat flour 1/2 cup
oil 2 tsp
rice flour 2tsp


Sift the flours and make a dough like for chapati.
make 2 small balls and roll both  into 2 chapatis separate.
Now spread a tsp of oil on one and a 1/2tsp of rice flour in the centre.
Stick the other chapati on top of the other chapati.
Roll them over again to thin out.
Place a frying pan and bake them on medium heat on both sides.
Press it at sides and then place it in a plate,separate the two chapatis.
Rumali roti is ready to serve.

  • servings 6-8 chapatis

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