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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mooli Paratha | Raddish Flat Bread

Mom made these sweet parathas whenever radish were in season,we(as kids) used to love having this yummy parathas dipped in plain yogurt.Nostalgic when I saw the milky white raddish in the Indian stores,I couldn't resist buying them to make stuffed parathas.The grated raddish looks just similar to grated coconut.However,its got a stingy odour once you grate which vanishes once cooked.I would like to share the good points in using white radish are low in saturated fat,no cholesterol,high in calcium,iron,manganese,phosphorus,zinc, riboflavin,vit B6,vit C.It also contains large amount of water.But the only bad point is that it contains large amount of sugar.Radish parathas are real good ones to try a different taste from the monotonous chapatis everyday.
(Pics updated)

      for dough
      wheat flour 2cups
      water 1/2 cup or less

      for stuffing
      radish 1 medium sized or 2 small
      cumin powder 1/2tsp
      green chillies finely chopped 2

      for topping
      butter/ghee 2tsp(optional) or oil


      Wash and grate the radish using fine grater after peeling the skin.Mix cumin powder,finely chopped chillies and salt.Keep it aside for 20-30 minutes.Squeeze out all water from the radish.Reserve this and use this water to knead the dough as for chapatis.
      In the meantime,knead the dough using the squeezed water and little more as required.Don't make a very soft or very hard dough.Just the right consistency ones.If the dough becomes too soft then,water from raddish will make it even more softer and the parathas will break.

      Make even sized balls (around 8-10) and roll out a circle of 4" diameter after dusting with flour,thin out the sides as much as possible.Place 1 -2 tbsp of filling in the center as shown and seal the edges.Place the sealed
      ends downwards and roll again to make parathas of even thickness.Keep dusting flour to avoid breaking and rotating the parathas so that it doesn't stick to the surface.
      Heat a pan and when its hot,slide the parathas.Wait for 30 secs,flip the other side and cook.Drizzle oil /butter/ghee on both sides and wait till its cooked and brown spots appear.Take out on  a plate.
      Repeat the same steps for all other balls and enjoy with plain yogurt or raitha !!

      Servings  8-10 parathas

      * You should make balls 1 1/2 times  larger than of chapathis.
      * Don't overfill each parathas with stuffing,else it will break.

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