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Thursday, April 21, 2011


 I happen to try out this recipe to ease out my work on a weekend.Prawn biriyani was the first time try and it was good.My kids loved prawns,so it was much easier for me to feed them too.I have not followed any traditional ways of prawn biriyani,just experimented a simple way of this recipe.

Prawns 500gms
biriyani rice 2cups
tomato 2 chopped
onion 3 chopped
ginger garlic paste 11/2tsp
turmeric powder 1tsp
pepper powder 1 tsp
garam masala 1 tsp
chilly powder 1tsp
coriander powder 1tsp
lime juice 1tsp
oil 4tsp
butter 2tsp
raisin and cashew 1/5 cup
curry leaves
coriander leaves
cinnamon 1-2
cloves 2-3
cardamom 3


Wash the biriyani rice and keep aside.Boil water in a vessel(see packet for instruction for amount of water) and add the rice.
Stir the rice in between so that it doesnt stick at the bottom.Add salt and 1/2tsp of turmeric powder.Remove from fire when 3/4 cooked.
Drain the water and add cold water .drain again and keep aside.
Wash the prawns and boil it for 10 mts in a vessel with salt and turmeric powder.
Drain the water and keep aside.
Place a big pan on medium heat.Add the butter and fry the raisins,cashew.
Place them in a plate.
Add oil into the same pan,saute 1 onion chopped till brown.
Remove and place the fried onion in the plate.
Add the cinnamon ,cloves ,cardamom,chopped onion,curry leaves into the remaining oil and saute onion till light brown.
Add the ginger garlic paste, and saute.
Put the chopped tomatoes and salt. cook till mashed completely.
Mix the spices powder as listed above and wait till the nice aroma comes.
Add the cooked prawns,the rice and lime juice.
Cover it with a lid and cook for 15minutes.
Prawn biriyani is ready .
Garnish with coriander leaves,fried onions,raisins and cashew.

  • servings 4 adults
You can exclude the last part of cooking on stove and opt for baking .(350 degrees for 20-25mts)


Divya D said... Best Blogger Tips

Yummy and delicious dish..

Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

thanx for the inspiration.

Sobha Shyam said... Best Blogger Tips

Looking very delicious..

Suja Manoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Biryani looks super delicious..was planning to make prawns biryani tonight..liked ur version so much,I am going to try this tonight.
Thanks for stopping by at my space,you have a wonderful blog,happy to follow u.

Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

thanx sobha and suja for ur valued comments..

aipi said... Best Blogger Tips

Perfect looking biryani- great combo of spices!
US Masala

saleena said... Best Blogger Tips

Decorated very well.Prawns are my favourite food.So surely i will follow this recipe to make good biriyani.