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Friday, March 26, 2021

Homemade Ghee Soan Papdi (Step by Step Pics) ~ Holi Special

Any festivities demands yummy sweets and that's a casual affair all over the world. Holi is right here and I thought why not try soan papdi. Soan Papdi was in my try list ever since I tasted the store brought  soan papdi. However, the easiest access to soan papdi was to reach the super market, grab one from the shelves and all loved the melt in mouth texture. But each time I had the store brought one, I had this intense feeling to try this at home very soon. You tube videos of commercially preparing this sweet were seen many a time but didn't give me that confidence until I saw a hindi video of soan papdi making at home, then there wasn't much to look back and I followed that video. Soan Papdi needs a little expertize in swiftly moving and playing with the sugar syrup so that the sugar doesn't crystallize and is pliable all throughout the process. The sugar syrup is formed as a loop and is pulled in the manner of 8 as many times as you can and is stretched as long as you can. Also, the besan mixture is applied each time to the loop till you finish the mix. If you need help ask for help and pull the strands because as you get closer to the finish it becomes a little tough to pull the strands without breaking. I was a little apprehensive about the outcome as it was a tricky procedure but to my luck, the process went on smooth except that the sugar crystallized the first time I tried making it. Then I added lemon juice to correct the issue.Other than that everything went fine and I was so happy to see the fine strands when was pulling the strands.It gives an immense joy to see the outcome. But I didn't like the way the strands were cut and placed in a plate because once they were placed and cut, the strands came together again. 

The first try gave me so much confidence that I tried the second time too to improve the results and I think justice was done and all thanks to the youtube video in Hindi where she explains clearly and displays an easy method to play with the sugar syrup by pouring it over a parchment paper which helps us to handle the heat much easily. Getting a pliable sugar syrup is the most tricky part too to get smooth long strands else the sugar hardens and it becomes difficult. I have displayed both pics of first and second try, so you get to see two different garnish of almonds and pistachios. Do read up the notes section and steps carefully and try this out. Do send me a pic too if you try at home.

Preparation time ~ 20 mins
Cooking time ~ 40 minutes
Serves ~ 12-14 small pieces
Author ~ Julie
besan / kadalamavu 75 gms (3/4 cup)
maida (all purpose flour)40 gms (1/3 cup) 
ghee/ clarified butter 40-45 gms  (1/3 cup)
cardamom powder / elakka podi 1/2 tsp

granulated sugar 1/2 cup (100 gms)
water 1/4 cup
lemon juice 1 tsp

  • Heat a heavy bottomed pan or non stick pan and add ghee. To this add the besan and maida together. Continue to stir the mixture, first the mixture will turn crumbly. Continue to roast on low flame till the mixture starts to leave ghee If you find ghee is less add a tbsp of ghee more. I added 1 tbsp less of 1/3 cup in the beginning and so I added that tbsp. As you cook further the ghee separates, the colour of besan  changes darker and then the mixture turns frothy and bubbly. Switch off flame and move away from residual heat or transfer in a plate smeared with ghee. I left the mixture in  the pan to cool so the colour of besan turned more brown at this point. Add cardamom powder at this point and mix well.

  • Keep a tray lined with parchment paper and spread ghee over the paper to pour the sugar syrup. Also, smear ghee on two plates- one for working with sugar syrup and one for finally setting the soan papdi. Leave aside till use. 

  • Now heat the sugar in a pan with 1/4 cup water. Bring this to a boil and leave on medium heat. Add lemon juice at this point and then you notice there are lot of bubbles popping up. In between add a drop of this syrup in a bowl of cold water. Try making a ball out of this syrup and you must be able to do with ease. At this stage the color of the sugar also looks caramelized and the bubbles reduce in sugar syrup. Switch off flame, work quickly and transfer the syrup to the prepared paper and make sure that the syrup doesn't flow out of the paper in the initial two minutes. Then using the same parchment paper work the sugar syrup by folding the paper as to cool it slightly(folding the paper helps us to not touch directly on the sugar syrup) so that you can work on the syrup more easily. Continue to do this process till the sugar syrup starts to form a mass and is cooled slightly but still warm to touch and can start to work with. 
  • At this point, transfer the sugar ball on the plate and using both hands gently stretch the sugar as to make a circular strand and then keep stretching and twisting when it becomes long as like a 8 pattern. After a 6-7 stretches, add the cooked besan ghee mixture. Spread over the made strands and continue tow work quickly with sugar strands. You must work very quick to add the mixture and pulling the strands to stretch get a 8 pattern and then fold back and redo till you get very thin strands and the ghee besan mixture finishes. Make sure that the circular pattern doesn't break and stretch quick but gently. Also make sure to stretch evenly at all the circular pattern.
  • Then finally cut the strands with a scissor and place in the ghee smeared plate. Garnish with sliced pistachios or almonds and mark to cut the pieces. Cut small pieces once its cooled down and enjoy !!

* You can use half of ghee and oil to make soan papdi too. However ghee adds a special flavor and softness. 
* Just make sure that the besan(kadalmavu) doesn't get burnt and get darker in the residual heat. So transfer the mixture to a separate plate till use.
* Add lemon juice to prevent sugar from crystallizing.
* You should be very quick to work with the sugar ball so as to prevent it from becoming a solid ball. Keep folding the parchment paper so as to move the sugar ball and when the heat becomes bearable start to make a round shape and figure of 8 pattern as quickly as possible.
* Apply the besan mixture completely in batches as much as possible, at the end if besan mixture is left over and there is no option to apply as you exceeded the time then omit adding. I faced this issue in my first trial.
* Use good quality parchment paper and not baking paper because when using baking paper the paper is so thin that the sugar gets struck to the paper.


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