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Friday, December 05, 2014

Strawberry Crepes (Using wheat flour)

Strawberry crepes are a perfect breakfast recipe for kids and that needs no preparations as such.This hardly takes any efforts.This is a very simple recipe of crepes adapted from here  but I have modified the original recipe.I have used regular atta(wheat flour) that we use for making chapathis.These are very soft crepes that anyone would love to have.Fresh strawberries work perfect for the recipe.You can replace the whipped cream with cream cheese frosting too.Do give this a try if you love this simple filling breakfast.

wheat flour 1.5 cups
eggs 2
milk 1/2 cup
water 3/4 cup
salt 1/4 tsp
butter 2tbsp melted
vanilla extract 1tsp

whipped cream 1 cup
strawberries sliced 2 cups

  • Wash,hull the strawberries,slice it thin and refrigerate until we use.If using fresh cream to make whipped cream,then keep it prepared and refrigerate.
  • In a large bowl,sift the flour.Add the eggs,milk,vanilla extract and combine well.Add in the salt and melted butter.Add in water to adjust the consistency.The batter consistency should be like for making thin dosas.Leave the batter covered for 10 -15 mins.
  • Heat a griddle or frying pan on medium heat.Using a ladle pour 1/4 cup of batter each time to make a crepe.Using the same ladle spread like dosas or tilt the pan all sides so that it spreads evenly.
  • Flip and turn both sides to cook(cook for about 2 mins before turning).Remove on a parchment paper or butter pan as it may stick to the plate.Repeat the same steps until you finish making crepes.Reduce the heat each time you pour the batter and spread as thin as you could..Increase flame when you have finished spreading.
  • Serve hot by placing sliced strawberries and scoop of whipped cream in the inside.Cover with the sides and its ready  !!

Servings 6-7 crepes

* If you aren't confident of making with atta or don't like the texture then use all purpose flour /maida.
* You can beat the batter in a blender to ease the work.
* Use oil if reducing fat but butter definitely adds flavor and softness.
* Don't stack the crepes one above the other.Use butter paper or parchment paper to separate each else they stick together.
* You can replace strawberries with any other berries as you wish too.

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Thermofan. Marisa G. said... Best Blogger Tips

Crêpes have been in my kitchen for years, since I live in France for a month, when I was 19. Your recipe with strawberries is a must.
Love the pics.
Happy weekend.

Ola said... Best Blogger Tips

They look very thin! Good job!

Kurinji said... Best Blogger Tips

yummy and delicious...

Shanthi said... Best Blogger Tips

awesome words to express...

sujitha said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, this sounds so perfect in healthy way...

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

wow beautifully captured, delicious!!!

Beena said... Best Blogger Tips

Kothipichu. yummy

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm a big fan of crepes.....but your wheat version makes it more interesting and healthy....... :)

Priya said... Best Blogger Tips

delicious crepes my daughter would love it for her lunch..Tempting clicks dear.

Merry Tummy said... Best Blogger Tips

everytime we go to paris we eat crepes, we just looooove them:) Gonna try this on weekend itself, so healthy:)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks healthy and tasty creeps!

Tumas Tongue Treats said... Best Blogger Tips

The Strawberries look so fresh Julie. Beautifully clicked. Specially the second photo is too good.

meena said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh yummy crepes and longing for some strawberry too

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Delicious and awesome

Treat and Trick said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks perfect and so yum!

Cathleen said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE strawberry crepes. Well, crepes of any kind. This looks so good!

Rosh said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks absolutely delicious!!

Archana said... Best Blogger Tips

Julieeeeeeeeeeeeee. I have not had dinner and I did not was not in a mood for breakfast but if you are making crepes like this I need to re-think.

Gloria Fernandes said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks too delish dear.. Loved it..

Hema said... Best Blogger Tips

The crepes looks so delicious, very very tempting..