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Thursday, February 12, 2015

White Chocolate - Apple Pie & 600th Post(Valentine's Special) !!

600 recipes,so far !!! 
I can't believe my eyes on seeing this number as I never thought to cook so much in life if it was away from food blogging.Though the posts have crossed 600 long back with events and other posts ,but the total recipes comes to 600 today.Hardly knew to make tea and chapathis before marriage and this is really a big number to me.The biggest support is my family who always love to taste different cuisines and tastes.They enjoy all good recipes featured here.And once in a while,become guinea pigs for the flop ones too.Good critics on every dish to improve is from my h and kids.Then,the second biggest inspiration comes from my fellow bloggers,readers and friends who always encouraged me to try out different recipes which gave me sheer confidence to excel that dish.My consistent friends cheered me up with the lovely comments.Thank u dearies,loved reading all of them.Finally,thanking God for instilling me the confidence to cook,share the dishes and his abundant blessings too.

Valentine's day is just around the corner and each one might be busy making their yummy dishes to conquer the hearts of your loved ones.Today's recipe is a perfect dessert that you can make for you valentines day parties.The natural way of making roses with apples,enjoyed making them.Chocolates are inevitable on Valentine's day and here its white chocolate.The dessert is very rich and the filling is silky smooth that all can enjoy !!

pie crust 1(refer notes)

for rose flowers
apple 1 sliced very thin(see pics)
confectioners sugar 1tbsp
all purpose flour1/2 cup
sugar 1/4 tsp
butter 1.5 tbsp
salt 1/8 tsp
cold water 1 -2tsp
lime juice 1tbsp
boiling water 3cups

for filling
milk 1 3/4 cup
heavy whipping cream 1/4 cup
egg yolks 3
corn starch 1 tbsp
all purpose flour 1tbsp
white chocolate 6 oz(170 g)
vanilla extract 1/2 tsp
granulated sugar 3/4 cup

  • FOR PIE CRUST-I have used this recipe here to make the pie crust.Refrigerate for an hour.Remove from refrigerator and on a lightly floured surface,roll the dough in a large circle of 10" round.Place it in the pie pan(I have used foil pie pan).Place the rolled dough in the circle and gently shape the sides as in this pic.Prick with a fork in the center of the pie so that it doesn't puff much.Pre heat oven to 400 degrees F and place,bake for 25-30 mins.However,you can always use ready made pie crust too.

  • FOR CHOCOLATE FILLING- Beat the egg yolks in a bowl.Add in the vanilla extract,corn flour,all purpose flour(maida)and 1/2 cup milk (at room temperature),mix well.Bring milk 1 1/4 cup milk with 1/4 cup whipping cream to a boil.Add the beaten egg mixture slowly and keep stirring.The mixture thickens and forms custard.Switch off flame and leave till its warm.Cover with a cling over the surface of the custard and leave aside.When its warm,add the grated coconut and mix well.Stir until chocolate is melted and combines well.Cover and leave again until use.

  •  FOR MAKING ROSES-Knead the flour,sugar,salt and ice water in a bowl and refrigerate the dough as a thin disc wrapped in cling wrap.Remove from refrigerator after 30 mins and roll on a lightly floured surface in thin strips.Cut thin lengths and leave aside.In the mean time,slice the apples and add top the boiling water in a pan.Add in lemon juice(to prevent discoloration),mix well.Let the apples stay in water for 2-3 mins and remove from water.Place it by spreading in a plate.Pre hjeat oven to 400 degrees F.Place 6-7 slices in the middle of one rolled thin strip;overlapping the next(as in pic)and then finally covering the apples with the exposed strip.Then roll it tightly to give the rose petals look.Simnilarly repeat to make 4 more roses.Place it in a muffin tray or just a pan.Bake in pre heated oven to 20-25 minutes.Remove and sprinkle confectioners sugar on top.Leave to cool completely.

  • ASSEMBLING- Pour the cooled chocolate filling in the ready pie crust.Set in freezer for 2 hours.Remove and place the roses on top.Refrigerate again overnight by covering with a cling wrap.Slice and serve immediately as chocolate melts down.

* I made my own pie crust from scratch,the same recipe which I used to make the cherry pies.I just used the same measure to make one large pie instead of individual small pie.The recipe with step wise pics is here,so not sharing them again.
*You can use apple juice instead of water for boiling apples.You can glaze the apples with honey and cinnamon too instead of confectioners sugar. 
* You can make the thin strips longer than I made so that you can make more petals on the rose and the width can be reduced slightly because after rolling the dough becomes fat and plump.
* You can replace dark chocolate for white chocolate.
* The pie has a  moderately sweet filling with white chocolate but with dark chocolate the filling will be apt.If using white chocolate like in this recipe,you can reduce the sugar slightly.

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Happy Valentines Day to all !!


Happy’s Cook said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow...Awesome Effort... Perfectly made flowers with apple.... No worlds to appreaciate and good luck for you 600th post..,

Nargis Aara said... Best Blogger Tips

congrats dear!! ur post is just droolicious delicious :) Keep going!! all the best

Hema said... Best Blogger Tips

What a 600th post Julie, congrats dear, the pie and the roses, very beautiful..

Vidya Chandrahas said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats on your 600th post. Apple pie looks very cute, yummy and inviting.

meena said... Best Blogger Tips

Oooo those apple slices look like real roses if u had not shown step by step I would not have believed.Adipoli Vday idea aviduthe chettande oru bhaagyam :))) .Great going Julie.My best wishes.

Fullscoops said... Best Blogger Tips

So beautifully made!

FLAVZCORNER said... Best Blogger Tips

I liked the way you made the roses with apple. Pretty neat!!! Apt dessert for the V-Day!!

Reshmi said... Best Blogger Tips

Oops I think I wrote comment in other post.. Nice fresh beautiful dish

Home Cooked food said... Best Blogger Tips

wow, congratulations , i was like that too, before marriage only tea , made rotis after coming here, dish looks so fabulous. should be feature in some magazine.

Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanx...That was a great compliment,Linsy 😊

Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

That's ok, Reshmi dear 😊

Swathi said... Best Blogger Tips

white chocolate apple pie looks delicious and very nice

Swathi said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks perfect valentine treat very nice.

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Congratz for ur 600 th post..... So beautiful apple pie.... and I really love the apple decorations..... so amazing....I bookmarked :)

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This looks like a bride to me. So beautiful Julie.

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Looks Delicious !

Tumas Tongue Treats said... Best Blogger Tips

I cannot resist coming back to have a look at your beautiful Apple roses Julie. They are so beautiful.

Sooriya said... Best Blogger Tips

Thats an amzing the apple roses!!! Looks so yummy and perfect for the Vday!!!

PrathibhaSreejith said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my god, Julie White chocolate apple pie looks so very beautiful and utterly delicious :-) Can't take eyes from it, the flowers are so pretty,kudos to you lady..

Congrats on the 600th post, Best Wishes for many more :)

Rafeeda AR said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful pics Julie... 600 recipes is not a small achievement and the pie is just perfect for the occasion! Wish I could take that slice now...

Archana said... Best Blogger Tips

Julie first congrats on the 600 th post! No make it a beautiful 600th post. Its delicious and beautiful just apt for the occasion. WIsh you many many more delicious milestones.

Sona said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats!!! Those roses look beautiful.. Lovely pie..

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Congrats dear.. This is just awesome.. The roses look so real.. Very well made..

Thermofan. Marisa G. said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats dear Julie. I'm glad to be one of your followers and friend from Spain.
Your pie is beautiful, very original and mouthwatering. Love the apple roses. :-)

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looks delicious julie

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wow, looks so romantic and pretty:)
Lovely post girl!

Motions and Emotions said... Best Blogger Tips

many congratulations...what a lovely recipe to celebrate the occasion...roses are beautifully creative...

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How cute! Perfect treat for Valentines Day :)

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it looks perfect and the decorations, wow! the perfect cake for Valentine's Day

Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanx everyone :)

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Congrats Julie on your 600th post, white chocolate apple pie looks delicious and so perfectly made...loved those cute apple roses..lovely pics presentation dear..keep rocking!

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Congrats!! V' day special is as beautiful as a rose...