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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chocolate-Raspberry Bars : Baking Partners Challenge May 2014

After a very long time(a year),I must say that just started baking for baking partners again.I loved this group always as I love baking and I missed each of the earlier posts too.Swathi @ Zesty South Indian Kitchen started this and as a team the members have learnt new ways,techniques and improved the baking skills.This month the recipe was suggested by Suja @ Kitchen Corner-Try It.There were three recipes in all-lemon bars,chocolate raspberry bars and a vegan bar too.I opted the chocolate-raspberry one obvious that kids love chocolates and sweet.Though the lemony ones looked fancy and bright.I followed the recipe word to word,didn't change anything.Thanx Suja and Swathi for selecting this wonderful bars,kids loved it a lot.Do give this a try and enjoy making your own bars at home !!!

for dough
walnuts 1cup
all purpose flour 1 3/4 cup
sugar 1/2 cup
salt 1/4 tsp
lemon zest 2tsp
vanilla extract  2tsp
chilled butter 2 sticks or 1 cup
egg yolks 3

for topping
walnuts 1/4 cup
all purposeflour 1/4 cup
sugar 2tbsp

for filling
chocolate chunks 6 oz
seedless ,raspberry jam 1/2 cup

Finely process walnuts in a blender or food processor.Keep aside.
Combine egg yolk,vanilla , chopped chilled butter,sugar salt and lemon zest in a food processor and pulse 10-12 times until combined.
Add in the flour ,processed nuts and continue to pulse the blender until the dough becomes sticky crumbs and not as a ball.Put together as a ball,cover with a plastic wrap and chill for 1 hour.
Pre heat oven to 350 degrees F and remove thedough from refrigerator,cut out 1/4 of the dough and replace this 1/4 back in fridge.Pat the remaining 3/4th dough in a unbuttered 13*9 " pan evenly with hands or spatula.

Stir preserve using a spatula or spoon and gently spread over the patted dough.(see pics)
Chop the chocolate in chunks and spread over the preserve.

Cut the remaining 1/4 dough in small pieces.Add with the ingredients listed under topping and pulse in a food processor till it resembles a crumbly mixture.
Spread this evenly over the chocolate and jam preserve.

Place it in the oven and bake for 30-35 minutes until the crumbles are crisp and light brown.
Cool over a wire rack until leuk warm.Using a sharp knofe cut in slices.
Enjoy or store in air tight containers upto 3 days.

Serves ~16 square pieces

* You can use any other choice fruit topping instead of raspberry.
* I feel you can reduce the amount of dough used for making crumble topping to less than 1/4th dough as mine was fully covered with crumbs and so couldn't make out the topping at one glance unless you see the sides.



great-secret-of-life said... Best Blogger Tips

looks so yum! perfect bars!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

wow, you've gone a great length for this post. amazing results.

Fullscoops said... Best Blogger Tips

I so badly want to take a bite! Awesome!

Home Cooked food said... Best Blogger Tips

Just looks so delicious, sure kids love this.

Priya Suresh said... Best Blogger Tips

Those bars looks absolutely stunning and seriously one cant resist to this fruity chocolaty bars.

Vrinda said... Best Blogger Tips

Yummy bars with nice clicks

Sangeetha Priya said... Best Blogger Tips

perfect n delicious bars!!!

Swathi said... Best Blogger Tips

Delicious chocolate bar julie you did a wonderful job.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Perfect chocolate bars

Harini said... Best Blogger Tips

What a clean work,lovely bars,perfect!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Very tempting.

Manju @ Manjus Eating Delights said... Best Blogger Tips

I love such snack bars...they are so tempting and quick to make. Yours looks perfect!

Hema said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the Chocolate Raspberry filling, bars look superb..

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks so delicious and I love how neat your presentation is.

Merry Tummy said... Best Blogger Tips

wow...looks very crumbly and tempting...perfect for picnics this summers

Anu Yalo said... Best Blogger Tips

Tempting snack...

Suja Manoj said... Best Blogger Tips

Perfectly baked,looks so yummy

Treat and Trick said... Best Blogger Tips

What a beautiful bars Julie!

Rafeeda AR said... Best Blogger Tips

looks really rich and delicious...

Archana said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Long time. I have been thinking I must visit old friends but my surfing has come down a lot these days. So please excuse the lapse on my part. How are you?
The chocolate bars looks delicious.

Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

@Archana PotdarThanx for dropping fine,doing good .

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

absolutely tempting combo dear.......looks inviting!

Gloria Fernandes said... Best Blogger Tips

yummy tempting bars ...they look so inviting

Thermofan. Marisa G. said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Julie, thanks for dropping by again. Your bars look delicious. I'm glad to be here again. :-)
Cheers from Valencia