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Friday, October 31, 2014

Cake Pops | Halloween Cake Pops & Happy Halloween !!!

How are you celebrating Halloween? Here is a simple cake pops recipe that you can make for your little ones,this can be a fun project with them that kids will surely enjoy.The naughty ones here were excited to grab these so called 'scary bats'.They are all set to blast
with their costumes at school tomorrow.I was not planning to make these until my li'l one dropped the cutting board on the warm tutty fruity cake before it could be cooled,sliced in pieces.Shoo..all was crumbled up,though we tasted the cake but none had much.That's how I pondered for ideas and cake pops was the best way to use them up.Am happy that I ended making this up,kids truly enjoyed the pops.Although the bats don't look much as bats,isn't it?? I couldn't spend much time decorating these and so ended up making a messy bat,must say.Wishing all a happy Halloween,enjoy !!!

for tutti fruity cake (refer this here)

for vanilla frosting
butter 1 stick(at room temperature)
icing sugar 1 1/2 cups
vanilla extract 1 tsp

for cover
milk chocolate/ semi sweet chocolate
candy melts/candy wafers
oil (any neutral one ) or shortening 1-2 tsp
edible eyes
chocolate chips dark few
lollipop sticks

  • FOR CAKE-Prepare the cake as per the recipe.Make coarse crumbs of the cake.
  • FOR VANILLA FROSTING-Using a electric whisker,cream the butter in a bowl.Add the vanilla extract and icing sugar little by little by mixing each time.Beat until you get light & fluffy frosting.Divide in half and place in large bowls.
  • In one bowl,add the coarse crumbs of the cake and mix well with the frosting.Add more frosting if the cake doesn't come together and can't be shaped.Add more frosting as required.(I used 3/4 of the frosting,but it totally depends on the amount of crumbs and the texture of cake)
  • FOR MAKING BAT WINGS- Melt some dark chocolate using double boiler.Make a stencil of the wings like in pic.Place this under a butter paper or parchment paper.In a piping bag,pour the melted chocolate and use small round tip to line the border and fill in.(I wasn't very good in piping and so took quite sometime)Place this in the freezer for 4-5 hours to set.
(A few steps from lt to rt- vanilla frosting,adding crumbs to frosting,rolling in balls,pricking sticks,using stencil to  make bat wings & filling chocolate keeping stencil as guide)

  • FOR CAKE POPS-Make small lemon size balls and place them on a parchment lined paper.Place these in refrigerator for about 30 minutes.Now,melt the chocolate in a heat resistant bowl by double boiling.Dip each cake pop stick in the melted chocolate and then pierce it through the ball halfway.Now dip in melted chocolate and rotate to cover the whole ball.Keep rotating gently or shake excess before you place on the styrofoam.If making bats,then place edible eyes in front,two chocolate chips on head and attach each freezed wings.Refreeze again to set.
  • If using, CANDY MELTS-Place it in a heat resistant bowl and melt the candy over double boiling method.If the melt becomes too thick then add the vegetable shortening or any flavorless oil.Mix it well until it turns flowing consistency.Dip each lollipop stick in the candy melts,and then pierce through each ball halfway through.Now,shake off the excess and place on the styrofoam.Let it dry for 3-4 minutes.Add sprinkles on top and enjoy!!
Servings~ 20 cake pops

* For quick and simple version,use box cake recipes and store brought frosting.
* You can use any other basic vanilla cake or chocolate cake recipe to make the cake.OR any left over cakes would work best.Also can use chocolate frosting or vanilla frosting.
* Shake off all excess melted chocolate or candies to avoid messing the sticks like mine.
* I had some small white candy which I used for eyes by adding a little chocolate in the center for eyes.You can use edible eyes.

More Halloween recipes
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*Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

my li'l one enjoying the bat pops ;)


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cake pops look delicious.. sure your kid enjoyed the treat..

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Lovely or should I say scary treats, Happy Halloween Julie, and that last click, so delicious :-)

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They look lovely...cute bats...

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These look amazing! happy Halloween julie

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Spooky...perfect Halloween stuffs

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cake pops are good but the most beautiful is your little one. love those eye lashes. GOD bless.

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those bat kutties look cute.Love those wings.

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Cute cake pops! Happy Halloween!!

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lovely cake pops

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super yummy cake pops..they look too delish and i'm sure kiddos enjoyed it..can see that in the pic..

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These are really one of the best Halloween treats among those that are posted in various blogs. Very nicely done

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