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Monday, March 28, 2022

Homemade Strawberry Crush (VIDEO)

Strawberry crush is a concentrate made with fresh strawberries and sugar. There are a good deal of crush available in markets like pineapple, mango and so on. These are used to make cake topping and poured over dessert and used as garnish in mocktails. The available ones in market use sodium benzoate, which is a chemical used to increase the shelf life of food. However, the one you make at home can be made without adding any such preservative and lemon can be use the natural preservative. This crush remains fresh for two weeks, and so I make small batches and refrigerate. 

There is hardly any cooking process and as it's strawberries there is no need to add any food colour. Strawberry has a natural colour and so looks excellent. I have used strawberry crush to prepare strawberry falooda which will be posted soon. Do give this a try and enjoy !!

Preparation time ~ 10 minutes
Cooking time ~ 10 minutes
Author ~ Julie
Serves ~ a small bottle 
hulled strawberries, 200 gms
granulated sugar 200 gms
lemon juice 1 tsp

  • Wash and hull the strawberries. Cut the strawberries in quarters and then, add to the jar with sugar, grind coarsely without adding any water.  
  • Heat a pan and add the ground mix. Bring to a  boil and continue to cook. The sauce gradually thickens (takes about 6-7 minutes). Add lemon juice at this point and then switch off flame. 
  • Cool completely, and you may find the texture of the sauce is nicely thickened to drizzle as garnish or used as topping. Store in clean dry glass containers and leave in refrigerator, stays good for two weeks. 

Video Link-


*Lemon juice prevents sugar crystallized and preserves the crush. Leave refrigerated.

* Cranberry Sauce

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