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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chicken 65 ( Restaurant Style )

Chicken 65 is a spicy, deep-fried chicken dish popular in South India, as a quick snack. There are numerous stories behind the origin of this particular dish; some say it evolved in the year 1965 in a Chennai hotel,some say it took 65days to marinade the chicken,some stories like the whole chicken is cut into 65 pieces for cooking,few others say its only a part of numbering the chicken recipes in India and many different stories to this lovely recipe. Anyways, let me tell you one thing about chicken 65 is that I love this recipe and you too check this out,will definitely fall in love with chicken.This recipe can be used a starter or a side dish with biriyani. I prepared it with boneless chicken but it can be prepared with bones too.Even though the original recipe says its deep fried but I modified it by shallow frying the chicken (to avoid excess oil).

Preparation time~20 minutes
Cooking time~ 20 minutes 
Serves ~ a small bowl
Author ~ Julie
for marination
boneless chicken thighs 300gm
kashmiri chilli powder 1tsp
black pepper powder 1tsp
egg white 2
corn flour 2tsp
all purpose flour /maida 2tsp
lemon juice 1 tsp
salt to taste 

oil for frying 4 tbsp

for flavoring
butter milk / thin yogurt 1/3- 1/4 cup
orange or red food color 2 drops/ 1/2tsp (optional)
ginger garlic paste  chopped or2 tsp
cilantro 1/3 cup chopped

  • Make a paste using the marination ingredients(listed above) and keep aside.
  • Wash  the chicken,drain the water completely and then marinate the chicken using the marination paste,leave for half an hour.
  • Place a non stick pan on medium heat and pour oil into it. Add the chicken pieces one by one and shallow fry the chicken,cook on low medium flame. Cook for 5 -7 minutes. Flip both sides and wait till its browned. Place the fried chicken pieces on a paper towel.
  • In the mean time,take a bowl mix the butter milk and food color(if using),keep aside.Once finished frying,add the ginger garlic paste or chopped in the remaining oil and saute till brown. Minimize the flame and add the chicken pieces along with butter milk,mix well. Wait until the butter milk is absorbed and dried up. 
  • Garnish with chopped cilantro & Chicken 65 is ready to serve. 

  • Servings 3 adults
*It takes a little longer time for the chicken pieces to shallow fry than deep frying.You can use either of the methods according to your tastes.
* I have skipped adding the food color but you can feel free to add food color to get the authentic restaurant style.
* Adding butter milk and mixing gives a juicy tender feel,you can skip that step and serve just like that after frying too. In that case add the ginger garlic paste to the chicken marination for frying.

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Wow !!! mouthwatering...i'll finish the whole plate...

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Cooking chicken in buttermilk after frying is interesting.... colorful n mouthwatering.

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I am drooling here....Yummy!
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delicious chicken 65...

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gorgeous looking chicken.

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Oh wow, simply mouthwatering! My family and I love this dish. I usually prepare it following recipe. Would love to try your version too!

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"yummy chicken 65.Lovely presentation".

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Very colourful..Looks delicious.your blog is becoming very lively with different types of recipes.

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I am drooling here....Yummy!

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The color is so perfect ~ total restaurant style ;)
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I love chicken 65 very much. Looks spicy, yummy and tempting. I appreciate for your wonderful presentation.

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Awesome color, indeed very tempting recipe. I love chicken at any time of the day...this picture makes me very hungry...

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Looks very tempting..yummy 65..nice to knw abt the stories behind the name..:) invite us when u make the chicken next time ;-))

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Looking very colorful.Mouth watering one.