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Friday, July 27, 2012

Baking Partners: New Baking Group Announcement

Baking a homemade bread, cake or cookies will give the best outcome. However in order to achieve the best results, a  perfect recipe and  right techniques are required. We are a small group of home baker friends who love and want to learn more about the nook and corners of baking.  We are planning to try out recipes from books/magazines and cooking shows.Every member gets a chance to present their choice of recipe and share important points with the rest of the group.

  • Main purpose of this group is to learn the techniques, critic the procedure if there are ways to improve, and to eat a delicious food.

  • Rules are simple, we will choose one recipe  based on a theme and send it out to the group by 16th of every month and  the reveal date will be 15th of the next month . On that day we will  blog about it. A linky tool will be open during that time and each member can link their post.

  • First month we are going to do a recipe, 2nd and 3rd month will be a theme and the 4th month we will be back at  a recipe. By doing in between recipes, we will able to learn more.

  • All enthusiastic bloggers interested in baking are welcome, please email  to Swathi -

  • We will appreciate the use of logo or worded link that will help to spread the word.  A bunch of thanks to Tina for designing this beautiful logo.

  • If you   want to make it a gluten or vegan free diet, you can do those modifications also.

Baking partners are-
 Archana  ( Tangy Minds)
 Reshmi  ( EasY Cook)
 Prathibha ( Cook Ezee 
Priya R ( Cook Like Priya)
Vidhya (  A Portion to Share)
Usha Rao ( My Spicy Kitchen)
Divya Prakash( Divyas Culinary Journey)
Swasthi Blank ( Swasthi The Health Freak)
Sanoli Ghosh ( Sanolis Kitchen)
                                                       Swathi ( Zesty South Indian Kitchen)


Suhaina said... Best Blogger Tips

wow..that is a fantastic event..looking forward to it.

Kavitha said... Best Blogger Tips

very interesting....great thought :)

hotpotcooking said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice theme. Love your way.

Anisha said... Best Blogger Tips

That is a great initiative... Making baking recipes Vegan is kind of hard... I just had a big disaster yesterday...

I really would like to join in coz it will push me to veganise baking recipes but what if i am not able to get it right, I wouldn't want to post about a failed recipe... So if it doesn't work can we skip that months recipe?

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy to follow you back. you share a lovely space Julie!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy to be part of the group Julie.

Anu said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice event..i would like to participate in it..:)

Vidhya Viju Govind said... Best Blogger Tips

Julieeeeeeeeeee....count me in ... i shall shoot a mail to Swathi right away. hope ur doing good.

Kaveri Venkatesh said... Best Blogger Tips

Looking forward to your delicious bakes

PrathibhaSreejith said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy to be a part of the team, Best Wishes :)

Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

@Anisha Ranjit Anisha, I think u can skip a month or two if you have any unavoidable circumstances..however, Swathi is the best person to clear all your doubts before joining :-)

Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanx everyone, please do drop avail to the above I'd if you are interested to join:-)
@Vidhya Viju Govind Nice to c u after a long time at my space, me doing fine dear:-)

PinayinTexas said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice to meet you through Baking Partners! Can't wait to bake with you! :)

Sanoli Ghosh said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy to be a part of the team... best wishes Julie.

Chef Mireille said... Best Blogger Tips

just sent an email to Swathi - can't wait