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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Unnakalari Payasam | Rice Kheer (Using Coconut milk) | Kerala Style Ari Payasam (Step by Step Pics)

Unnakalari(ari) Payasam or kheer made with rice is one of the special desserts made in Kerala using coconut milk and jaggery.This is served in temples as 'nivedyam' too.I had earlier posted a rice kheer(paal payasam) using rice,whole milk and sugar thickened to get a delicious kheer,check that out too.My elder one likes payasam with coconut milk and jaggery,he doesn't taste the milk and sugar ones at all.I had not made payasam since long,must say after Onam and kids were craving to have some payasam too.That's the time my birthday arrived last week(as some of my fb friends are aware too) and I thought to give this payasam a try though I have grown a year older,hi hi.And I don't like baking cakes for my birthday myself and cutting it.So,always prefer to stay away from bakes and it ends up in a payasam or dessert.Believe me,to my surprise this payasam was a super duper hit and everyone enjoyed a lot.I have never seen payasam getting over so soon at my home and there had been time when I roam around the house begging everyone to finish.Anyways,I was happy that all enjoyed and I had a great day too.This is a very rich payasam and healthy too.This payasam doesn't make use of raisins and cashews unlike other payasam and only fried coconut bits(thengakothu) are added.Hope you all give this a try and enjoy !!

Wishing all my blogger friends(who celebrate Pongal),A Very Happy Pongal too !!

unnakalari rice/payasam rice 1 cup(185 g)
jaggery 5-5.5 large cubes (460 g)
coconut milk very thin 2 liters
coconut milk slightly thick 1/2 liter(2 cups)
coconut milk 1 st (thick) 1.5 cup
cardamom powder 1.5 tsp
cumin powder 1.5 tsp
dry ginger powder(chukku podi) 1.5 tsp\
coconut bits(thenga kothu) 3tbsp
ghee 2-3 tbsp

  •  Wash and drain the rice in a bowl.Keep aside.In another bowl,melt the jaggery in a cup of water,strain for impurities and leave aside.

  • I have used canned coconut milk(refer notes for fresh coconut milk).In canned milk,I used 1/4 cup of thick coconut milk and diluted it with 1 3/4 cup water to get the very thin(3rd milk) coconut milk.Make 2nd coconut milk with 1/2 cup thick coconut milk diluted with 3 1/2 cups water or use canned  light coconut milk.Make the 1st milk or thanpaal by using the thick coconut milk directly.
  • Place a thick bottomed non stick pan  or urali on heat and pour the third milk or very thin milk.Add the drained rice and stir well so that rice doesn't stick to bottom.
  • Now,let the rice cook on low medium flame and stir in between.In the mean time,place another pan on heat and pour the ghee.Add the coconut pieces(thenga kothu) in this and fry till golden brown,drain on a plate and keep aside.Reserve the ghee.

  • When the rice is cooked and is doubled in volume,takes about 25-30 mins.Add in the melted jaggery and give a quick stir.
  • Now,add the second milk or slightly thicker coconut milk(reserve about 1/4 cup).Bring again to boil on low medium flame and keep stirring thereafter as rice may stick to the bottom of the pan.Add in the reserved ghee.
  • In the reserved 2nd milk,add in the cardamom powder,cumin powder and dry ginger powder.Mix well and add to the boiling payasam.Let the payasam thicken and sweeten well to your desired consistency,it may look thin but thickens when cooled and after adding the first milk too.So,keeping that in mind,always switch off flame before thickening it very much
  • Add the first milk or thick coconut milk finally,give a good mix and then add the fried coconut bits.Mix well.
  • Serve warm or chilled,both tastes excellent.

Serves 5 adults

* I have used payasam rice that we find in Indian stores here.You can use podi ari or broken rice.
* I have used the lighter colored jaggery but I think the dark colored or karipetti gives the authentic color to payasam.Try using that.
*You can use freshly squeezed coconut milk too.In this case use grated coconut from 4 coconuts to get coconut milk 3 rd one(very thin/moonam paal) 2 liters,coconut milk 2nd one(medium thin) 1.5 liters and thanpaal or first thick coconut milk 2 cups.
* If you wish a slightly more thinner consistency than in pic ,then make the second milk as 2 liter in place of 1 liter.
*To get the rich taste of this payasam,it is advisable to use the same amount of ghee as mentioned.
* The rice should be cooked but not mushy.It should bite separate as each grain of rice.

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This looks extremely delicious Julie.

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The payasam is looking so creamy and nice....I just feel like eating it off the screen!

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Delicious Payasam! Loved it..

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As we come from different cultures, some recipes ara amazing. This is one of them. I love coconut and I'm sure I do give a try to your Unnakalari Payasam.

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Yummy payasam,adipoli aayitundu.

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Authentic Payasam recipe, sounds so rich and delicious...its been long time i tried payasam with coconut milk, now you tempted me :p

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so creamy payasam sis

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Delicious kheer!

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this looks so creamy... sometimes even I enjoy the coconut milk jaggery version more than the milk sugar one...

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Happy Pongal to you Julie. Mouthwatery payasam.

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Tumas Tongue Treats said... Best Blogger Tips

Belated birthday wishes dear

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I think I wished u in fb if not onnu koodi pirannaal ashamsakal. Making payasam avoids the big number written on the cake he heee:)) I have been looking for unakal ari oh so there is something called payasam rice I have to look for that then.

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very delicious Payasam dish, Late Birthday wishes to U have a nice day